Fun NFL Pictures – 2012

Fun NFL Pictures – 2012

Fun NFL Pictures: 2011 | 2012 | 2013
This is a compilation of amusing NFL pictures I’ve posted on my NFL Picks and NFL Power Rankings pages. Follow me on Twitter @walterfootball for contest updates.

I absolutely hate the fact that most of the NFL analysts on TV know nothing about fantasy football. Most people watch football for fantasy purposes, so shouldn’t these guys at least understand the rules of fantasy football? It was clearly evident that the Bills’ announcers had no clue when one of them said this gem in their third game:

“If you had Fred Jackson as your fantasy running back, that was a pretty good drive for you.”

Damn it. I benched Jackson this week. In my preseason fantasy football league. Oh wait, I forgot, I don’t play preseason fantasy football, and neither does anyone else on this entire planet.

The Bills’ broadcasting network also had this hilarious screw-up when flashing the scores from the other games that night:

The exchange between the two Cleveland broadcasters prior to kickoff of the finale was highly amusing. Here’s what they were talking about:

“I feel like I’ve been asking you this every week. Who’s the backup quarterback!?”

“We don’t know yet, but we also have to discover who will be the third-string quarterback!”

One guy has been asking the other who the backup quarterback is every week? Why? Oh, and if you don’t trust me, here’s a graphic they pulled up right after this conversation:

And that is why Preseason Week 4 is utterly worthless.

Tom Brady can throw the ball longer than 10 yards. Unfortunately, he also has a wife who demands him to do odd things with his hair and makeup. Just take a peak at his new look, courtesy of e-mailer Ron O’s faulty app:

Brady’s wife must be stopped. She’s even transforming his teammates. Just look at what she did to poor Deion “Michael Jackson” Branch.

Check out the ESPN box score for the Virginia running backs, as forum member Link pointed this out to me:

OK, how many fake people does this Virginia team have? A black Phil Sims and some weirdo named null null? Come on, NCAA, this has to be worth five years of vacated wins at the very least.

I’m still pissed at Jay Cutler for his horrific performance against the Packers, so I was happy when Steven L., owner of, posted this picture on my Facebook wall:

Ugh. How did I ever bet $440 on this guy?

Hunter posted this in our Packers-Bears game thread, which made me feel better about losing $440 on Jay “sand-in-the-vag” Cutler:

At first glance, it looks like the blond cheerleader’s hand is grabbing the mascot’s crotch, which would be awesome. I feel like America would really benefit from hot cheerleaders running around and touching guys’ wangs. All of our economic and political worries would quickly go away. But upon further inspection, it seems like the mascot is trying his best to hide his hard-on. And who could possibly blame him?

The South may produce the best football players, but here’s proof that they aren’t, as Emmitt Smith would say, the sharpest light bulbs in the toolshed:

So, the people at LSU want to take a shower at Penn State and then support Alabama? Why? Does Jerry Sandusky have some sort of magic touch that makes you switch allegiances?

My friends at Wonderlic sent me the results of Morris Claiborne’s exam, which he happened to score a 4 on. Here’s Page 1:

Those of you who have followed my preseason recaps may appreciate some of this officiating ineptness:

Speaking of crappy refs, e-mailer Joe B. sent me a hilarious e-mail about official Bill Hermansen, who was the one who lost control of the Baltimore-New England game:

Watching the Sunday night game now. When did Clint Eastwood become a referee? What division of college ball was he working before the lockout?

The similarities are uncanny. Take a look:

It makes me wonder if Hermansen is actually Eastwood researching a role for his next movie where he plays a replacement official going blind. That would explain all of the bad calls.

If you somehow missed it, the Packers intercepted a Russell Wilson Hail Mary. One ref ruled it a touchback, but the other one signaled touchdown. They then went to the replay, and it was ruled a score. They had to attempt an extra point, but the Packers already ran into the locker room in disgust. Here’s a picture:

Here were some of my Tweets after the Touchception happened (@walterfootball):

– @nflcommish doesn’t care about player safety or the integrity of the game unless it results in him getting sued. This is a joke.

– #Packers interception and #Seahawks offensive PI. And Seattle wins? Sportsbooks should refund all tickets.

– Fakest win ever, good job replacement officials and @nflcommish. What a joke.

– “Sacrifice these refs to the greater refs as tribute.” (Link from the forums)

– Oh, we got everything wrong in the last 2 minutes, but let’s make sure we get the final XP rule right!

– I cannot believe Mike McCarthy was that calm. I would have been throwing chairs at the reporters.

A guy in one of my leagues whose team name is Wooks, for some strange reason. What is “Wooks,” something short for Wookie? Why not just say “Wookie?” Anyway, he has a legitimate shot at 0-13. Look at what happened to his team in Week 1:

Danny Woodhead!? Who the hell owns Woodhead in a league, let alone starts him? And who was Wooks’ first-round pick, Roddy White? Jermichael Finley? David Akers? How can anyone assemble such a terrible team? Like it shouldn’t even be humanly possible.

