NFL Quarterback Power Rankings

Patrick Mahomes

Numerous summers ago, I got into an argument with a Facebook friend about Russell Wilson being a top-three NFL quarterback. That, plus Ron Jaworski’s quarterback list got me thinking about making a power ranking for signal-callers. I figured it would be nice to have this as a yearly feature during the summer. So, here it is. If you disagree with anything on here, leave a comment below. Note that I’m grading the starters of each team only, so don’t be confused if a talented backup is left off the list.

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NFL Quarterback Power Rankings 2023: Updated Aug. 17, 2022

32. Desmond Ridder, Falcons. 2022 Ranking: –. 2021 Ranking: –. 2020 Ranking: –. 2019 Ranking: –. 2018 Ranking: –. 2017 Ranking: –. 2016 Ranking: –. 2015 Ranking: –.
The Falcons’ front office did a great job of improving the overall roster this offseason, but the quarterback situation remains a big concern. In limited action last year, Desmond Ridder maintained a horrific 6.2 YPA. It didn’t look like he was ready for pro action, but perhaps a complete offseason will help him. Having a healthy Kyle Pitts won’t hurt either.

31. Jordan Love, Packers. 2022 Ranking: –. 2021 Ranking: –. 2020 Ranking: –. 2019 Ranking: –. 2018 Ranking: –. 2017 Ranking: –. 2016 Ranking: –. 2015 Ranking: –.
“No Cookie” Jordan Love was seen as a very raw quarterback when he entered the NFL. It’s still unclear how Love will perform, but perhaps Green Bay’s coaching staff will be able to get the most out of him. Love is the ultimate wild card in 2023. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a Pro Bowl season, and yet I also wouldn’t be shocked if he happened to be benched at some point.

30. Anthony Richardson, Colts. 2022 Ranking: –. 2021 Ranking: –. 2020 Ranking: –. 2019 Ranking: –. 2018 Ranking: –. 2017 Ranking: –. 2016 Ranking: –. 2015 Ranking: –.
Anthony Richardson has tremendous upside because he has a huge arm and was able to run just as fast as Justin Fields at the combine. However, he’s incredibly raw, so it may take him some time to develop.

29. Baker Mayfield, Buccaneers. 2022 Ranking: 15. 2021 Ranking: 11. 2020 Ranking: 20. 2019 Ranking: 13. 2018 Ranking: –. 2017 Ranking: –. 2016 Ranking: –. 2015 Ranking: –.
Baker Mayfield finished the season well when Sean McVay was coaching him up, but he was a complete disaster in Carolina. Mayfield’s pocket awareness was disastrous, as he has regressed tremendously since his stellar 2020 season. The coaching in Tampa Bay won’t be nearly as good as it was in Los Angeles, so it seems as though Mayfield made a huge mistake by leaving the Rams.

28. Sam Howell, Redskins. 2022 Ranking: –. 2021 Ranking: –. 2020 Ranking: –. 2019 Ranking: –. 2018 Ranking: –. 2017 Ranking: –. 2016 Ranking: –. 2015 Ranking: –.
Slingin’ Sammy Howell was once the top-overall pick in a 2022 NFL Mock Draft. Things obviously changed in the two years between that mock draft’s creation and the actual 2022 NFL Draft, as Howell slipped to the fifth round. Howell, however, was impressive in the preseason ahead of the 2022 campaign, and he then shined in his lone start despite battling Dallas’ superb defense. Howell figures to perform well in his first full season as a starter. At the very least, he won’t be worse than Carson Wentz was.

27. C.J. Stroud, Texans. 2022 Ranking: –. 2021 Ranking: –. 2020 Ranking: –. 2019 Ranking: –. 2018 Ranking: –. 2017 Ranking: –. 2016 Ranking: –. 2015 Ranking: –.
C.J. Stroud had a heroic performance against Georgia in the college football playoff semi-final. He wasn’t known for his rushing ability, but he used his 4.6 speed on crucial drives. With his quality field vision, solid accuracy, and arm strength, it would be a surprise if Stroud busted in the NFL.

