NFL Power Rankings

My current NFL Power Rankings to begin the 2017 NFL offseason.

I’m going to use these rankings as the order for my 2018 NFL Mock Draft. Follow @walterfootball.

I’ve gone from WORST to FIRST, so if you don’t see reverse numbering (via Javascript), don’t worry; the Browns and 49ers aren’t my top teams.

Updated: April 6

  1. Los Angeles Rams (4-12) – Previously: 31.
    APRIL 3 UPDATE: I can’t believe the Rams gave Robert Woods a $39 million contract over five years. That would literally be like paying $50,000 for gum. And I’m not talking about gum as sold in a pack. I’m talking about gum on the bottom of someone’s shoe. The Rams have endured a horrible offseason, and they have a very realistic chance of getting Sam Darnold next April, which is almost the case in my 2018 NFL Mock Draft.

    FEB. 14 UPDATE: The Rams, with Jared Goof, were the worst team I’ve ever seen. I’m not exaggerating. In my 17 years of covering the NFL, I’ve never seen a team be so incompetent. Even the 0-16 Lions looked like the 18-1 Patriots by comparison. The Rams were an absolute train wreck, and Goof doesn’t look like he’s going to cut it in the pros.

    The one piece of good news is that the Rams have a brilliant offensive coaching staff that will get the most out of Goof. Then again, I spotted Goof partying in Houston during Super Bowl weekend when he should’ve been studying film, as I’m sure Carson Wentz was. Who is Goof to be partying during Super Bowl week, anyway? If I were him, I’d be embarrassed to be seen in public.

  2. New York Jets (5-11) – Previously: 29.
    APRIL 3 UPDATE: The Jets have lost a lot of talent this offseason, and they weren’t even good to begin with. To counter this, they signed Josh McCown to a $6 million contract. I’m sure the Jets meant just $6 dollars, but the lawyers screwed up the contract.

    At any rate, it’s clear that the Jets and Rams will be battling to see who the worst team in the NFL is. This will mean a lot, as the “winner” will obtain Sam Darnold, as seen in my 2018 NFL Mock Draft.

    FEB. 14 UPDATE: The Jets’ season was over in Week 1 when they lost to the Bengals in what Trent Dilfer called a “must-win game.” The Jets had the first must-win game during Week 1 ever in the history of football, so hopefully they avoid a similar fate in 2017.

    At any rate, it would surprise me if the Jets selected a quarterback at No. 6 overall. I think they’re going to sign a veteran and give Christian Hackenberg a shot. If he struggles, then they can just Suck for Sam and select Sam Darnold, who is the top player in the 2018 NFL Mock Draft.

  3. San Francisco 49ers (2-14) – Previously: 32.
    APRIL 3 UPDATE: I questioned the John Lynch hiring when it happened, and I still am, but I have to say that he’s definitely not the worst general manager in the NFL. The 49ers have acquired some talent, which they didn’t have very much of when the offseason began. They finally have a competent quarterback in Brian Hoyer and a talented receiver in Pierre Garcon. Jeremy Zuttah will be a big upgrade at center. However, some of the other signings were lackluster, and the 49ers are still one of the worst teams in the NFL. That, of course, will change if they can somehow trade for Kirk Cousins.

    FEB. 14 UPDATE: Check out my Coach Firing Grades page if you haven’t seen grades for the 49ers letting go of Chip Kelly and Trent Baalke, and also hiring John Lynch.

    Speaking of Lynch, his 9-year-old daughter said the 49ers are “horrible” and cried when she heard that her father was taking the job. This is an actual, true story. You can’t make stuff like this up.

    The 49ers, of course, are run by one of the most incompetent men in the history of Western civilization. That would be Jed York, who has once again made a dubious decision:

    With that in mind, how can I not label the 49ers as the worst team in the NFL?

  4. Chicago Bears (3-13) – Previously: 24.
    APRIL 3 UPDATE: I labeled the Bears as an underrated team in my previous update. Little did I know that the Bears were going to sign pedestrian quarterback Mike Glennon and give a combined $40 million to the trio of Marcus Cooper, Dion Sims and Markus Wheaton. All three of those players suck and don’t even deserve a tenth of what they’re set to make in Chicago. It’s like general manager Ryan Pace got hit in the head with a baseball bat prior to free agency and suddenly thought that terrible players are worth lots of cash. I imagine that’s what the thought process was in Glenn’s head as well, but he said “I will find you” instead for some reason.