You know, I always thought that Ron Rivera looked familiar… and then I re-watched some episodes of Battlestar Galactica, and I realized that he’s Commander Adama!

So say we all. So say we all.

So say we all! So say we all!


I’ve always thought it was silly that coaches hold clipboards up to their mouth so spies can’t figure out what they’re calling. It just seems kind of childish to me, but in the wake of Bill Belichick’s Spygate, I suppose it’s necessary.

Something that’s not necessary is something that Florida State does. I saw it on TV and took a picture:

These two idiots are holding up towels in front of the coach so no one can read his lips. I guess hiding himself behind the clipboard was too difficult; he had to assign two pathetic losers to do the job for him. What a joke.

QBDK was one of the scum (kidnapper) in the NFL Mafia game we ran in our Mafia Game section. One of his scum mates was Ray Lewis, the role-blocker. Lewis, as you know, is out for the year. This upset some people, including my (ex) girlfriend’s brother, as seen here:

E-mailer Brandon K. sent over this amusing picture:

A 130-yard penalty? Jesus, what did that Razorback player do, sleep with a 25-year-old assistant on the staff? Oh wait, that was someone else in the Arkansas football program.

I found three tweets pretty hilarious. I searched for “Aaron Hernandez” on Twitter this past Thursday to see if there would be indication as to whether he’d be playing or not, and I saw this tweet: “Girls shouldn’t be allowed to talk football on Twitter, I hate searching Aaron Hernandez then seeing ‘OMG AM GOING TO MARRY HIM ONE DAY’ lol.”

I dismissed that as someone being stupid, but I scrolled down and found this:

Well, at least Blaine Gabbert didn’t embarrass himself this past weekend. Speaking of Gabbert, forum member Descendency posted this funny picture regarding Gabbert and Bountygate:

I was stupid for not betting on the Raiders against the Falcons. After all, they nearly took what was theirs with fire and blood. Don’t believe me? Just look at this picture that e-mailer Shashank S. sent over:

There’s something really wrong with this New England team. The defense sucks, while Tom Brady doesn’t look right. And then there’s the coach, who was sporting this exquisite outfit against the Jets:

Belichick, if you’re going to wear a hoodie, at least keep the sleeves on. That way you won’t look like a homeless person who wandered onto the sidelines. And yes, Belichick, that’s why you collected $2.15 in change throughout the afternoon.

In consecutive weeks, the Bengals have dropped games to a quarterback in a diaper and then this guy (thanks, Ryan K.):

This might be the last time I rank the Seahawks in the top 10. A home loss to the Vikings would plummet them to the 16-20 range. So, with that being said, I have to include an amusing picture sent over by Travis J:

All Giant fans will undoubtedly love this image from Sunday’s victory over the pathetic Cowboys:

I’m dropping the Packers in my power rankings because of all their injuries. By the way, they shouldn’t trade for Steven Jackson or DeAngelo Williams. Yes, they need running back help, but they have bigger fish to fry in terms of their defense. They made Blaine Gabbert look like a semi-decent quarterback. Yes, this guy:

It’s time for some more ESPN bashing. E-mailer Kyle T. sent this hilarious screen shot of ESPN’s home page on Saturday evening:

Oops! Someone hit the upload button a bit prematurely.

I suppose I could use this space to criticize the lack of effort the Raiders gave against Baltimore. That was so unbelievably pathetic. I couldn’t believe what I was watching. Guys like Tommy Kelly and Philip Wheeler just gave up. Kelly, who should have been cut months ago, offered up this gem earlier this week:

Nice job, Tommy. Way to give yourself an excuse when the interior of New Orleans’ offensive line destroys you.

The Seahawks will just keep getting better as Russell Wilson gains more and more experience. He’s already superior than some veterans, including Christian Ponder, who made Seattle’s victory pretty easy with plays like this (thanks, Super Buggie):

No wonder the Vikings have been getting blown out lately. With Percy Harvin and Kyle Rudolph blanketed, Ponder hasn’t had anyone to throw the ball to.

How does one player have more turnovers than 31 other teams? Strange things have been happening this season. For example, the Chiefs scored a 12-point defensive touchdown against the Chargers, as pointed out to me by troller Victor V:

How do you score a touchdown on an interception for no gain anyway? That would mean that Philip Rivers threw a pick to someone in his own end zone.

From top 10 to bottom 10 in just four weeks. That has to be some sort of record. I can only imagine how upset Cardinal fans must be…

That Mexican man is so distraught that there are Cardinal logo tears coming out of his eyes!

ESPN also made a boo-boo. If you watched Monday Night Countdown, you may have heard Chris Berman apologize for something written on the left side of the screen. Here it is:

Whoever is responsible for that is my hero.

