2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Nate Wiggins

  • Nate Wiggins, 6-2/201
  • Cornerback
  • Clemson

Nate Wiggins Scouting Report

By Charlie Campbell


  • Very good skill set
  • Talent to be special man-cover corner
  • Smooth mover to run the route and prevent separation
  • Fast feet
  • Instinctive
  • Ideal height
  • Good length
  • Fast
  • Easy speed with an amazing burst to close
  • Height to match up against big receivers
  • Fast to match up against speed receivers
  • Covers receivers deep over the top
  • Doesn’t need safety help
  • Body control
  • Agile
  • Can flip his hips and run
  • Good vision, eye discipline
  • Should be able to play quickly
  • Upside
  • If he gets a little better, could be elite
  • Showed big improvement from 2022 to 2023 tape


  • Lacks physicality
  • Will grab some at the top of the route
  • Skinny
  • Could have issues as a tackler
  • Might not be a good run defender in the NFL

Prospect Summary:

Wiggins broke onto the scene in 2022, putting together a strong debut for the Tigers with 30 tackles, one interception and 11 passes defended. While it was a good start, Wiggins had some uneven moments, but he was only a first-year starter. Wiggins showed serious improvement in 2023 with a fantastic junior year in which he racked up 28 tackles, two interceptions, six passes defended, one sack and two forced fumbles.

As a cover corner, there really isn’t anything that Wiggins can’t do. He is fast, athletic, long and fluid. Wiggins is superb at preventing separation and staying in the hip pocket of receivers. Wiggins is fast with serious twitchy. He can carry verticals, and his twitch can be seen in his crazy burst to accelerate in an instant. There is no doubt that Wiggins has the speed and agility to run the route and keeping wideouts from getting open. He does an excellent job of staying in phase and not having false steps to allow distance to develop. Wiggins can flip his hips and run along the sideline while using his length and athleticism to close with impressive recovery skills. He can handle big receivers or speed receivers while showing the ability to play press-man, off-man, or zone. Wiggins is a very fluid mover, which lets him run the route and prevent separation.

Wiggins has the No. 1 corner mentality in that he is comfortable playing on the island and going one-on-one with receivers. He doesn’t need safety help and doesn’t panic when passes are coming his direction. Wiggins shows quality ball skills as well to break passes up or pick passes off.

Sources say there are some flaws with Wiggins, primarily being a lack of physicality. He is skinny, so he could get pushed around some by big pro receivers, and his lack of physical play is a problem in run support. Given his frame and lack of physicality, Wiggins could have some struggles with tackling NFL running backs. Perhaps Wiggins can add some strength and weight in a pro strength and conditioning program. Wiggins also could stand to cut down on grabbing at the top of routes to avoid some penalties at the pro level.

Wiggins has the skill set and ability to be a No. 1 corner in the NFL, and he could end up being a very reliable cover corner in the league. For the 2024 NFL Draft, Wiggins looks like a top-20 pick.

Prospect Comparison:

Christian Gonzalez. Wiggins reminds me of Gonzalez in terms of being tall, long, fast and athletic, while lacking some physicality. Gonzalez was a mid-first-round pick in 2023, and Wiggins could go in the same range this year during the 2024 NFL Draft.


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