2012 Fantasy Football Draft: The Four-Man PPR Fantasy Draft

May 18, 2012.

This is a four-man 2012 Fantasy Football PPR Mock Draft I participated in on Wednesday night. The plan was for Body Burners, Caveman, A-Team and I to control three teams each in a 12-team mock draft. I did this the past two years with Injured Reserve and Man-Eaters. They were both unavailable for this, but hopefully they'll be able to do another version in the future.

Body Burners and I had some great picks last year. For example, I took Matthew Stafford at 8.09, DeMarco Murray at 9.12 (this was before I foolishly fell in love with Felix Jones) and Tony Gonzalez, who somehow fell to 14.09. Body Burners, meanwhile, snagged Julio Jones at 9.01, A.J. Green at 11.07 and Jared Cook at 14.06.

However, we also had some dumb picks. I blew it with Austin Collie at 4.05, while Body Burners whiffed with Jonathan Stewart at 3.07.

Here are this year's results with commentary below each round. Also, be sure to check out my other 2012 Fantasy Football articles, which will include rankings, sleepers, busts, cheat sheets and other things. Follow me @walterfootball for updates.


(1) Caveman Team 1 - Ray Rice RB
(2) WalterFootball Team 1 - LeSean McCoy RB
(3) A-Team Team 1 - Arian Foster RB
(4) Body Burners Team 1 - Chris Johnson RB
(5) A-Team Team 2 - Aaron Rodgers QB
(6) Body Burners Team 2 - Calvin Johnson WR
(7) WalterFootball Team 2 - Tom Brady QB
(8) Body Burners Team 3 - Maurice Jones-Drew RB
(9) A-Team Team 3 - Andre Johnson WR
(10) Caveman Team 2 - Larry Fitzgerald WR
(11) WalterFootball Team 3 - Ryan Mathews RB
(12) Caveman Team 3 - Rob Gronkowski TE


(1) Caveman Team 3 - Matthew Stafford QB
(2) WalterFootball Team 3 - Wes Welker WR
(3) Caveman Team 2 - Jimmy Graham TE
(4) A-Team Team 3 - Drew Brees QB
(5) Body Burners Team 3 - Trent Richardson RB
(6) WalterFootball Team 2 - Roddy White WR
(7) Body Burners Team 2 - Darren McFadden RB
(8) A-Team Team 2 - Hakeem Nicks WR
(9) Body Burners Team 1 - Cam Newton QB
(10) A-Team Team 1 - Fred Jackson RB
(11) WalterFootball Team 1 - Ahmad Bradshaw RB
(12) Caveman Team 1 - Greg Jennings WR

BACKGROUND: This was from last year's four-man mock page:

Before the actual fantasy football analysis, let me note that Body Burners intentionally tried to make himself a Jerk of the Week for the second year in a row. Last year, his tactics included making fun of my aversion to sesame seeds and threatening to dump an entire 2-liter of Pepsi on my head. This year, Body Burners stepped it up a notch, taking the antepenultimate slice of pepperoni pizza off the tray and constantly making cruel jokes about players killing themselves. He's getting pretty close to Jerk of the Week territory; he probably would have clinched if it he took the other two slices of pizza.

A year later, and Body Burners is still trying his hardest to become a Jerk of the Week. He didn't do anything bad on this night, save for making fun of me because I know words like "antepenultimate" and crumbling up his paper and inadvertently tossing it into my Saladworks salad. I'll have more on Saladworks in Jerks of the Week soon.

ROOKIES: A-Team, who decided to change his name to Kenny Powers, on Body Burners' selection of Trent Richardson: "Who the f*** is Trent Richardson?" As you can tell, this got pretty grueling in the double-digit rounds. More on that later.

MY PICKS: This is a year you don't want a pick at the end of the first round. Ryan Mathews? Ugh. He was my highest-rated PPR player, but still. He's just going to get hurt.

Wes Welker and Roddy White are in Round 2 because they are PPR specialists. Ahmad Bradshaw, meanwhile, is underrated in my opinion.

BEST PICK: I feel like Darren McFadden could be a steal at the end of Round 2 this year. He was going in the first round of many fantasy drafts last year. Nothing really has changed, so he provides some value this summer. I also liked Greg Jennings at the very end of the second round. He probably should go sooner.

WORST PICK: I don't think Jimmy Graham should be taken only three picks after Rob Gronkowski, especially with the whole Bountygate thing the Saints are dealing with right now. I'm also willing to nominate myself because of Mathews. I don't want him in the first round in any of my leagues.