    FEB. 14 UPDATE: Underrated NFL Team: I like the Bears’ chances next year. Chances of what? Well, 8-8 or 9-7, I guess. They don’t have the quarterback play to be great, but they have a terrific defensive front seven, a very promising running back and one of the best interior offensive lines in the NFL. They were competitive in most games this past season despite suffering countless injuries, so I think it’s reasonable to expect them to be much better than 3-13 in 2017.

  5. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-13) – Previously: 27.
    APRIL 3 UPDATE: The Jaguars added numerous big names this offseason – Calais Campbell, A.J. Bouye, Branden Albert – but they always do this and it never works out. Perhaps if Blake Bortles stopped hanging out at clubs and talking about that one time he saw Emilio Estevez, the Jaguars could actually make a push for the playoffs.

    FEB. 14 UPDATE: I’m sure most NFL quarterbacks already have their offseason workout regimens prepared. That includes Blake Bortles. Here’s his weekly “workout:”

    Monday: Odyssey Nightclub
    Tuesday: The Cell Block
    Wednesday: The Roxbury
    Thursday: The Peach Pit After Dark
    Friday: The Moulin Rouge
    Saturday: Winchester Tavern
    Sunday: Mons Venus

    Wow, how grueling! I just hope that Bortles doesn’t overdo it.

    I kid because I love, and I think it’s just a shame that the Jaguars just can’t seem to be good. If Bortles had a better work ethic, I think Jacksonville would have a chance to compete for the postseason in 2017, but I just can’t see it happening.

  6. Cleveland Browns (1-15) – Previously: 30.
    APRIL 3 UPDATE: I like what the Browns have done this offseason, outside of overpaying for Kenny Britt. They obtained two talented offensive linemen in Kevin Zeitler and J.C. Tretter, so if everyone stays healthy, they could sport one of the top offensive lines in the NFL. That will certainly make them competitive. They won’t get to the playoffs, or anything, but I don’t think 6-7 wins is out of the question.

    FEB. 14 UPDATE: I’ll be surprised if the Browns are the worst team in the NFL again next year. They were competitive in the first half of the season when Joel Bitonio was healthy. They weren’t able to run the ball at all once he went down, and that prompted their countless blowout losses.

    Of course, Joe Haden being healthy would help as well. Haden, however, can’t seem to get over simple injuries:

  7. Cincinnati Bengals (6-9-1) – Previously: 25.
    APRIL 3 UPDATE: The Bengals regressed last season because of injuries to some of their play-making offensive weapons. They’re going to regress this season because they lost key members of their offensive line. Cincinnati’s elite blocking was why the team frequently made the playoffs prior to 2016. With Andrew Whitworth and Kevin Zeitler gone, the Bengals almost certainly will not be playing in January.

    FEB. 14 UPDATE: It doesn’t sound like the Bengals will re-sign Kevin Zeitler, the top guard in our NFL Free Agent Rankings. Their offensive line was already declining last year, so I can’t say I like this decision. A major reason why Cincinnati was so successful earlier this decade was its great blocking. The Bengals won’t have that going forward unless they draft well.

  8. Buffalo Bills (7-9) – Previously: 28.
    APRIL 3 UPDATE: When the Bills were seemingly running Tyrod Taylor out of town, it appeared as though they were going to join the Jets and Rams in the Suck for Sam Darnold sweepstakes. Instead, they re-signed Taylor, but lost some defensive starters. I guess they’re now going for being mediocre for the millionth year in a row.

    FEB. 14 UPDATE: The Bills had promise going into 2016. Now, they look like they might be one of the worst teams in the league. Their foolish owner is forcing Tyrod Taylor to leave, while the new head coach is trying to install a new defense that doesn’t fit the skills of many players currently on the roster. The Bills might be lucky to win five games next year if this nonsense continues.

  9. Baltimore Ravens (8-8) – Previously: 19.
    APRIL 3 UPDATE: I listed the Ravens as underrated back on Valentine’s Day, but I don’t agree with that anymore. They did suffer a lot of bad luck last year, but they sustained tons of losses during the offseason. Ricky Wagner leaving is huge, while Elvis Dumervil’s absence will hurt as well. There were other departures, as Baltimore’s already-poor depth continues to worsen.

