Random Mailbag

These are random/interesting e-mails or Facebook posts I’ve received. The e-mails are italicized and left mostly unedited. My responses follow them.

1/17/10: Fresh Batch of Hate Mail!

  • From Vojo R.:

    Just wanted to let you know I picked the opposite of you today because your picks and logic have been horrible. You’ve overused Steve Young and the “quarter to get back into sink every week off” and “bye week teams 0-7 ATS” and were dead wrong. You had to be the only person in the world talking the under in NO. Teams don’t go 13-0 by chance. I’m betting home faves tomorrow as well.

    Next week do your analysis and pick the opposite and you might actually win money.

    How does it feel to lose money seven weeks in a row?

    –> How does it feel to lose money seven weeks in a row? Fantastic. Good thing I made a lot more at the beginning of the year, or I’d be living in a cardboard box or under a bridge right now.

    I stand by my theories. It’s worked very well in the past (6-13 ATS since realignment), and just lost today. Nothing works all the time, and I’d be careful fading this going forward. It may have worked today, but keep doing so, and you may be joining me under the bridge.

    By the way, the Ravens were the right side. The Colts only outgained them by five yards, but Baltimore had too many fumbles and costly penalties. The Colts looked flat just like I thought they would, and if you were to tell me Indy would score only 20 points, I would have happily taken the Ravens.

  • From Snehal P.:

    Come on, man. I am trying to be civil but you are really making it hard. Congratulations on effectively wiping out my entire bankroll. You are like the Joker to my Batman…you are my archnemesis. You can rest assured that you have won, and I will have to reload if I want to continue to bet.

    Seriously, I am SHOCKED that you have made $10K+ with your picks. You are more inept than the BROWNS and Eric Mangini. Great job going oh-for-Saturday. Eleven units down the drain. I honestly have a theory that you are in cohoots with the sportsbooks. Give the people wins with your small unit picks, and nail them on the big bets. And if you really are giving it your honest best, I feel sorry for you. How the hell do you manage to miss so many multi-unit picks??

    Stop thinking about Rebecca Grant and get your head right. And god damn it, “debacle” is a verb. “Debaclation” is NOT a word. I am not gonna say you completely suck, because obviously you are up on the year, but damn, get your game right…

    –> Why so serious?

    I’ve actually done really well with my multi-unit bets all year:

    2009 Season 2-3 Unit NFL Picks: 46-33-3, 58.2% (+$1,910)
    2009 Season 4-5 Unit NFL Picks: 29-26, 52.7% (+$330)
    2009 NFL Picks of the Month: 3-2, 60.0% (+$640)

    Just a rough couple of weeks, but I’ve bounced back from losing streaks before.

    And I’m offended that you think “debacled” and “debaclation” aren’t words. Google those words if you don’t believe me.

  • From the Forums:

    This isn’t hate mail or hate anything, but a couple of remarks on the forum about my picking strategy:

    LeeLee: Will Walter admit he was WRONG WRONG WRONG about resting your starters after this year.

    ColtsHomer: No. That’s why he had to make up something about the refs. The refs were fine today!

    LeeLee: Walt’s showing some **** levels of delusion today.

    ColtsHomer: He made the 100% retarded pick against Peyton Manning. He should be mad at himself, not the refs for calling a perfect game.

    Red-Headed Stepchild: You don’t bet against Peyton Manning.

    ColtsHomer: This! This! A thousand times this!

    –> My responses:

    The refs were bad at times, but I mentioned the refs in one sentence in my NFL Playoffs Recap. It was more the Ravens screwing themselves over. Yardage was 275-270. Outside of two drives, Indy’s offense did nothing. You can’t dispute that.

    Manning is now 2-5 ATS vs. 3-4 defenses in the playoffs, and the Colts average only 20.5 points per game after resting their starters in Weeks 17-18.

    You can’t be myopic and say that just because they covered today means that betting on Manning all the time in the playoffs is the right strategy.

    I’ve bet against Manning in this situation before and made money, and I’ll bet against Manning in this situation next time and make money. You can’t win every time – that’s why it’s called gambling. Nothing hits 100 percent of the time.

    Teams resting starters are 6-13 ATS since realignment. I’ll continue to rely on it because it works most of the time. In fact, people will begin thinking that resting starters is good, allowing the oddsmakers to inflate the line in the future.

    Like I said, nothing works 100 percent of the time. But I’ll take 70 percent ATS over a decade.

  • From Russell G.:

    You sir are an idiot.

    My buddy would always talk about your website and how you have all these nfl mock drafts and how you make daily picks for all the different sports accordinig to spreads and such, so probably about a year ago iIstarted visiting your site on a weekly basis or so to check out all your picks.

    I’ve been betting on sports for about 5 years now and haven’t faired to well overall and on Wednesday I decided to see what your college hoops picks were. the one that really struck me was the st. joe’s +15 @ rhode island, because “rhode island hasn’t won a game by double digits since thanksgiving break and st. joe’s should be able to cover it since it’s inflated due to the two team’s records.”

    You are a f***ing idiot you d***bag. The one time I decide to follow your dumba** advice I get burned hard. With like 2 mins left in the first half Rhode Island was up by over 30. You are officially a f***in dbag q***r in my book and I will never take your advice ever again, you are THE LEAST

    *** Quick note: The least what? Why leave me in such suspense?

    The hilarious thing here was that he lost with my 2-unit pick when I had two other 3-unit selections that hit. In other words, I went 2-1, +3.8 Units on the night. Why bet on my 2-unit picks if I have a two 3-unit selections?

    Anyway, here was my response: ***

    –> Thanks for the hilarious e-mail. I really enjoyed it.

    Congrats on going 2-1 last night. The Joe’s loss was surprising, but it was nice to hit those two 3-unit plays (Delaware and UMass). If I had to lose one game, it would have easily been Joe’s because it was only 2 units.

    College hoops is going really well this year – hopefully I can make it 7 winning years in a row in that sport.

  • From James B.:

    First off I think you should really have ARMON JOHNSON UPDATED HIGHER IN YOUR NBA MOCK DRAFT. You probably asking me why? Well one worlh he is…. A BEAST.

    Then also you need to go on first and ten and literal rape SKIP BAYLESS. I’m tired of waking up and he’s the anatagonist. PEACE BLOOD

    –> Skip Bayless might be an antagonist, but I have no desire to rape him. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    I didn’t make that mock draft, by the way. Also, my name isn’t “Blood.” If my name were Blood, I’d probably be more annoying than Skip Bayless – or at least more antagonistic.


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