(1) Caveman Team 1 - Marshawn Lynch RB
(2) WalterFootball Team 1 - Darren Sproles RB
(3) A-Team Team 1 - Victor Cruz WR
(4) Body Burners Team 1 - Julio Jones WR
(5) A-Team Team 2 - Jamaal Charles RB
(6) Body Burners Team 2 - Brandon Marshall WR
(7) WalterFootball Team 2 - Percy Harvin WR
(8) Body Burners Team 3 - Matt Forte RB
(9) A-Team Team 3 - Mike Wallace WR
(10) Caveman Team 2 - A.J. Green WR
(11) WalterFootball Team 3 - Dez Bryant WR
(12) Caveman Team 3 - DeMarco Murray RB


(1) Caveman Team 3 - Adrian Peterson RB
(2) WalterFootball Team 3 - Steve Johnson WR
(3) Caveman Team 2 - Roy Helu RB
(4) A-Team Team 3 - Frank Gore RB
(5) Body Burners Team 3 - Brandon Lloyd WR
(6) WalterFootball Team 2 - Steven Jackson RB
(7) Body Burners Team 2 - Eli Manning QB
(8) A-Team Team 2 - Jeremy Maclin WR
(9) Body Burners Team 1 - Dwayne Bowe WR
(10) A-Team Team 1 - Miles Austin-Jones WR
(11) WalterFootball Team 1 - Demaryius Thomas WR
(12) Caveman Team 1 - Tony Romo QB

SELF-ANALYSIS: Body Burners announced that he hates Team 2. He has Calvin Johnson, Darren McFadden, Brandon Marshall and Eli Manning. That doesn't seem too bad, but as Emmitt would say, "Beauty is in the eye of the holder."

MY PICKS: Darren Sproles is awesome to have in a PPR league. He caught 86 passes last year. Four of my other selections were used on good receivers. The fifth pick in these two rounds had to be used on a running back because Team 2 didn't have one yet. The position is really thin this year, and it presents a dilemma. You can either wait on a running back and then get stuck with crap at the position, or you can take those risky players early (like Ryan Mathews) and miss out on sure things like a blue-chip quarterback.

I'm probably going to try the latter route. I'd rather take players who are almost guaranteed to produce and then hope I can find running backs on the waiver wire.

BEST PICK: While there aren't many good running backs, the receiver position is loaded. I like almost every wideout chosen in Rounds 3-4. Maybe it is better to take at least one running back early...

WORST PICK: Speaking of running back flops, Adrian Peterson, Roy Helu and Jackson will probably all be busts. Peterson is going to come back too early and will probably re-injure himself. Helu may lose touches to Tim Hightower because Mike Shanahan is insane. Jackson has too much wear and tear.


(1) Caveman Team 1 - Jordy Nelson WR
(2) WalterFootball Team 1 - Philip Rivers QB
(3) A-Team Team 1 - QB Dog Killer QB
(4) Body Burners Team 1 - Isaac Redman RB
(5) A-Team Team 2 - Reggie Bush RB
(6) Body Burners Team 2 - Chris Wells RB
(7) WalterFootball Team 2 - Antonio Gates TE
(8) Body Burners Team 3 - Robert Griffin QB
(9) A-Team Team 3 - Jahvid Best RB
(10) Caveman Team 2 - Doug Martin RB
(11) WalterFootball Team 3 - Jonathan Stewart RB
(12) Caveman Team 3 - Marques Colston WR


(1) Caveman Team 3 - Malcom Floyd WR
(2) WalterFootball Team 3 - Matt Ryan QB
(3) Caveman Team 2 - Peyton Manning QB
(4) A-Team Team 3 - Shonn Greene RB
(5) Body Burners Team 3 - Antonio Brown WR
(6) WalterFootball Team 2 - James Starks RB
(7) Body Burners Team 2 - Vernon Davis TE
(8) A-Team Team 2 - Reggie Wayne WR
(9) Body Burners Team 1 - Steve Smith WR
(10) A-Team Team 1 - Ben Tate RB
(11) WalterFootball Team 1 - Darrius Heyward-Bey WR
(12) Caveman Team 1 - DeSean Jackson WR

QB DOG KILLER: A funny conversation last year when we realized that Philadelphia's quarterback lasted until the fifth round:

Man-Eaters: How did he fall into the fifth round?

Body Burners: Because he kills dogs and no one likes him.

Body Burners chose Tony Romo over QB Dog Killer and was criticized for it. I guess he got the last laugh.