    FEB. 14 UPDATE: Underrated NFL Team: The Ravens were the best team not to make the playoffs. They incurred some losses earlier in the year when they were banged up, but they played better when everyone returned from injuries. If they can remain healthy in 2017, they’ll have a great chance to return to the postseason.

  10. Minnesota Vikings (8-8) – Previously: 17.
    APRIL 3 UPDATE: The Vikings desperately needed offensive line help, so they paid big bucks to Riley Reiff to be their left tackle, and they also signed Mike Remmers. That’s not exactly a solution. It’s like a guy being so desperate for sex that he’ll pay for it, but with no viable hookers in sight, he decided to give tons of money to a 70-year-old dude with a mustache (not that there’s anything wrong with that.) The Vikings appear to be in trouble yet again.

    FEB. 14 UPDATE: The Vikings were 3-8 to finish the season, but they endured so many injuries. I have to believe they’ll bounce back, especially if they find an upgrade or two for the offensive line this offseason. Unfortunately, Teddy Bridgewater is expected to miss all of 2017, which means Sam Bradford will be poised to set yet another fraudulent record next year.

  11. Washington Redskins (8-7-1) – Previously: 14.
    APRIL 3 UPDATE: It’s crazy to think that a year ago, the Redskins’ arrow was pointing way up when the team had all the momentum in the world, heading into the playoffs, riding the “You like that” Kirk Cousins fire. Now, they’re a train wreck. Cousins is no longer happy and happens to be demanding trades; his top two receivers are gone; and the front office has done nothing to bolster the lackluster defense. And I haven’t even started on the whole Scot McCloughan thing. The Redskins have collapsed before our very eyes, and they now appear to be the worst team in the NFC East.

    FEB. 14 UPDATE: I feel like this Redskins regime has done well; in the past two years, they’ve reached the playoffs once and then just fell short by one game on the other occasion. Yet, team president Bruce Allen won’t let general manager Scot McCloughan talk to the media because he wants him to concentrate on doing a better job. I don’t get this. McCloughan has done well. Allen seems like some overbearing parent who won’t let his one daughter go to the prom unless her stuck-up older sister also goes. And yes, my fiancee made me watch 10 Things I Hate About You right before I wrote this.

  12. Indianapolis Colts (8-8) – Previously: 26.
    APRIL 3 UPDATE: The Colts added a bit of talent at linebacker this offseason, signing Sean Spence, Jabaal Sheard and John Simon. No game-changers, or anything, but at least they won’t have replacement-level players on the field in 2017. It’d be nice if they also found better protection for Andrew Luck, but that hasn’t happened yet.

    FEB. 14 UPDATE: It was originally reported that Ryan Grigson and Chuck Pagano would both stay on, which was just ridiculous. As it turns out, Jim Irsay was simply on a bender and wasn’t in a position to make a clear decision. Sure enough, the Colts have fired Grigson, which means Andrew Luck might actually be protected by a quality offensive line going forward.

  13. Carolina Panthers (6-10) – Previously: 18.
    APRIL 3 UPDATE: I have no idea why the Panthers thought Cam Newton needed two months off before having him undergo shoulder surgery. It’s like the complete opposite of the Patriots. Instead of “no days off,” Carolina preaches “please slack off.”

    FEB. 14 UPDATE: It was the season from hell for the Panthers, but it’s finally over. Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly will be healthy next year, but the front office better find superior tackles so that Newton’s shoulder doesn’t explode again in 2017. Going into another year with Michael Oher and Mike Remmers again would be an outright disaster.

  14. Denver Broncos (9-7) – Previously: 21.
    APRIL 3 UPDATE: The Broncos lost DeMarcus Ware this offseason, which will hurt, but isn’t a huge deal. What is a huge deal is the fact that Denver hasn’t been able to improve its offensive line at all. Signing Ronald Leary was nice, but Russell Okung was lost. The Broncos have one of the worst blocking units in the NFL, which doesn’t bode well for their 2017 outlook.

    FEB. 14 UPDATE: The Broncos figure to continue losing defensive players, as DeMarcus Ware seems to be Dallas-bound. The offensive line still needs to be revamped. And the quarterback situation is still a big question mark. Paxton Lynch figures to be better, but he still needs to be developed and may not be ready in 2017.

  15. Houston Texans (9-7) – Previously: 16.
    APRIL 3 UPDATE: “It’s difficult to rank the Texans right now because they could still acquire Tony Romo. It’d be nice if Jerry Jones stopped being a jerk to his long-time quarterback and just let him go so that Romo could acclimate to his new team. Instead, Jones is just being petty and selfish. I’m sure everyone is as shocked about this as I am.” I wrote this hours before Romo’s retirement. Poor Texans.

