NFL Power Rankings

My current NFL Power Rankings.

I’m going to use these rankings as the order for my 2020 NFL Mock Draft during the 2019 season. Follow @walterfootball.

I’ve gone from WORST to FIRST, so if you don’t see reverse numbering (via Javascript), don’t worry; the 49ers and Cardinals aren’t my top teams.

Updated: Oct. 8

  1. Miami Dolphins (0-4) – Previously: 32.
    If there were two NFL teams on bye, and one of them happened to be the Dolphins, does that mean that there was one NFL team on a bye?

  2. New York Jets (0-4) – Previously: 31.
    I give it one more week until Sam Darnold returns from mono. I am, after all, your mono correspondent, given that I had that sickness/disease when I was in my 20s myself. It’s also why you’re reading the site now. When I had mono in 2007, all I did was sleep on my couch and read up on how to increase Web site traffic. I implemented those changes when I got my energy back, and three months later I received my first ad offer. Hopefully Darnold can build a Web site as well.

  3. Washington Redskins (0-5) – Previously: 30.
    Why did the Redskins start an injured Case Keenum in Week 4? Why did they start Colt McCoy over Dwayne Haskins in Week 5? These were questions I wondered until I learned of the Jay Gruden smoking weed videos, and it all became clear. The only question I have now is if Jay happened to be hanging out with Silent Bob when he was getting high.

  4. Cincinnati Bengals (0-5) – Previously: 29.
    I tried to warn all of you. I really did. I said the Bengals would transform back to the Bungles if they fired Marvin Lewis, and none of you listened.

    I wrote this last week, but after Cincinnati’s loss to another winless team, it must be emphasized again.

  5. Atlanta Falcons (1-4) – Previously: 27.
    The Falcons are a Nelson Agholor drop away from being 0-5. They are atrocious, as they’ve effectively been blown out in four of their losses.

    As a bonus, Matt Ryan is accumulating some legendary garbage yardage this year, so I’ll keep rolling with him on DraftKings.

  6. Arizona Cardinals (1-3-1) – Previously: 28.
    It was nice to see the Cardinals get a win, as they weren’t nearly as bad as most of the other winless teams. Kyler Murray had a terrific final drive. Granted, it was against a pathetic Cincinnati defense, but it showed the potential Murray has. I can’t wait to see him behind a good offensive line.

  7. New York Giants (2-3) – Previously: 23.
    It turns out that battling the Vikings is much easier than playing against the Redskins and Buccaneers. Mike Zimmer made Daniel Jones look terrible for the most part, but this was expected from the rookie. There will be better days ahead for Jones, especially when Saquon Barkley returns from injury.

  8. San Angeles Chargers (2-3) – Previously: 21.
    The Chargers stink. Their only cover this year has been against the Dolphins, which doesn’t count. Their only win besides that occurred because Adam Vinatieri couldn’t kick his way out of a paper bag. They’ve been blown out in two home games against teams with a combined record of 4-6.

  9. Oakland Raiders (3-2) – Previously: 26.
    How are the Raiders 3-2? It’s almost like they’re trying to make sure I lose my under wagers I placed on them during the summer. Jerks.

    I need to note that Charlie Campbell wrote about the fake news pertaining to what the media has said about Khalil Mack and Jon Gruden in the NFL Game Recaps page. Check it out to see why the Raiders had no choice but to trade Mack.

  10. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-3) – Previously: 22.
    Overrated NFL Team: See why the Jaguars are an overrated NFL team in our Overrated-Underrated page.

  11. Tennessee Titans (2-3) – Previously: 15.
    I imagine the Titans will miss the playoffs by a game or two, so they’ll be able to look back to their Week 5 loss to the Bills as a reason why they once again won’t be playing into January. I still can’t believe Cairo Santos whiffed on 12 points’ worth of kicks, including two short attempts. If I had bet on the Titans, I think I would thrown my TV out the window.

  12. Denver Broncos (1-4) – Previously: 25.
    Underrated NFL Team: See why the Broncos are an underrated NFL team in our Overrated-Underrated page.

  13. Pittsburgh Steelers (1-4) – Previously: 24.
    Call me crazy, but I’m not counting out the Steelers just yet. They can still win the division if they beat Baltimore in the rematch. I don’t know about you, but this Devlin Hodges character looked fine. He would’ve led his team to victory had JuJu Smith-Schuster not fumbled in overtime. If this wasn’t a mirage, he’ll have a chance to prevail in some games, given that he’s still surrounded by a great offensive line, dynamic play-makers and a stellar defense.

  14. Baltimore Ravens (3-2) – Previously: 19.
    Overrated NFL Team: See why the Ravens are an overrated NFL team in our Overrated-Underrated page.

  15. Cleveland Browns (2-3) – Previously: 18.
    I guess the Browns aren’t winning the Super Bowl this year after all. Next time, let’s focus on how good a team’s offensive line is before we dub them Super Bowl champs!

  16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-3) – Previously: 20.
    The Buccaneers may have lost by seven, but their game against the Saints was much further apart than that. Jameis Winston is extremely fortunate he didn’t toss four interceptions in what could have been a very ugly defeat. But hey, at least he didn’t try to eat the “W” in New Orleans again.

