NFL Draft: Scout’s Notebook

This is NFL Draft Scout’s Notebook, where Matt McGuire will list the notes he took while scouting players for the 2011 NFL Draft, 2012 NFL Draft and beyond.
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Posted Sept. 14, 2010

Washington vs. Syracuse (

10 QB Jake Locker

70 C Ryan Bartholomew

Ryan Bartholomew

1st – 14:53 – Shows mediocre agility, athleticism, range here on pull

Shows good strength and ability to anchor

1st – 7:29 – Bends at waist too much in pass pro

Jake Locker

1st – 11:52 – Delivers strike to WR on out pattern … exhibits strong arm here

1st – 10:18 – Ball slightly behind WR on slant, incomplete

1st – ??? – 3rd & 11 – Great job escaping pressure and getting off throw

1st – ??? – Inaccurate pass – too high to open WR

2nd – 12:39 – Shows nice arm strength on this pass

2nd – 10:13 – Accurate throw in stride of receiver on crossing route 3rd & 6 for 1st down

2nd 9:45 – Blitzed and unable to step into throw – floater to WR on fade route – incomplete … good job getting throw off and not taking sack … willing to take a hit here but didn’t get hit

2nd – 8:22 – Smart play to throw away pass with no receivers open esp. on 1st & G

2nd – 5:34 – Comfortable throwing on run here … smooth

3rd – 12:07 – Double slant is covered and Locker makes good decision to step up in pocket and not throw … Shows nice awareness of line of scrimmage and avoids penalty when throwing to receiver in seam … ball slightly behind WR / incomplete (penalty negates play)

3rd – 11:25 – (3rd and 6) receivers well covered here … RB checkdown is covered … Locker makes great decision to eat football and run for first down – unfortunately is tackled, but this is better than forcing a throw. Underrated play

3rd – 2:49 – (3rd & 14) Outstanding throw. Locker gets the ball just enough over the LB but not too high so WR can make a play. Clutch throw on 3rd and long … uses eyes and pumps to freeze safety …

4th – 6:41 – (1st & 10 on own 15) … 5 step drop, correctly reads Cover 2 defense … excellent throw to slot WR on skinny post … Very good arm strength here on a rope … touchdown pass

Summary: Excellent game from Jake Locker. He is a lot better QB when his receivers catch the football (or he is perceived as one by those who read boxscores). Locker is a VERY good decision maker, he has a strong arm, and there is simply not much you can dislike about him as a QB prospect. I finished this game after I watched Andrew Luck vs. UCLA, and no doubt in my mind that Locker is a better talent and QB prospect.


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