    FEB. 14 UPDATE: Good news/bad news. The bad news is that the Texans will be stuck paying this guy for one more year:

    The good news is that the Texans will have an entire offseason to find a new quarterback. I could see them signing a free agent, but my current scenario has them taking Pat Mahomes in my 2017 NFL Mock Draft.

  16. Arizona Cardinals (7-8-1) – Previously: 13.
    APRIL 3 UPDATE: Overrated NFL Team: I’ve seen the Cardinals slotted as high as No. 5 in some power rankings. I think that’s crazy. They lost way too many important players in free agency, namely Calais Campbell, Kevin Minter and Tony Jefferson. Their defense clearly won’t be as good next year, while their offense is also sketchy because Carson Palmer, who was just average in 2016, is a year older and could continue to regress.

    FEB. 14 UPDATE: Carson Palmer will be back next year, so that’s good news. No, really. Palmer struggled last year, but was reportedly dealing with an injury. If he’s healthier, and his offensive line can remain intact for a change, Arizona will have a shot at reaching the playoffs once again.

  17. Miami Dolphins (10-6) – Previously: 22.
    APRIL 3 UPDATE: The Dolphins signed players to some dubious contracts this offseason, including Andre Branch (3 years, $27 million) and Lawrence Timmons (2 years, $12 million). Doing so did not improve their roster at all. However, they can still compete for a playoff spot if their offensive line stays healthy, which did not happen last year.

    FEB. 14 UPDATE: You’d have to think that this is the final year for Ryan Tannehill if the Dolphins don’t advance to the second round of the playoffs. He’ll be due $55 million over the three years following 2017, and there’s only so long the fans will be able to cope with his inconsistent play. That said, I like the Dolphins’ chances of potentially reaching the postseason. They’re easily the No. 2 team in the division, and they should have their offensive line healthier next year.

  18. New York Giants (10-6) – Previously: 20.
    APRIL 3 UPDATE: I still stand by the Giants being overrated. In fact, I think they’re even more overrated now after signing Brandon Marshall, who struggled last year. Marshall isn’t what he used to be, and I wonder if he’ll hurt the locker room at all. I mean, you have one receiver who marries kicking nets, and you have another receiver who trips on McDonald’s bags. You can’t possibly have two of these guys on one team, right?

    FEB. 14 UPDATE: Overrated NFL Team: I listed the Giants as overrated all year, and I was not surprised they were blown out in the playoffs. They won very tight games against bad teams like the Rams, Bengals and Browns. They lucked out in some of their other victories, beating the Lions because a running back fumbled inside the 5-yard line. The Giants couldn’t block, and their linebacking corps was horrible. They definitely had some great aspects of their roster, but they had too many holes, including quarterback. I currently have New York picking Deshaun Watson in my 2017 NFL Mock Draft.

  19. New Orleans Saints (7-9) – Previously: 23.
    APRIL 3 UPDATE: I think everyone will point to Brandin Cooks being traded and think the Saints have gotten worse. On the contrary, New Orleans still has two very good receivers, one of whom is poised to enter elite territory, and they also happened to sign Larry Warford, a terrific guard. The Saints have two first-round picks as well to shore up their poor defense.

    FEB. 14 UPDATE: The Saints had seven defeats this past year of six or fewer points, so they could have gone much better than 7-9. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the defense isn’t very good, and Drew Brees could begin to decline next year. Brees turned 38 this offseason, though if Tom Brady can win a Super Bowl at 39, perhaps Brees can lead the team back to the playoffs a year younger than that.

  20. Los Angeles Chargers (5-11) – Previously: 15.
    APRIL 3 UPDATE: I’ve seen the Chargers in the top 10 of some power rankings, which is more optimistic than where I stand. San Diego (I refuse to acknowledge them as Los Angeles) is a good team when things are going right, but when has that been the case? The Chargers are always nursing tons of injuries, and things are just seemingly getting worse because they signed Russell Okung, who tends to be hurt more often than not.

    FEB. 14 UPDATE: If the Chargers win lots of games next year, and no one is there to see it, will they really make the playoffs? That’s the dilemma for the Chargers, who will be better in 2017 when they get Keenan Allen, Danny Woodhead and several others back from injury. Unfortunately, they’ll be playing in Los Angeles, which means no one will be going to their games. I get moving out of San Diego, but couldn’t they have relocated to a city that actually would’ve supported them? Oklahoma City, Portland, and even Nuuk, Greenland would’ve generated more fan support.