26. Bryce Young, Panthers. 2022 Ranking: –. 2021 Ranking: –. 2020 Ranking: –. 2019 Ranking: –. 2018 Ranking: –. 2017 Ranking: –. 2016 Ranking: –. 2015 Ranking: –.
Bryce Young is an athletic quarterback who possesses plus accuracy and great instincts. The only issue is his size. Kyler Murray has proven that he can succeed in the NFL with that type of build, but he has also shown that he is very injury-prone. Young will have to avoid the same issues Murray has been plagued by his entire career.

25. Mac Jones, Patriots. 2022 Ranking: 16. 2021 Ranking: –. 2020 Ranking: –. 2019 Ranking: –. 2018 Ranking: –. 2017 Ranking: –. 2016 Ranking: –. 2015 Ranking: –.
I can’t believe Mac Jones was ranked 16th here last year. Jones was horrific last year, as he spent more time yelling at the coaching staff than he did leading successful drives. Granted, Jones didn’t have a real offensive coordinator, but he was still outplayed by rookie Bailey Zappe.

24. Kenny Pickett, Steelers. 2022 Ranking: –. 2021 Ranking: –. 2020 Ranking: –. 2019 Ranking: 27. 2018 Ranking: 26. 2017 Ranking: –. 2016 Ranking: –. 2015 Ranking: –.
Kenny Pickett had some bright moments as a rookie, including some late game-winning drives toward the end of the season. There were some horrific performances as well. However, Pickett will have more experience and a bolstered offensive line to aid him this season. Pickett put on a clinic versus the Buccaneers in his sole drive in the preseason opener, so perhaps that’s a sign of things to come.

23. Ryan Tannehill, Titans. 2022 Ranking: 20. 2021 Ranking: 17. 2020 Ranking: 26. 2019 Ranking: –. 2018 Ranking: 24. 2017 Ranking: 19. 2016 Ranking: 26. 2015 Ranking: 14.
Ryan Tannehill was completely exposed in the loss to the Bengals in the playoffs a couple of years ago. He then regressed after losing A.J. Brown to the Eagles. It seemed as though the Titans would move on from Tannehill and begin anew, but they obtained DeAndre Hopkins instead. Hopkins will help Tannehill rebound this season, but it’s still likely that Tannehill will be gone after this year.

22. Kyler Murray, Cardinals. 2022 Ranking: 12. 2021 Ranking: 8. 2020 Ranking: 11. 2019 Ranking: 22. 2018 Ranking: –. 2017 Ranking: –. 2016 Ranking: –. 2015 Ranking: –.
Kyler Murray is a dynamic dual threat, but there are some concerns. There were earlier worries about his presence in the locker room. Even worse, Murray’s work ethic came into question when his new contract stipulated that he must study four hours of game film on his own every week. Now, Murray is coming off a torn ACL, so he won’t be fully healthy until 2024. Arizona fans have to wonder if Murray will ever be able to complete a full season, which has yet to happen in his career.

21. Jimmy Garoppolo, Raiders. 2022 Ranking: –. 2021 Ranking: –. 2020 Ranking: 21. 2019 Ranking: 17. 2018 Ranking: 11. 2017 Ranking: –. 2016 Ranking: –. 2015 Ranking: –.
Jimmy Garoppolo has major problems staying on the field. He’s been a fine game manager when healthy, but keep in mind that this has been under Kyle Shanahan. Garoppolo won’t be coached nearly as well in Las Vegas as he was in San Francisco.

20. Derek Carr, Saints. 2022 Ranking: 14. 2021 Ranking: 22. 2020 Ranking: 25. 2019 Ranking: 24. 2018 Ranking: 14. 2017 Ranking: 5. 2016 Ranking: 18. 2015 Ranking: 26.
It’s hard to believe, but Derek Carr nearly threw for 5,000 yards two years ago (4,804). He completed 68.4 percent of his passes on a 7.7 YPA. Those stats took a big hit in 2022, however. Carr had just 3,522 passing yards, and a 60.8 completion rate. He cried at the podium at one point and was ultimately benched in favor of Jarrett Stidham. Carr would be able to rebound if he were coached well, but Dennis Allen is one of the worst coaches in the NFL.

