NFL Hot Press: Teams Differ on McCreary Projection

Teams Differ on McCreary Projection

Updated Feb. 16, 2022
By Charlie Campbell. Follow Charlie on Twitter @draftcampbell.

The 2022 NFL Draft lacks a clear group of prospects for the top of Round 1, which will lead to a trickle-down effect throughout the first night of the draft that could extend into the second round. One players who has a very fluid projection is Auburn cornerback Roger McCreary. Some team sources think he belongs in the top 20, while others have him as a second-day pick.

“I think he goes in the top 20,” said a director of player personnel. “Hard to find corners that can cover man-to-man like him.”

That was the highest projection for McCreary from’s survey of team sources. Two directors of college scouting said their teams had a projection around the late first round to early second round pick on McCreary. Four sources from different teams said they had McCreary as a second-round pick.

“I worry about him on the outside a little,” said a Southeast area scout for an AFC team. “He’s good in man-to-man, but you can’t fix not having length. I graded him in the second and think he goes in the second.”

Another director of college scouting summarized the situation well considering the draft class as a whole. “I think he’s a 1/2. But this isn’t a strong draft and teams will take a need player higher then his value.”

McCreary could be in store for a rollercoaster draft, because while he has a shot at going as top-20 pick, he also could slide well into the second round on Friday night of the 2022 NFL Draft.