  21. Kansas City Chiefs (12-4) – Previously: 10.
    APRIL 3 UPDATE: It’s pretty much status quo for the Chiefs, who replaced Dontari Poe with Bennie Logan. In other words, they’ll be one of the better regular-season teams and then lose in the playoffs right away because of Alex Smith.

    FEB. 14 UPDATE: I’ve been saying it for years, and now many of the fans agree: Alex Smith is not the answer, and he needs to be replaced. Unfortunately for the Chiefs, they don’t really have a viable alternative, so they may have to stick it out with Smith for another year or two.

    Or… maybe the Chiefs can land a franchise quarterback in the first round. Check out this picture:

    That’s Clark Hunt, owner of the Chiefs, on the left, and that’s Pat Mahomes, third from the left. The man between them is NFL agent Leigh Steinberg, so it’s interesting that he has a strong connection with both men. Kansas City would be lucky to land Mahomes, but the problem is that he could be gone before No. 27, which is what I have happening in my 2017 NFL Mock Draft. The Chiefs will have to make a major move up to land Mahomes, who is considered by some to be the top quarterback prospect in this class.

  22. Dallas Cowboys (13-3) – Previously: 4.
    APRIL 3 UPDATE: Overrated NFL Team: The Cowboys were definitely legitimate in 2016, but I think they’ll take a step backward this upcoming season. They lost two members of their fantastic offensive line, while three key players in their secondary have departed as well. Things won’t go as smoothly for the Cowboys in 2017, as either Dak Prescott or Ezekiel Elliott seems destined to have a sophomore slump.

    FEB. 14 UPDATE: The Cowboys were out-coached and thoroughly embarrassed in the playoffs. This picture says it all:

    The good news for them is that Dak Prescott will be even better now that he’s not a rookie. On top of that, Dallas will have an opportunity to bolster its inconsistent pass rush and find another receiver to play across from Dez Bryant this offseason.

  23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-7) – Previously: 11.
    APRIL 3 UPDATE: The Buccaneers have made three stellar moves this offseason, while only losing one player of significance in Bradley McDougald. They signed DeSean Jackson, who will add a deep threat to their offense; they obtained Chris Baker, who will be a force in the defensive interior; and they acquired J.J. Wilcox to strengthen the secondary. If the Buccaneers can get better play out of left tackle Donovan Smith, they stand a good chance of winning the NFC South.

    FEB. 14 UPDATE: Tampa Bay is my pick to win the whacky NFC South next year. The Buccaneers have been improving each year, and they had some big wins down the stretch, beating the Seahawks and winning in Kansas City. Jameis Winston will be better in his third year, and Tampa will have every opportunity to repair their secondary and running back group.

  24. Detroit Lions (9-7) – Previously: 12.
    APRIL 3 UPDATE: Underrated NFL Team: I’ll be the first to say it – the Lions have a legitimate shot to go to the Super Bowl this year. And no, I don’t mean that the players will buy tickets and attend the game in the stands. I think they could be playing in February. And no, I don’t mean playing outside in the snow with their kids. The Lions, who were 9-4 last season before a rash of injuries crushed them, have enjoyed an excellent offseason. They added two talented blockers, and it now looks like they have one of the top offensive lines in the NFL. If they add some defensive talent in the draft, they could win 11 games in 2017.

    FEB. 14 UPDATE: The Lions were 9-4 entering Week 15, but they lost Travis Swanson and Theo Riddick, and they were never the same without those two players. Plus, Matthew Stafford’s dislocated finger certainly played a part. The Lions could’ve done some damage in the playoffs had they stayed healthy, but they didn’t really have a chance. They should be able to compete for a playoff spot once again in 2017, provided they don’t suffer late-season injuries again.

  25. Seattle Seahawks (10-5-1) – Previously: 6.
    APRIL 3 UPDATE: Seattle’s offensive line issues will apparently persist, as the team landed only Luke Joeckel this offseason. Joeckel has potential, and could live up to it under Tom Cable’s tutelage, but is still likely to fail. In other words, Russell Wilson will once again be running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Fortunately for the Seahawks, they added Bradley McDougald, who will provide insurance if either Kam Chancellor or Earl Thomas gets hurt again.

