Matt McGuire's NFL Draftology 101: <br> Introduction to NFL Draftology

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You've debated who the best long snapper in the NFL has been for months... yes it is that time of year again. No football games to be played until the Hall of Fame game on Aug. 3. That means complete boredom for football fans. Training camp is just around the corner and everyone can talk about how great their team looks in practice.

"We talkin' 'bout practice?" Yes, Allen. We're talking about practice...but not on

I'm beginning my new NFL Draftology series where I tackle NFL Draft Theory. Understanding why the draft unfolds as it does. Why do teams make certain decisions? How do you rebuild a franchise? How do you make your franchise elite? And most importantly, what is the future of the NFL Draft? I'm going to examine previous draft picks and trades, and explain why they are pertinent to understanding what the NFL Draft is all about.

Let's go to some "lectures"...

NFL Draftology 101: Introduction to NFL Draftology

NFL Draftology 112: Need Versus Value

NFL Draftology 205A: Positional Demand

NFL Draftology 205B: Positional Impact

NFL Draftology 205C: Positional Impact Continued

NFL Draftology 320: Dissecting the Trade Value Chart

NFL Draftology 321: Revising the Trade Value Chart

NFL Draftology 378: The Safest Pick Myth


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