MY PICKS: Philip Rivers, bastard of the Trident, is a steal in Round 5. He was hurt last year, despite what he says, so he's due to rebound. Antonio Gates is also healthy again, though we'll see how long that lasts. Jonathan Stewart is worth a shot. Maybe the coaching staff will realize that he's better than DeAngelo Williams.

Matt Ryan is in the top 10 of my 2012 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings. James Starks has some upside if he can stay healthy. Darrius Heyward-Bey showed a lot for the first time last year, but can he maintain it?

BEST PICK: Vernon Davis was a monster in the playoffs. If he keeps up that type of production, Body Burners will have obtained a Round 3 talent in the sixth. I also find it hard to believe that Antonio Brown was chosen three rounds after Mike Wallace.

WORST PICK: While Ryan is my No. 9 quarterback, QB Dog Killer is No. 15. He's declining, and he's not running as much anymore. He's not the same player he once was. I'm also not a fan of DeSean Jackson. He's one of the most overrated players in the NFL. If you disagree, I invite you to check out how many 100-yard performances he's had since taking a hard hit in December 2010.


(1) Caveman Team 1 - Jason Witten TE
(2) WalterFootball Team 1 - Aaron Hernandez TE
(3) A-Team Team 1 - Brent Celek TE
(4) Body Burners Team 1 - Pierre Garcon WR
(5) A-Team Team 2 - DeAngelo Williams RB
(6) Body Burners Team 2 - Willis McGahee RB
(7) WalterFootball Team 2 - Torrey Smith WR
(8) Body Burners Team 3 - Michael Turner RB
(9) A-Team Team 3 - Jermichael Finley TE
(10) Caveman Team 2 - Eric Decker WR
(11) WalterFootball Team 3 - Brandon Pettigrew TE
(12) Caveman Team 3 - Kenny Britt WR


(1) Caveman Team 3 - BenJarvus Green-Ellis RB
(2) WalterFootball Team 3 - Titus Young WR
(3) Caveman Team 2 - Joseph Addai RB
(4) A-Team Team 3 - Stevan Ridley RB
(5) Body Burners Team 3 - Mark Ingram RB
(6) WalterFootball Team 2 - Toby Gerhart RB
(7) Body Burners Team 2 - Vincent Jackson WR
(8) A-Team Team 2 - Fred Davis TE
(9) Body Burners Team 1 - Denarius Moore WR
(10) A-Team Team 1 - 49ers Defense
(11) WalterFootball Team 1 - Santana Moss WR
(12) Caveman Team 1 - Peyton Hillis RB

CRAPPY RUNNING BACKS: Some amusing things concerning running backs in these two rounds.

First, A-Team hasn't done much fantasy preparation yet, so he looked at my rankings. He found a name that he liked:

"I don't know who this is, but I'll take Ryan Williams. Wait, is DeAngelo Williams available? I'll take him instead."

Second, Body Burners asked me who was going to start for the Bengals.

Me: BenJarvus Green-Ellis is starting.

Body Burners: Why?

Me: I don't know what they're doing.

Third, Body Burners is also desperate for a running back: "I f***ing hate the Saints. I'll take Mark Ingram!"

MY PICKS: Aaron Hernandez was my best player available at 7.02. I like Torrey Smith this year. He was inconsistent in 2011, but he was just a rookie. Brandon Pettigrew will benefit from the Madden Curse - as will Titus Young.

I drew some weird glances when I took Toby Gerhart, but he'll be the starter as long as Adrian Peterson is out. Santana Moss, meanwhile, is healthy again.

BEST PICK: I know Michael Turner is wearing down, but he seems like a steal in Round 7, even if this is a PPR league. Meanwhile, Jermichael Finley was a steal. He had injury concerns heading into last year, so maybe that's why he struggled.

WORST PICK: Caveman wasn't aware of this, but Kenny Britt just underwent a second surgery on his knee. I also wouldn't trust any of the New England running backs. Who the hell knows what Bill Belichick is going to do?


(1) Caveman Team 1 - Andrew Luck QB
(2) WalterFootball Team 1 - Jay Cutler QB
(3) A-Team Team 1 - Sidney Rice WR
(4) Body Burners Team 1 - Jacob Tamme TE
(5) A-Team Team 2 - Kevin Smith RB
(6) Body Burners Team 2 - Michael Bush RB
(7) WalterFootball Team 2 - Jacquizz Rodgers RB
(8) Body Burners Team 3 - Tony Gonzalez TE
(9) A-Team Team 3 - Robert Meachem WR
(10) Caveman Team 2 - C.J. Spiller RB
(11) WalterFootball Team 3 - Donald Brown RB
(12) Caveman Team 3 - Ben Roethlisberger QB