    FEB. 14 UPDATE: The loss to Atlanta in the divisional round of the playoffs was a pretty brutal one. Russell Wilson was upset, but Baby Wilson was especially distraught:

    At any rate, the Seahawks are expected to be the overwhelming favorites in the NFC West again, as they’ll have Earl Thomas back from injury. The only question is the offensive line, which needs a major overhaul.

  26. Atlanta Falcons (11-5) – Previously: 8.
    APRIL 3 UPDATE: As long as Matt Ryan and his offensive line happen to be healthy, the Falcons will continue to be one of the better teams in the NFL. They signed a few players to horrible contracts in the offseason, but didn’t really lose anyone outside of their fullback, so they should be 11-5 or so once again, barring injuries.

    FEB. 14 UPDATE: What happened? The Falcons led 28-3, yet ran the ball just four times after that. There’s only one explanation for this…

    The Adventures of Derek Anderson’s Magic Flask!

    Kyle Shanahan: Wow, we’re going to do it! We’re up 28-3! We’re going to win the Sup… hey, Derek Anderson, what are you doing here? And why are you with Jed York, my future employer?

    Derek Anderson: Yoou’reee oonnllyy uppp 28-3 hahahaha whhatat aa gigiiannt ppuuuussseeyyy loooll. Hhaavve a siiipp oofof thiidss anndnd youu’llll bebeee upppp 88-3.

    Kyle Shanahan: Wow, that sounds neat. But maybe I shouldn’t drink during games.

    Derek Anderson: Sttoopp bbeeieingng aa gigiannntt ppuussseey annnndd dririinkkk! Teelll himmmm Jeeeebbbb.

    Jed York: Raahhhh! My name is Jed; not Jeb rahhhhhhh!!! Kyle, I want to hang out with the cool people so if you don’t drink this I’ll fire you raaahhhh!

    Kyle Shanahan: Well OK, if you say so.

    *** Ten minutes later ***

    Kyle Shanahan: Whoaoaoa whahahtt a cattchchc byyy Julliiooo Joonnensss! Llleett’s dodo oiitit aggaiaiann! I wannntt toooo seeew mooorree papsssesss!!!

    Matt Ryan: Coach Shanahan, maybe we should run the ball and set up a field goal.

    Kyle Shanahan: Shuututtu ththehee heelll upppp thhhee coooll guuysss wiill heaarr uussss annd weee’ll bebee calllleed giginanant ppuususseeyyss aggaiainnn!!! Nnoow googo papsss toooo jUkllliioo aggainn hic!

  27. Tennessee Titans (9-7) – Previously: 9.
    APRIL 3 UPDATE: The Titans were one of the true winners of free agency. They desperately needed secondary help, so they signed Logan Ryan and John Cyprien to very reasonable deals. Armed with an improving quarterback, one of the top offensive lines in the NFL, a strong running game and an improving defense, Tennessee seems poised to make a deep run into the playoffs.

    FEB. 14 UPDATE: The Titans had a disappointing end to their season because of the Marcus Mariota injury, but they have to be considered the favorite to win the AFC South heading into 2017. They have the best defense and running game in the division, and they also have the second-best quarterback behind Andrew Luck. Their secondary sucks, but they have two first-round picks in the upcoming draft, including the No. 5 overall selection. Check out my 2017 NFL Mock Draft for more.

  28. Philadelphia Eagles (7-9) – Previously: 7.
    APRIL 3 UPDATE: If the Eagles nail their draft, they could go 11-5 or even 12-4, and they’re my early pick to win the NFC East. They were practically undefeated with Lane Johnson on the field last year. Now, Carson Wentz has more experience, and he has two talented receivers to throw to. The defense, meanwhile, figures to be better. The only important player who departed was Bennie Logan, who had a down 2016 season. Chris Long and Patrick Robinson will help, as will any players Philadelphia obtains in the 2017 NFL Draft.

    FEB. 14 UPDATE: Underrated NFL Team: The Eagles finished the year 5-1 with Lane Johnson, and that record would be 6-0 if Ryan Mathews hadn’t fumbled at the end of the Detroit game. That’s one of many close contests the Eagles have lost last season, as six of their nine defeats have been within a touchdown, and that includes the loss at Dallas in which they were winning in the fourth quarter. With some positive adjustments this upcoming offseason, the Eagles will be in a position to make a run at the NFC East crown in 2017.

