2013 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Eric Fisher

  • Elite pass-protector
  • Very reliable
  • Mirrors well with speed-rushers
  • Quick feet
  • Great length
  • Knee bend
  • Fast in his drop
  • Very advanced technique
  • Mobility to hit blocks on the perimeter
  • Gets to blocks on the second level
  • Can anchor against bull rushes
  • Fabulous recoverability
  • Should be a technician in the NFL
  • Flexible to play zone-blocking or man-blocking scheme
  • Versatile
  • Should be able to play quickly
  • Athletic

  • Weaknesses:
  • Could use more power on his frame
  • Missed a few starts in early years. Will he be durable?

  • Summary: Fisher’s stock has been on the rise since the start of the 2012 college football season. He has the prototypical skill set for an NFL left tackle. Fisher started out his collegiate career playing right tackle and guard while growing into his body.

    Fisher started a couple of games at left tackle as a freshman in 2009. He had nine starts with four at right tackle, two at guard and three at left tackle as a sophomore. Fisher took over at left tackle in 2011 and held on to it the final two seasons of his collegiate career. Hr racked up numerous honors. Fisher was an All-Conference and All-American at left tackle in 2011 and 2012.

    The only real question about Fisher was his level of competition, but he answered those definitively at the Senior Bowl. Fisher was the most dominant offensive linemen in Mobile and was excellent in nullifying defensive ends all week. He did extremely well in the one-on-ones, too. Fisher mirrored speed-rushers coming around the corner and used good strength to anchor against bull rushes. He was also effective in the ground game.

    Fisher is very quick on his feet with good length. He uses that speed to get deep in his pass drop to cut off speed-rushers. Fisher also is very good at defending rushes to the inside.

    In the ground game, Fisher is fast to fire downfield to hit blocks on the second level of the defense. The speed can also be seen when he pulls around the other side of the line. Fisher would be a very good fit in a zone-blocking scheme.

    There is a lot of upside to Fisher’s game and he could become more dominant after some time in a strength and conditioning program. Fisher looks like a franchise left tackle to be a reliable quarterback protector.

    Player Comparison: Joe Staley. A lot of people compare Fisher to the another Central Michigan standout: Staley. They have similar styles of play. Staley (6-5, 315) is a very good run-blocker who has improved his pass protection to the point of being a good blind-side protector. Fisher has more length than Staley, and in the pros, Fisher could be a tackle that is comparable to him. It wouldn’t be surprising if Fisher turns into a better pass-blocker and not quite as good of a run-blocker.

    NFL Matches: Kansas City, Philadelphia, Arizona, San Diego, Miami

    There a lot of pundits who believe that Fisher is in play for the first-overall selection to the Chiefs. Many feel that that he is about equal with Texas A&M’s Luke Joeckel, plus Fisher could have more upside. It would be a surprise if he is the first pick, but is not out of the realm of possibility.

    The Eagles could use a left tackle and have to improve their offensive line. Fisher should be on the short list for their first-round pick.

    Arizona has had weak tackle play for years. Fisher makes complete sense for the Cardinals, unless they believe a franchise quarterback is available.

    It seems unlikely that Fisher will fall out of the top 10, but if he does, both the Chargers and Dolphins need a left tackle if that positions isn’t addressed in free agency.

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