2023 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Steve Avila

  • Steve Avila, 6-3/332

  • Guard

  • TCU

  • Steve Avila Scouting Report
    By Charlie Campbell

  • Tough run blocker
  • Reliable pass protector
  • Balanced in pass protection
  • Can anchor against bull rushes
  • Can knock defenders backward at the line
  • Strong
  • Able to tie up defenders when he latches onto them
  • Plays with good leverage as a run blocker
  • Strong lower body
  • Good length, height, weight for a right guard
  • Blocks through the whistle
  • Quicker than one expects
  • Experienced
  • Could play center or guard

  • Weaknesses:
  • Overweight
  • Bad body
  • Needs to stay on top of weight and conditioning
  • Could have problems with speed rushers
  • Not a great fit for zone
  • Gets in trouble when he plays tall

  • Summary: Avila was a steady and reliable pass protector at TCU. He has strength to rock defenders and often knock them off balance to slow them down. Those hands also help him to sustain blocks, although he could stand to improve his hand placement. With good size and strength, Avila can stop bull rushes. His weight, however, can be a problem. If he gets too heavy, his weight can extend over his toes, which leads to him having problems with speed rushers. Avila must stay on top of his weight and conditioning in the NFL to remain a functional pass protector.

    Avila was a dependable run blocker for TCU, which had a lot of success running behind him. He is strong at the point of attack and has the mass to rock back defenders. With his thick build and upper body, Avila can drive block and create a push. He does have some issues with bending at the waist at times, and that can limit his push in the ground game. Along with that issue, Avila can have issues with his weight, and when that gets out of hand, he can end up having to lunge after defenders. Thus, he is a better fit as a power-man blocker rather than a zone-based lineman.

    Early in his NFL career, Avila could become a starting right guard, where he would be a good fit in a power-man-blocking scheme. He could play center, but he should drop more weight if is going to play in the middle of the line. For the 2023 NFL Draft, Avila looks like a second-day pick who could develop into a starter and end up being a solid value selection.

    Player Comparison: Gabe Jackson. In some ways, Avila reminds me of Jackson. They both are barrel-chested right guards who pack a push in the ground game and can hold their own in pass protection. Jackson was third-round pick in 2014, and Avila could go in the same range this year during the 2023 NFL Draft. Avila could turn out to be a similar NFL guard to Jackson.


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