  29. Green Bay Packers (10-6) – Previously: 1.
    APRIL 3 UPDATE: I had the Packers atop my power rankings last time, but they lost two offensive linemen (T.J. Lang, J.C. Tretter) and a key member of their secondary in Micah Hyde. I still think Green Bay is one of the better teams in the NFC, but I don’t think the Packers are overwhelming favorites to reach the Super Bowl now.

    FEB. 14 UPDATE: The Packers had the game from hell in the NFC Championship. They missed a field goal, lost a fumble, failed to recover two fumbles, couldn’t secure two potential Matt Ryan interceptions, and suffered countless injuries. They would’ve been more competitive in most permutations, and I’d have to think they’d win most of them, but just sustained a ridiculous amount of bad luck. It happens.

    The Packers, however, ended the year on a tear, and I think they probably would’ve won the Super Bowl in most instances. If they continue to perform like they did to close out the year, they’ll be the favorites to represent the NFC in the upcoming Super Bowl.

  30. Pittsburgh Steelers (11-5) – Previously: 5.
    APRIL 3 UPDATE: The Steelers didn’t really change their roster very much this offseason. Jarvis Jones and Lawrence Timmons are gone, but they struggled in 2016. They’ve been replaced by the lackluster duo of Tyson Alualu and Coty Sensabaugh. More importantly, it sounds as though Martavis Bryant will be reinstated soon. He’ll be a boon to a Steeler offense that was shut down in the AFC Championship when Le’Veon Bell got hurt.

    FEB. 14 UPDATE: Despite Antonio Brown’s antics, the Steelers don’t plan to trade him. And rightfully so, given that he’s one of the top receivers in the NFL. Besides, Ben Roethlisberger had no one to throw to outside of Brown once Le’Veon Bell got hurt in the AFC Championship. Everyone else kept dropping passes. That’ll change if Martavis Bryant can stay clean, but Pittsburgh would be crazy to rely on that happening.

  31. Oakland Raiders (12-4) – Previously: 2.
    APRIL 3 UPDATE: If it’s not the Patriots, I expect the Raiders to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. They didn’t make a big splash in free agency, but they added Jared Cook and Cordarrelle Patterson to improve their offense and special teams, respectively. The important thing is keeping Derek Carr healthy, and Oakland has the offensive line to do that. Then again, the Raiders could’ve said the same thing last year.

    At any rate, I thought I should wish the citizens of Oakland good luck. This is their last shot to see a Super Bowl team before the Raiders move to San Antonio and then Las Vegas. Oh, and a friendly reminder to Mark Davis: Mark, mannequins can be purchased for $5 each at Macy’s, just in case you want to go that route instead of having empty seats in the Vegas stadium.

    FEB. 14 UPDATE: Considering how the playoffs went down, the Raiders could’ve done some major damage had Derek Carr stayed healthy. If Carr can remain on the field, I’d say the Raiders are the favorite to reach the Super Bowl. In fact, one e-mailer, who asks for my Super Bowl predictions a year in advance, requested my projection once again a week ago. I told him Packers over Raiders in Super Bowl LII.

  32. New England Patriots (14-2) – Previously: 3.
    APRIL 3 UPDATE: The Patriots made so many moves this offseason, you’d think they just lost the Super Bowl rather than won it. I’m sure Tom Brady will enjoy the new weapons (Brandin Cooks, Dwayne Allen), while the defense will be better with Kony Ealy and Stephon Gilmore. Assuming some desperate Bills fan doesn’t sneak Cheetos into Brady’s diet, the Patriots will be the favorite to win Super Bowl LII.

    FEB. 14 UPDATE: It appeared as though the Falcons were going to win the Super Bowl. In fact, it was so evident that this douche bombarded my Facebook wall:

    It’s a good thing he lost just $7 on the game; otherwise, he’d have to put in some overtime at his glamorous Foot Locker job.

    At any rate, Tom Brady is the man, and the Patriots’ victory was great. Not only did I win my wager and most of my prop bets, but I went to a bar in Houston after the game, and I got to see this hot Patriots fan chick wear shorts so short that her a** was hanging out. I’ll have more in Jerks of the Week in the coming weeks.

    You can never count out Brady, but will he have the same time of fire next year? He’s gotten his Deflate-gate revenge, and he’ll be 40 next year. He could certainly win his sixth, but I don’t think the Patriots are considered the favorites right now.

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