2018 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Mike Gesicki

  • Mike Gesicki, 6-5/242

  • Tight End

  • Penn State

  • Mike Gesicki Scouting Report
    By Charlie Campbell

  • Athletic ability
  • Mismatch weapon
  • Quick for a tight end
  • Too fast for linebackers and some safeties
  • Too big for safeties to cover
  • Big frame
  • High points the ball well
  • Leaping ability
  • Excellent body control
  • Red-zone weapon
  • Quick down the seam
  • Tracks the ball well
  • Adjusts well to the ball
  • Good route-runnner
  • Finds the soft spots in zone coverage
  • Fearless to make leaping grabs
  • Athletic upside
  • Volleyball background translates well

  • Weaknesses:
  • Huge liability as a blocker
  • Poor blocking technique
  • Drops some passes
  • Should get stronger

  • Summary: After being a star volleyball player in high school, Gesicki started out as a backup football player during his freshman and sophomore seasons. He broke out as a juniot with 48 receptions for 679 yards and five touchdowns. In his final collegiate season, Gesicki totaled 57 receptions for 563 yards and nine touchdowns. He went on to put together a nice week at the Senior Bowl as a receiver.

    For the NFL, Gesicki is a receiving tight end who could hurt defenses with his mismatch problems. He is a good athlete and possesss some real quickness. Gesicki runs well down the seam with speed to get vertical. His impressive athletic ability translates to him having excellent body control and leaping ability. Given his talent to jump above defenders, Gesicki is very dangerous at high pointing the ball and boxing out defenders to make leaping grabs. Gesicki can routinely hang above defenders to make leaping receptions in the middle of the field. His speed and agility also make him a good route runner who can generate separation. With his quickness, size, and leaping ability, Gesicki is a dangerous red-zone weapon for the next level.

    Gesicki does have some areas to improve for the NFL as a receiver. He had too many drops at Penn State. Those came on both contested catches and non-contested catches. As a pro, his role will be as a receiving tight end, so he needs to be more reliable at catching the ball.

    Gesicki also needs a lot of work as a blocker. Defensive ends and linebackers routinely beat the blocks from Gesicki, but he even struggled to block defensive backs. In order for Gesicki to become a three-down starter in the NFL, his blocking ability is going to need massive improvement. Getting stronger would help him, and he has the frame to add weight. At least in the early going of his career, Gesicki is to be relegated to serving as a receiving tight end, which will limit his snaps. He may never develop into a three-down starter capable of being a good blocker and receiver.

    Here’s how one team source broke down Gesicki, “Gesicki is Coby Fleener. Tall, lean, probably will run fast, horrendous blocker – even versus defensive backs. He’s got some high-point ability, but I have seen him drop his share of contact catches and contested catches, too. I don’t feel he’s as a strong as he could be.”

    Player Comparison: Coby Fleener. As the source said above, Gesicki is very similar to Fleener. As a 33rd-overall pick, Fleener was one of the busted picks by former Colts general manager Ryan Grigson. Gesicki should be a third- or fourth-rounder in the 2018 NFL Draft, and thus the expectations should be more realistic for him to develop into a role player. He could definitely end up being a better version of Fleener.

    NFL Matches: Pittsburgh, Miami, Baltimore, Green Bay, New England, Jacksonville and Houston

    Pittsburgh needs a tight end upgrade and is in ‘win-now’ mode. Gesicki could give the Steelers a receiving weapon to use down the seam.

    In the third or fourth round of the 2018 NFL Draft, there are a lot of potential landing spots for Gesicki. Miami needs a three-down starting tight end as Julius Thomas is just a role player. Baltimore also needs a tight end upgrade because Ben Watson is ancient for a NFL player and Maxx Williams hasn’t panned out yet.

    The Packers need a starting tight end. Martellus Bennett didn’t last one year in Green Bay, while Richard Rodgers is entering free agency. The Packers could also use a receiving upgrade over Rodgers. Even if he’s re-signed, that wouldn’t eliminate Gesicki as a potential mid-round pick. Bennett signed with New England, but he’s clearly a declining player. The Patriots could consider Gesicki as a tight end to pair with Rob Gronkowski. Gesicki would give New England some scheme protection if Gronkowski gets injured again.

    The Jaguars could use a long-term starting tight end as Marcedes Lewis turns 34 after the 2018 NFL Draft. If Gesicki were to slide to their third-round pick, he could be a nice value for the Jaguars. The Texans have three picks in the third round, and Houston needs more receiving talent at tight end.


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