(1) Caveman Team 3 - Greg Little WR
(2) WalterFootball Team 3 - Matt Schaub QB
(3) Caveman Team 2 - Tim Tebow QB
(4) A-Team Team 3 - Andy Dalton QB
(5) Body Burners Team 3 - Ryan Fitzpatrick QB
(6) WalterFootball Team 2 - Michael Crabtree WR
(7) Body Burners Team 2 - Santonio Holmes WR
(8) A-Team Team 2 - Joe Flacco QB
(9) Body Burners Team 1 - Coby Fleener TE
(10) A-Team Team 1 - Josh Freeman QB
(11) WalterFootball Team 1 - Jonathan Baldwin WR
(12) Caveman Team 1 - Daniel Thomas RB

MY PICKS: Jay Cutler is Team 1's backup, but I'm confident in saying that he's the top reserve quarterback in this mock. Jacquizz Rodgers will get more work with Michael Turner declining. Donald Brown is the starter in Indianapolis - for now.

Matt Schaub is Matt Ryan's backup for Team 3. I theoretically would be able to play matchups with them. Miguel Lobsterbush? Meh. It's the 10th round. Jonathan Baldwin could take a big step forward in Year 2. He's been working out really hard this offseason.

BEST PICK: I liked two of the running back picks in Round 9. Michael Bush and C.J. Spiller could be big producers depending on the circumstances. Tony Gonzalez should have gone earlier.

WORST PICK: Crabtree. Also, there were seven quarterbacks chosen between 9.12 and 10.10. The one who doesn't belong is Andy Dalton.


(1) Caveman Team 1 - Mike Williams WR
(2) WalterFootball Team 1 - Pierre Thomas RB
(3) A-Team Team 1 - Nate Washington WR
(4) Body Burners Team 1 - Felix Jones RB
(5) A-Team Team 2 - Jabar Gaffney WR
(6) Body Burners Team 2 - Brian Hartline WR
(7) WalterFootball Team 2 - Kendall Hunter RB
(8) Body Burners Team 3 - Mario Manningham WR
(9) A-Team Team 3 - Danny Amendola WR
(10) Caveman Team 2 - Justin Blackmon WR
(11) WalterFootball Team 3 - Jared Cook TE
(12) Caveman Team 3 - Alex Green RB


(1) Caveman Team 3 - Jermaine Gresham TE
(2) WalterFootball Team 3 - Mike Goodson RB
(3) Caveman Team 2 - Daniel Herron RB
(4) A-Team Team 3 - Owen Daniels TE
(5) Body Burners Team 3 - Ryan Williams RB
(6) WalterFootball Team 2 - Isaiah Pead RB
(7) Body Burners Team 2 - Carson Palmer QB
(8) A-Team Team 2 - Anquan Boldin WR
(9) Body Burners Team 1 - Jake Locker QB
(10) A-Team Team 1 - Heath Miller TE
(11) WalterFootball Team 1 - Michael Floyd WR
(12) Caveman Team 1 - LeGarrette Blount RB

BODY BURNERS IN 2011: Body Burners ran out of players he liked on his cheat sheet, so he borrowed Injured Reserve's fantasy mag. Perusing the receiver rankings, Body Burner suddenly asked, "Who is this Arcrillious Bean?"

MY PICKS: Mark Ingram is always hurt, so Pierre Thomas could be a decent flex option. Frank Gore is always hurt, so Kendall Hunter could get touches. Darren McFadden is always hurt, so Mike Goodson could start a few games. Steven Jackson is bound to be hurt, so Isaiah Pead makes sense. Jared Cook might be a stud, while Michael Floyd has upside in the 12th round.

BEST PICK: Some other upside picks: Felix Jones (DeMarco Murray is injury-prone), Alex Green (James Starks is shaky), Ryan Williams (Chris Wells has knee issues) and Jake Locker (should start over Matt Hasselbeck).

WORST PICK: Mike Williams is a bum. I'd recommend staying away. I don't agree with Justin Blackmon going before Michael Floyd considering the Blaine Gabbert situation.