19. Brock Purdy, 49ers. 2022 Ranking: –. 2021 Ranking: –. 2020 Ranking: –. 2019 Ranking: –. 2018 Ranking: –. 2017 Ranking: –. 2016 Ranking: –. 2015 Ranking: –.
For a while, Brock Purdy looked like he was going to duplicate what Tom Brady accomplished in 2001. Brady took over for an injured veteran and led his team to the Super Bowl despite being a sixth-round draft pick. Purdy was Mr. Irrelevant, yet he was able to lead the 49ers to the NFC Championship, as he completed 67.1 percent of his passes on an 8.1 YPA and a 13:4 touchdown-to-interception ratio. Purdy suffered an elbow injury, but it appears as though he’ll be ready for Week 1.

18. Geno Smith, Seahawks. 2022 Ranking: –. 2021 Ranking: –. 2020 Ranking: –. 2019 Ranking: –. 2018 Ranking: –. 2017 Ranking: –. 2016 Ranking: –. 2015 Ranking: 30.
Geno Smith was considered a steal when the Jets selected him in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft. Smith was a big bust in New York, but he was able to perservere and work extremely hard. It’s great to see that Smith’s relentless work ethic paid off. Smith was great for the Seahawks in his first full season as a starter with the team. He completed an absurd 69.8 percent of his passes, throwing 30 touchdowns and only 11 interceptions.

17. Russell Wilson, Broncos. 2022 Ranking: 6. 2021 Ranking: 4. 2020 Ranking: 2. 2019 Ranking: 4. 2018 Ranking: 4. 2017 Ranking: 3. 2016 Ranking: 2. 2015 Ranking: 3.
This is the first time Russell Wilson has ever been out of the top 10 in these rankings, but it’s completely warranted. Wilson was a disaster last year, throwing for only 16 touchdowns, which was by far the fewest in any season of his career. However, it’s worth pointing out that Nathaniel Hackett’s miserable coaching was a big part of Wilson’s struggles, so it shouldn’t shock anyone if Wilson rebounds in 2023 under Sean Payton.

16. Daniel Jones, Giants. 2022 Ranking: 27. 2021 Ranking: 28. 2020 Ranking: 16. 2019 Ranking: –. 2018 Ranking: –. 2017 Ranking: –. 2016 Ranking: –. 2015 Ranking: –.
Daniel Jones had more turnovers than touchdowns in his career for a while. That’s no longer the case, as Jones ceased being a turnover machine. Things predictably improved for Jones after the Giants found a competent coach for him. An improved offensive line and a healthy Saquon Barkley certainly have helped. Now with Darren Waller at his disposal, Jones should continue to improve.

15. Justin Fields, Bears. 2022 Ranking: 26. 2021 Ranking: 19. 2020 Ranking: –. 2019 Ranking: –. 2018 Ranking: –. 2017 Ranking: –. 2016 Ranking: –. 2015 Ranking: 20.
A year ago, it seemed as though the Bears set up Justin Fields to fail. They assembled the league’s worst offensive line to block for him, while the receiving corps had just one talented player in Darnell Mooney. Fields, however, was able to overcome this with so many amazing rushing performances. Chicago’s front office made amends this offseason, trading for D.J. Moore and acquiring two big upgrades to the offensive line. Fields, as a result, is expected to make a big leap in 2023.

14. Tua Tagovailoa, Dolphins. 2022 Ranking: 19. 2021 Ranking: 26. 2020 Ranking: 30. 2019 Ranking: –. 2018 Ranking: –. 2017 Ranking: –. 2016 Ranking: –. 2015 Ranking: –.
Tua Tagovailoa was incredible at times last year, as he was able to repeatedly connect with his two dynamic receivers for deep gains. Unfortunately for Tagovailoa, he had severe problems staying on the field. Tagovailoa missed so much action this past season, including the playoff game against the Bills. Tagovailoa’s health will be a major question mark going forward.

