2011 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Ryan Mallett

  • Good bulk and great height to scan the field
  • Outstanding arm strength
  • Very high talent level and upside
  • Adept at reading coverages
  • Nice mental clock in pocket
  • Quick release
  • Makes some jaw-dropping throws
  • Sells play action

  • Poor technician
  • Footwork needs a lot of polish
  • Lacks some balance as a passer
  • Not very athletic or mobile
  • Not a very accurate passer
  • Shows some inconsistency
  • Doesn’t throw an impressive spiral
  • Ball tends to sail high
  • Poor NFL QB pedigree (Bobby Petrino)
  • Needs a lot of space and minimal pass rush in pocket to operate
  • Back foot comes up too much on follow through, which hurts accuracy and balance
  • Character concerns

    Summary: Ryan Mallett is getting overrated at this point because everyone is in love with his size and arm strength. However, there isn’t much I saw on tape to give Mallett a first-round grade unless he improves greatly in 2010.

    Mallett is a very inconsistent quarterback and an extremely raw talent. Plus, let’s also factor in Bobby Petrino’s poor history of sending quarterbacks to the NFL (Dave Ragone, Stefan LeFors, Chris Redman, Brian Brohm). Something about Petrino’s system either doesn’t prepare them for the NFL because the receivers are wide open thanks to great route combinations and play calling, or he just finds a way to mask the talent level (not a problem with Mallett).

    Mallett is starting the season with a third-round grade in my book with a second-round projection because I think some team will overdraft him due to his immense upside. Maybe Mallett improves next season, but that would just be me giving him the benefit of the doubt, which I rarely do for prospects.

    Player Comparison: Derek Anderson. Anderson has the size and the arm, but like Mallett, he is a bad athlete with poor accuracy.


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