(1) Caveman Team 1 - Eagles Defense
(2) WalterFootball Team 1 - David Wilson RB
(3) A-Team Team 1 - Mike Tolbert RB
(4) Body Burners Team 1 - Bills Defense
(5) A-Team Team 2 - Packers Defense
(6) Body Burners Team 2 - Lions Defense
(7) WalterFootball Team 2 - Christian Ponder QB
(8) Body Burners Team 3 - Giants Defense
(9) A-Team Team 3 - Bears Defense
(10) Caveman Team 2 - Bengals Defense
(11) WalterFootball Team 3 - Texans Defense
(12) Caveman Team 3 - Steelers Defense


(1) Caveman Team 3 - Jay Feely K
(2) WalterFootball Team 3 - Sebastian Janikowski K
(3) Caveman Team 2 - Dan Carpenter K
(4) A-Team Team 3 - David Akers K
(5) Body Burners Team 3 - Alex Henery K
(6) WalterFootball Team 2 - Golden Tate WR
(7) Body Burners Team 2 - Shane Vereen RB
(8) A-Team Team 2 - Mike Nugent K
(9) Body Burners Team 1 - Dan Bailey K
(10) A-Team Team 1 - Stephen Gostkowski K
(11) WalterFootball Team 1 - Kyke Rudolph TE
(12) Caveman Team 1 - Marvin McNutt WR

TIRED A-TEAM: A-Team looked like he was ready to pass out at this point. He tried picking a defense...

A-Team: Lions Defense.

Body Burners: Not available.

Me: Bears Defense is available.

A-Team: I'll take those.

You can tell that he cares so much about his 14th-round picks.

BEST KICKER: Jay Feely is the top fantasy kicker? Caveman thinks so. Upon making that pick atop Round 14, he announced, "Jay Feely is the best fantasy kicker this year!" He now has a bet going with Body Burners that Feely will be a top-three fantasy kicker. Methinks Body Burners will be collecting some money from Caveman.

MY PICKS: Team 1 has Ahmad Bradshaw, so why not pick David Wilson? Christian Ponder won't play behind Tom Brady. The Texans play Miami in Week 1.

Sebastian Janikowski is my No. 1 kicker. Golden Tate has a chance to be OK in PPR leagues. Kyle Rudolph has some upside as a backup tight end.

BEST PICK: I don't know if I should count this because Body Burner called him "Shane Veree," but Vereen could be a steal in Round 14.

WORST PICK: I hate to burst Caveman's bubble because he was super excited to take Marvin McNutt, but McNutt was the worst pick in these two rounds. Perhaps I can coax Caveman into making a McNutt fantasy bet with me.


(1) Caveman Team 1 - Brock Osweiler QB
(2) WalterFootball Team 1 - Cardinals Defense
(3) A-Team Team 1 - David Nelson WR
(4) Body Burners Team 1 - Austin Collie WR
(5) A-Team Team 2 - Ronnie Hillman RB
(6) Body Burners Team 2 - James Jones WR
(7) WalterFootball Team 2 - Vikings Defense
(8) Body Burners Team 3 - Vick Ballard RB
(9) A-Team Team 3 - Falcons Defense
(10) Caveman Team 2 - Terrell Owens WR
(11) WalterFootball Team 3 - Leonard Hankerson WR
(12) Caveman Team 3 - Dion Lewis RB


(1) Caveman Team 3 - Mark Sanchez QB
(2) WalterFootball Team 3 - Curtis Brinkley RB
(3) Caveman Team 2 - Kellen Winslow TE
(4) A-Team Team 3 - Brandon Jacobs RB
(5) Body Burners Team 3 - Randy Moss WR
(6) WalterFootball Team 2 - Mason Crosby K
(7) Body Burners Team 2 - Rob Bironas K
(8) A-Team Team 2 - Greg Olsen TE
(9) Body Burners Team 1 - Emmitt Smith IV RB
(10) A-Team Team 1 - Rashad Jennings RB
(11) WalterFootball Team 1 - Matt Bryant K
(12) Caveman Team 1 - Blair Walsh K

WEIRD PICKS: Terrell Owens and Emmitt Smith were both chosen. Oh, and not THE Emmitt Smith. Emmitt Smith IV the Fourth, Emmitt's son.

MY PICKS: The Cardinals play the Seahawks in Week 1. The Vikings play the Jaguars in Week 1. Leonard Hankerson has some upside with Robert Griffin. Curtis Brinkley is Ryan Mathews' handcuff. And then there are the kickers.

BEST PICK: I hate Randy Moss this year, but he's worth taking in Round 16. Why not? Ronnie Hillman could also be a steal.

WORST PICK: Excluding the joke picks, the worst selection in these two rounds was Brock Osweiler. A Peyton Manning handcuff? Caveman wasn't thinking that. In fact, he asked me, "Who was that quarterback I liked in the draft? Osweiler? I'll take him. What team is he on again?"

When I told him he was on the Broncos, all I heard was "Ah, f***!"

Good thing this wasn't a real fantasy draft.

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