2022 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Roger McCreary

  • Roger McCreary, 5-11/189

  • Cornerback

  • Auburn

  • Roger McCreary Scouting Report
    By Charlie Campbell

  • Man-cover corner
  • Superb at not allowing separation
  • Great speed to run with fast receivers
  • Plays well in off-man coverage
  • Ability to run with receivers in their routes
  • Change-of-direction skills
  • Can play press-man coverage
  • Good size; put together well
  • Confident; has the man-corner mentality
  • Used to playing on an island
  • Loose hips; can turn and run
  • Has some length
  • Fast backpedal
  • Quick feet
  • Upside
  • Played well against elite competition
  • Scheme versatile
  • Special teams ability

  • Weaknesses:
  • Lacks ball skills
  • Doesn’t play the well when it comes his direction
  • Could stand to be more physical on 50-50 passes
  • Good, but not great, height
  • Doesn’t do much in run defense

  • Summary: McCreary was one of the most consistent and reliable cornerbacks in the SEC over the past three years. In 2019, he collected 36 tackles, an interception and 11 passes broken up. McCreary was excellent in 2020 as well, recording three interceptions, six passes defended, one forced fumble and 45 tackles. As a senior, McCreary had 49 tackles, 14 passes defended and two interceptions.

    For the NFL, McCreary is a smooth cover corner who is very skilled at not allowing separation. He is a natural man-to-man corner for running the route and blanketing receivers. While McCreary does not have great size, he is fast and twitchy to run with wideouts to keep them from getting open. That fluid agility lets him flip his hips and run with wide receivers vertically and keep them from getting open downfield.

    Thanks to his quality instincts and ball skills, McCreary does not have to resort to contact to break up passes. Instead, he is patient, doesn’t panic, and does a nice job of slapping the ball away. McCreary uses his soft hands, instincts, and body control to present a real threat to pick off passes, so it can be very dangerous to throw his direction.

    With his versatility, McCreary is able to play off-man or press-man coverage. He can play zone as well, but he would be better playing in a man scheme. McCreary also is a willing tackler in run support who is willing to fly to the ball and make tackles.

    The big concern with McCreary is being a touch short and lacking length. As a result, some scouts worry about McCreary being an outside corner in the NFL and think he might fit only in the slot. They feel he is a good player, just small. The size issue has some teams grading him in the second round of the 2022 NFL Draft. Other team sources really like McCreary and project him as a first-round pick.

    Player Comparison: Johnathan Joseph. There are a lot of similarities between Joseph (5-11, 188) and McCreary who are identical in size. Both are good man corners with the speed to prevent separation and enough strength to match up against bigger receivers. Joseph was the 24th-overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft, and McCreary could get first-round consideration in the 2022 NFL Draft and should not go lower than Round 2. McCreary could turn into a good NFL starter comparable to Joseph.


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