13. Dak Prescott, Cowboys. 2022 Ranking: 11. 2021 Ranking: 13. 2020 Ranking: 19. 2019 Ranking: 25. 2018 Ranking: 21. 2017 Ranking: 12. 2016 Ranking: –. 2015 Ranking: –.
Dak Prescott has played behind a great offensive line for most of his career. He’s been exposed when some of the blockers have been injured. The improved offensive line helped him last year, but Prescott’s coaching took a hit with Kellen Moore leaving for the Chargers. Mike McCarthy will cap Prescott’s upside.

12. Jared Goff, Lions. 2022 Ranking: 24. 2021 Ranking: 27. 2020 Ranking: 23. 2019 Ranking: 14. 2018 Ranking: 19. 2017 Ranking: 30. 2016 Ranking: 29. 2015 Ranking: –.
Jared Goff was originally a byproduct of great coaching (Sean McVay, Greg Olson) as well as an elite offensive line. Goff lost Olson and some key blockers after 2018, which would explain a major decline in his production. Goff, however, found a second career in Detroit. Granted, he’s once again being protected by an elite offensive line, but Goff has worked hard to improve the mental part of his game.

11. Kirk Cousins, Vikings. 2022 Ranking: 13. 2021 Ranking: 18. 2020 Ranking: 22. 2019 Ranking: 19. 2018 Ranking: 15. 2017 Ranking: 16. 2016 Ranking: 19. 2015 Ranking: –.
Kirk Cousins has the greatest dichotomy when it comes to enduring pressure. Obviously, all quarterbacks are worse when they’re hounded by opposing pass rushers, but Cousins’ stats take the biggest hit when he’s pressured. Luckily for Cousins, he has a talented blocking unit in front of him to protect him this year.

10. Matthew Stafford, Rams. 2022 Ranking: 7. 2021 Ranking: 9. 2020 Ranking: 15. 2019 Ranking: 18. 2018 Ranking: 12. 2017 Ranking: 9. 2016 Ranking: 13. 2015 Ranking: 15.
Matthew Stafford was always limited by bad coaching and a mediocre supporting cast in Detroit. We all saw how great Stafford could be with incredible coaching and a stellar group of receivers and blockers. It was no surprise that he won the Super Bowl in his first year with the Rams. Unfortunately, things have taken a turn for the worse regarding Stafford’s health. It seems unlikely that he’ll last all 17 games in 2023.

9. Lamar Jackson, QB, Ravens. 2022 Ranking: 10. 2021 Ranking: 7. 2020 Ranking: 7. 2019 Ranking: 23. 2018 Ranking: –. 2017 Ranking: –. 2016 Ranking: –. 2015 Ranking: –.
Despite what some may think, Lamar Jackson is a terrific quarterback. He’s a constant presence in the top 10 of this list for a reason. Jackson hasn’t completed worse than 62.3 percent of his passes if you exclude his rookie season, and his YPA has always been 6.9 or better. He has thrown 101 touchdowns to 38 interceptions in his career. Now, consider the garbage he had to throw to last year besides Mark Andrews, who was banged up. Jackson will be much better in 2023, but the question is: Can he stay healthy? Jackson hasn’t been able to finish his past two seasons.

8. Deshaun Watson, Browns. 2022 Ranking: 9. 2021 Ranking: 6. 2020 Ranking: 5. 2019 Ranking: 11. 2018 Ranking: 10. 2017 Ranking: 24. 2016 Ranking: –. 2015 Ranking: –.
Deshaun Watson was horrendous when he returned from his suspension last year. He was so bad that he made Jacoby Brissett look like an All-Pro by comparison. However, Watson hadn’t played football in two years and wasn’t familiar at all with his supporting cast. There’s a real chance he reverts to 2020 form with an entire offseason to re-adjust.

7. Trevor Lawrence, Jaguars. 2022 Ranking: 18. 2021 Ranking: 12. 2020 Ranking: –. 2019 Ranking: –. 2018 Ranking: –. 2017 Ranking: –. 2016 Ranking: –. 2015 Ranking: –.
Trevor Lawrence was able to rebound from his horrendous rookie season to lead the Jaguars into the second round of the playoffs last year. It shouldn’t have been surprising to anyone that Lawrence would improve, given that he was coached so poorly by Urban Meyer. Lawrence should continue to improve, especially now that he has Calvin Ridley at his disposal.

