NFL Draft: Scout’s Notebook

This is NFL Draft Scout’s Notebook, where Matt McGuire will list the notes he took while scouting players for the 2011 NFL Draft, 2012 NFL Draft and beyond.
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Posted Sept. 29, 2010

Oregon State vs. Boise State

Nate Potter

1st – 12:31 – Poor knee bend and too high … lacks athleticism and agility to mirror … poor range in pass pro vs. Paea

Summary: Potter didn’t make much of an impact all game. He lacks serious range, will be limited to guard in the NFL, and doesn’t have much upside to work with.

Austin Pettis

1st – 11:32 – Lacks speed coming out of break … marginal athleticism and should have blown by CB

1st – 6:16 – Lazy/slow route running on slant

Summary: While Pettis has very sure hands, he makes most of his production off of Boise State’s creative offense. He will likely struggle to generate separation at the next level especially against press man coverage.

James Dockery

1st – 11:32 – Could have broke on ball a little more quickly … pass interference called

Jeron Johnson

1st – 9:32 – Could have filled in a lot more quickly here in run support … patient, under control and makes tackle.

3rd – 10:46 – Solid but not great speed here … chases down RB from middle of field to sideline … good angle and shows some strength with 1-handed tackle

3rd – 0:56 – Times jump ball poorly … unimpressive vertical jump and athleticism

Summary: I didn’t see very much playmaking at all from Johnson in the first three quarters. Solid player, but I’m keeping an open mind with this prospect because I’ve heard very good things about his play.

Stephen Paea

1st – 4:38 – Nice rip move and gets some penetration here

1st – 2:02 – Doesn’t show much fluidity, speed on X-stunt

1st – 0:16 – Doesn’t know how to protect legs … repeatedly chop blocked and never adjusts

Summary: Not sure why Paea is getting so much love as a first-round prospect. He has terrific initial pop and a solid motor, but he’ll really struggle against bigger, stronger linemen in the NFL that can absorb his power off the snap. Paea lacks the athleticism to penetrate and get past or around linemen. I see a second- or third-round prospect.

James Rodgers

1st – 4:31 – Lacks impressive athleticism and speed on this punt return TD … looks like a 4.6 40 time here … no second gear

Titus Young

1st – 1:54 – Nice focus on over-the-shoulder catch here … good awareness to dive when running out of bounds at end of play to maximize yardage … nice speed in getting by CB on go-route

2nd – 3:43 – Like his speed and burst off the line … pushed out of bounds, but shows awareness and stays with play … CB quits on coverage and Young re-routes for TD

Summary: I was highly impressed with Young in this outing. He reminds me a lot of Mike Wallace. Young is certainly a vertical threat and is very competitive with natural receiving skills. Could go as high as Round 2.


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