2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Cade Stover

  • Cade Stover, 6-4/247
  • Tight End
  • Ohio State

Cade Stover Scouting Report

By Charlie Campbell


  • Good speed to be a receiving tight end
  • Above-average athleticism
  • Has a burst out his breaks
  • Quickness to dart downfield
  • Run-after-the-catch potential
  • Finishes runs well
  • Nice feel as a receiver
  • Developed ball-adjustment skills
  • Solid hands
  • Willing to go across the middle
  • Effective as an underneath receiver
  • Size mismatch versus safeties
  • Presents a good target
  • Red-zone weapon
  • Works the seam well
  • Athletic upside


  • Needs to improve physicality as a blocker
  • Must add strength to sustain blocks
  • Should improve hand placement for blocking
  • Could stand to be more aggressive to block

Prospect Summary:

Over the past two seasons, Stover was a nice outlet receiver for the Buckeyes. He would have had bigger production at other schools, but with Ohio State featuring some elite receiver talent to go along with talented running backs, Stover was not a prime target of the offense. As a senior, Stover totaled 41 catches for 576 yards and five scores. In 2022, he recorded 36 receptions for 406 yards and five touchdowns.

The best trait that Stover has for the NFL is the potential to contribute in the aerial offense. He is a good athlete with the speed to generate separation from coverage. Stover shows a nice burst out of his breaks to create space from defenders and get open for his quarterback. Stover has nice twitch for a tight end of his size and second-gear quickness. He does a nice job of working the middle seam, slants, and is capable along the sideline. With his surprising speed, he can challenge defenses vertically running down the seam or along the sideline. Stover flashed the ability to contribute as a receiver in 2023. He is a nice route-runner who can generate some late separation from man coverage. Thanks to his quality athleticism, Stover has upside to develop as a receiver.

Stover needs a lot of development for the NFL as a blocker. First of all, he needs to show more willingness and attitude as a blocker. Being willing and giving an effort is half the battle, but Stover is not impressive in this regard. Along with fighting more, Stover needs to improve his strength and technique for blocking.

In the 2024 NFL Draft, Stover could be a mid-round pick.

Prospect Comparison:

Greg Dulcich. Stover is similar to Dulcich coming out of UCLA. Dulcich was a late-bloomer in college who flashed receiving potential. Dulcich then contributed some as a rookie before losing his second season to injury. If Stover pans out better than Dulcich, Stover could be similar to Jared Cook.


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