6. Aaron Rodgers, Jets. 2022 Ranking: 2. 2021 Ranking: 2. 2020 Ranking: 4. 2019 Ranking: 3. 2018 Ranking: 2. 2017 Ranking: 1. 2016 Ranking: 1. 2015 Ranking: 1.
Aaron Rodgers was the reigning two-time MVP heading into 2022, but he had a poor season by his standards; he threw more interceptions (12) than any season in his career since his rookie campaign. There’s a slight chance this is permanent regression, but it can’t be ignored that Rodgers was playing with a broken thumb. Rodgers, who should be healthy now, will be heading into 2023 in F-U mode in an attempt to prove the Packers wrong. I like his odds of doing so.

5. Josh Allen, Bills. 2022 Ranking: 4. 2021 Ranking: 5. 2020 Ranking: 10. 2019 Ranking: 29. 2018 Ranking: 31. 2017 Ranking: –. 2016 Ranking: –. 2015 Ranking: –.
Josh Allen was a raw passer with great mobility as a rookie, and then he made a big leap in his second season. And yet, he made the same type of jump in his third season, becoming a top-five NFL quarterback. Allen’s stats were stagnant between his third and fourth seasons, but perhaps they’ll improve in 2023 because his team drafted Dalton Kincaid and made some upgrades to the interior offensive line.

4. Jalen Hurts, Eagles. 2022 Ranking: 23. 2021 Ranking: 31. 2020 Ranking: –. 2019 Ranking: –. 2018 Ranking: –. 2017 Ranking: –. 2016 Ranking: –. 2015 Ranking: –.
Jalen Hurts’ relentless work ethic allowed him to improve his passing ability by leaps and bounds. He emerged as an MVP favorite last season, ultimately leading the Eagles to the Super Bowl. It’s possible that Hurts wasn’t even 100 percent in the playoffs as a result of a shoulder injury he suffered in December. Hurts should continue to bolster his game, so he should be considered one of the leading candidates to win MVP in 2023.

3. Justin Herbert, Chargers. 2022 Ranking: 8. 2021 Ranking: 10. 2020 Ranking: 31. 2019 Ranking: –. 2018 Ranking: –. 2017 Ranking: –. 2016 Ranking: –. 2015 Ranking: –.
Justin Herbert took the NFL by storm as a rookie. Now, three years later, he can say that he has the most passing yards (14,089) of any quarterback in NFL history through three seasons. What’s crazier is that Herbert has done this with a supporting cast that is frequently suffering injuries. His Pro Bowl left tackle, Rashawn Slater, was out most of 2022, while Keenan Allen and Mike Williams also missed a bunch of games. It’ll be interesting to see what Herbert can accomplish with a complete supporting cast intact.

2. Joe Burrow, Bengals. 2022 Ranking: 3. 2021 Ranking: 16. 2020 Ranking: 17. 2019 Ranking: –. 2018 Ranking: –. 2017 Ranking: –. 2016 Ranking: –. 2015 Ranking: –.
Joe Burrow is the No. 1 quarterback against the blitz, which is remarkable, given how young he is. Burrow is only entering his fourth season, and he’s expected to make another big leap this year because he has an improved offensive line. Burrow’s one weakness has been getting off to slow starts, as Cincinnati began 0-2 last year. Burrow will have a tall task to avoid that again, as his team battles much-improved Cleveland in Week 1.

1. Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs. 2022 Ranking: 1. 2021 Ranking: 1. 2020 Ranking: 1. 2019 Ranking: 2. 2018 Ranking: 16. 2017 Ranking: –. 2016 Ranking: –. 2015 Ranking: –.
A year ago, someone working the ticket counter at a Las Vegas sportsbook told me that “Patrick Mahomes is no longer a difference maker at this stage of his career.” This person is clearly an idiot. Mahomes continues to be the best quarterback in the NFL, and there’s no doubting that. He has no weaknesses. He has a rocket arm, great accuracy, dangerous mobility, infectious leadership, a very high football IQ, and a tireless work ethic. Mahomes has just five years of starting experience, so he’s only entering the prime of his career right now.

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