2013 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Dion Sims

  • Very strong
  • Physical
  • Excellent hands
  • Superb run-blocker
  • Big target
  • Attacks the middle seam
  • Leaping ability
  • Good route-running
  • Red-zone weapon
  • Asset in short-yardage, goal-line situations
  • Tough to bring down
  • Strong drive-blocker
  • Dangerous seam tight end

  • Weaknesses:
  • Fast enough for the NFL?
  • A Big Ten plodder?
  • Should slim down
  • Lacks good speed
  • May not be a three-down tight end
  • Only one season as a starter

  • Summary: Sims is a big-bodied tight end who is perfect for a smash-mouth offense. He is a powerful blocker in the ground game and has surprising pass-receiving ability. Sims had a quality junior season and decided to enter the 2013 NFL Draft, but he could have easily improved his draft stock if he had returned for his senior season.

    The Michigan State offense struggled to pass the ball well in 2012, but Sims was one of the Spartans who actually stood out in the passing game. The junior started out the season extremely well and was the team’s leading receiver before missing three games in October with an ankle injury. Sims totaled 36 receptions for 475 yards and two touchdowns in 2012. He was mainly a backup for Michigan State the before, but still caught 12 passes for 99 yards and three scores.

    Sims looks like a nice tight end for an NFL running offense. He is an excellent blocker at the point of attack. Sims has a habit of riding defenders out of the play and can tag-team with an offensive tackle to blast open running lanes. Sims can also hit blocks at the second level to spring his back. He definitely has the capacity to be a tough blocking tight end who will be an asset in short-yardage and goal-line situations.

    Sims has good hands as a receiver and presents a big target for his quarterback. He has reliable hands and is very good working the middle seam. Sims also did well as an outlet receiver in the flat. The powerful tight end is tough to bring down and can carry defenders on his back for extra yards. Sims does not have elite speed or explosiveness, so he won’t be play like Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham, Vernon Davis or Aaron Hernandez.

    Sims could be a good tight end in the NFL as a part of a stable. He probably won’t be on the field in the 2-minute drill or in passing situations. However, Sims could be a good contributor as a blocker and receiver. He looks like a quality pick who could go on the second day of the 2013 NFL Draft or early on the third day.

    Player Comparison: Martellus Bennett. Sims is very similar to Bennett. Both players are put together extremely well with the strength to move defensive linemen around in the ground game.

    Bennett (6-6, 265) is a physical freak who looks faster and more explosive than Sims, however Sims could slim down some in the NFL to improve his speed. Bennett has weighed in the 280s in the past, which is around where Sims was listed by Michigan State. Bennett was a second-round pick by the Cowboys in the 2008 NFL Draft, and Sims could go as high as the second round this April.

    NFL Matches: New York Giants, Green Bay, Chicago, Miami, Tampa Bay, St. Louis, Seattle

    There a ton of teams that could be a fit for Sims on the second day of the 2013 NFL Draft or early in the third day. The Giants could lose Martellus Bennett in free agency and Sims would be a good replacement.

    Green Bay also could be losing its tight end, Jermichael Finley, this offseason. Sims may not be as athletic for the Packers’ passing game, but he could improve their run blocking. Staying in the NFC North, Chicago wants to add a receiving tight end to attack the middle seam. Sims might get consideration from the Bears.

    The Seahawks could use another tight end to work with Russell Wilson, and Sims’ blocking would be a nice fit for their ground attack. Tampa Bay could use a long-term starter at tight end, and Sims would fit their rushing offense. The Dolphins and Rams could use a tight end to pair with their holdovers.


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