Check out this FOX Sports Soccer video below. Or read some of my ramblings…

1. I got excited when I saw “Chelsea face off with Liverpool.” Since I know nothing about soccer, I thought Chelsea might be some hot chick. But it’s just some European (I think?) soccer team. Oh darn.

2. I have some ideas on how to improve soccer:

2a. I think it’s so stupid when the goalies dive randomly in shootouts. It’s just a guessing game. I think it’d be more fun if there was a windmill from a mini-golf course shielding the net.

2b. Soccer needs more hitting. The players should wear pads. And they should be able to throw the ball too. Kicking the ball is stupid, so that should be disallowed, except for certain situations. And there should be 11 players on each side, with five guys on offense blocking. And then one soccer player can either throw the ball or hand it off to another player, and the other team would have to tackle him. Wow, I think I might just have something here.

2c. I think people should stop calling soccer “football” in other countries. American football was invented before soccer, so our sport should take precedence.

3. I kid, I kid. I know American football and soccer were invented at approximately the same time. Still though, please call it “soccer,” rest of the world.

4. If you’re not a fat, ignorant American like me, watch the video below and check out soccer (not football) on FOX Sports.

<a href="" target="_new" title="">Chelsea face off with Liverpool</a>

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