  17. Minnesota Vikings (3-2) – Previously: 16.
    Overrated NFL Team: See why the Vikings are an overrated NFL team in our Overrated-Underrated page.

  18. Seattle Seahawks (4-1) – Previously: 17.
    Overrated NFL Team: See why the Seahawks are an overrated NFL team in our Overrated-Underrated page.

  19. Houston Texans (3-2) – Previously: 14.
    The Texans win the award for being the most inconsistent team in the NFL. They nearly beat the Saints in the Superdome, then almost lost to Gardner Minshew at home, then roasted the Chargers in San Angeles, then lost to Kyle Allen at home, then put up 50 against the Falcons.

    We’ll see what happens next week, but I imagine that they won’t regress, given how many injuries the Chiefs have suffered.

  20. Buffalo Bills (4-1) – Previously: 13.
    I’m very close to listing the Bills as overrated. Let’s discuss their wins:

    – They trailed the Jets and mono-stricken Sam Darnold 16-0 entering the fourth quarter, when they received a boost from C.J. Mosley’s departure.

    – They struggled to put away the horrible Giants, quarterbacked by the benched Eli Manning.

    – They nearly lost to a Cincinnati squad that was dumpstered by the 49ers at home the previous week.

    – They beat the Titans by seven even though Tennessee missed 12 points’ worth of field goals.

    However, Josh Allen was very accurate in the victory over the Titans, so if he continues to play like that, the Bills will continue to win.

  21. Los Angeles Rams (3-2) – Previously: 8.
    Overrated NFL Team: See why the Rams are an overrated NFL team in our Overrated-Underrated page.

  22. Chicago Bears (3-2) – Previously: 10.
    Underrated NFL Team: See why the Bears are an underrated NFL team in our Overrated-Underrated page.

  23. Indianapolis Colts (3-2) – Previously: 12.
    I suppose I can’t call the Colts underrated anymore in the wake of their victory against the Chiefs. Unfortunately, we can’t bet against public overreaction either, given that they’re going to be on a bye in Week 6. Far be it for me to criticize the gambling gods, given how they’ve blessed my NFL Picks this year, but couldn’t they have scheduled a Week 7 bye for Indianapolis?

  24. Dallas Cowboys (3-2) – Previously: 6.
    The three quarterbacks the Cowboys have beaten this year are 0-7, and two of them (Eli Manning, Case Keenum) have been benched. In fact, Teddy Bridgewater is the best quarterback Dallas has faced all year prior to battling Aaron Rodgers. No wonder they couldn’t stop the Packers at all. Let this be a reminder: The old age that Bill Parcells used to say – “You are what your record says you are” – is a fallacy. Sure, it might make sense for a coach to say it, but Parcells was never trying to handicap football games!

  25. Detroit Lions (2-1-1) – Previously: 7.
    Underrated NFL Team: See why the Lions are an overrated NFL team in our Overrated-Underrated page.

  26. Carolina Panthers (3-2) – Previously: 11.
    I listed the Panthers as an underrated team a couple of weeks ago, but those days are long gone. I imagine most people know how good they are, even with Kyle Allen starting. When I watched Allen skip passes into the ground during the preseason, I never imagined that I’d be writing that he’s 4-0 as Carolina’s starting quarterback, yet here we are.

  27. New Orleans Saints (4-1) – Previously: 9.
    The Saints will be the No. 2 team in these power rankings once Drew Brees returns from injury. When Brees got hurt, all the Saints had to do was weather the storm with Teddy Bridgewater until Brees returned from injury. Instead, the Saints have won every game Bridgewater has started! This team is awesome, and only the officials will be able to stop them once Brees returns.

  28. Kansas City Chiefs (4-1) – Previously: 2.
    R.I.P. Walter’s Survivor Pools. Week 1, 2019 – Week 5, 2019

    The Chiefs suffered so many injuries against the Colts, it was ridiculous. In addition to Patrick Mahomes getting hurt, they lost a starting offensive lineman, two defensive linemen and a receiver. Kansas City will not play well until most of its guys return from injury and Mahomes heals.

  29. Philadelphia Eagles (3-2) – Previously: 4.
    As a reminder, the Eagles are two drops by backup receivers away from being 5-0. They never should have moved out of the top five of these power rankings. In fact, a case can be made for them to be the No. 2 team, but I’m very concerned about their cornerbacks.

  30. San Francisco 49ers (4-0) – Previously: 5.
    Underrated NFL Team: See why the 49ers are an underrated NFL team in our Overrated-Underrated page.

  31. Green Bay Packers (4-1) – Previously: 3.
    The Packers’ sole loss was to one of the best teams in the NFL at home after losing two key players (Davante Adams, Bryan Bulaga) to injury. There’s no shame in that. Their victory in Dallas was very impressive, given that they prevailed with so many players getting hurt.

  32. New England Patriots (5-0) – Previously: 1.
    If the Patriots were a normal team, I’d declare them to be overrated. Their victories have been against the corpse of Ben Roethlisberger, the Dolphins, the Luke Falk-led Jets, a Buffalo team whose quarterbacks committed five turnovers, and Colt McCoy. The Patriots were up just 9-7 over the Redskins!

    However, the Patriots are notorious for starting seasons slowly, and Tom Brady is not 100 percent because of his balky calf. The Patriots will play much better in future weeks, especially when Brady gets healthy.

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