If you’re trying to build an NFL team, it’s probably a good idea not to emulate the Browns. @SaveOurChiefs posted this amusing picture on Twitter:

It really makes you wonder what Kansas City’s front office was thinking. “Oh, the Browns suck, but maybe if we take everyone they had and put them in Kansas City, maybe they’ll be better derrr!”

Why hasn’t Scott Pioli been fired already?

I also can’t see Foles losing the job this year unless he gets hurt. QB Dog Killer is done in Philadelphia. Speaking of him, I’ve called him by that moniker and QB Eagles No. 7 on this Web site over the past several years. Forum member McNulty came up with another nickname:

Mason Crosby is an issue though. Despite nailing the all-important spread-covering kick at the very end, he was very shaky throughout the Detroit game. I enjoyed the following meme I discovered Sunday night:

Seattle is coming off a bye, so I have to discuss former Seahawk Jerramy Stevens. If you haven’t heard, Stevens was arrested on suspicion for assaulting Hope Solo.

My first thought: Wow, I forgot Stevens even existed. He was a huge disappointment in the NFL.

My second thought: Why the hell is Hope Solo dating that loser? I posted this on the forum. Vitor answered:

This set up a classic burn moment:

Remember when an unnamed Jet player said Mark Sanchez should be the starter because Tim Tebow is “terrible?” Well, I wonder if he still feels the same way after watching this:

I also wonder how Matt Millen felt after seeing that. He must have gotten very excited and begun planning a special kielbasa party in Sanchez’s honor.

Me: OK, so, let’s look at the film…

Me: Rice’s knees were down behind the 35. The ball, meanwhile, is at his chest. So, you’re saying that it’s completely plausible that the length from his knees to his chest can be slightly longer than 1.5 yards or 4.5 feet? If Rice were eight feet tall, I could see it, but he’s only 5-8.

Gene Steratore: You make a great point, Walt. I’m not even going to challenge it.

Me: So, you admit that Rice didn’t get the first down?

Gene Steratore: Well, now I’m in a bind. It was a great play, so I don’t want to deny it. But you made a great point, and I don’t want to challenge that either.

Me: What? Can’t you just make a decision?

Gene Steratore: How am I supposed to make a decision under these circumstances!? There are so many great things going on at once!

This e-mail I received is crazy:

So, he’s been gambling since he was 9? I can only imagine a 9-year-old going up to a bookie and asking for Giants -2.5 for $100. What does a bookie even say to that? Does he accept his wager? And what if the bookie happens to be a major perv like Jerry Sandusky? That couldn’t possibly end well.

I receive lots of flak for my NFL Power Rankings, but at least I put some thought into it. ESPN does not, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. I saw the following tweet from @mikebeacom recently: “NFL power rankings should not rely so heavily on won-loss. Apparently ESPN disagrees.”

I clicked the link he provided and I was appalled. Take a look at a sample:

You’d think with all of ESPN resources and money, the “worldwide leader” could hire someone to create power rankings without ripping off’s standings page.

Want more crazy Buckeye stuff? OK. Look at what happens when Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer argues with an official:

That makes me miss Battlestar Galactica. Not that the Cylons shot lasers out of their eyes, but still. And why’d they have to cancel Caprica!? Why!?

I posted this two weeks ago:

Well, this isn’t exactly a video, but it’s the most completely useless Web site ever. It’s called Check it out and you’ll be amazed. I always look forward to Christmas, but this year is going to be extra special so I can see what this Web site looks like then.

So, what did it look like on Christmas? I saved a screenshot!

Not what I expected. I have no idea why there are random flags floating around the screen, but that’s cool.

Oh, and speaking of significant days in December, people seem to believe that the Mayans were wrong about Dec. 21 – even though the Mayans never predicted the end of the world in 2012 and instead projected some stuff to happen after the year 4000. But that didn’t stop some people from going nuts. Someone posted a fake link to NASA confirming two asteroids colliding near Earth.

I also loved this fake weather forecast I found on Facebook:

I was eager to hear the halftime segment of the Green Bay-Detroit game, by the way, because I was interested in seeing if Bob Costas was going to use another tragedy to promote more of his politics. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one:

Ignoring Tim Cowlishaw’s sand in the vag, I’m with @coachbaize. We should absolutely bad cars.

Cam Newton and the Panthers have improved tremendously. Just look at how futile their offense used to be:

The Packers would just win every game if they could just play Chicago each week. Just take a look at how pathetic the Bears are (courtesy of Beaver Damn Sports):

Giant fans need a good laugh after that disastrous Sunday, so here’s a hilarious picture that forum member CKane has in his signature:

Tony Romo, however, is having a great season. He’s so good, in fact, that there are two of him on the roster. Don’t believe me? Check out this SportsNation poll, posted by forum member WhatDoYouWant711:

According to the New York Post, the Jets were “shocked” at how poorly Tim Tebow played in practices soon after the team traded for him.

Wow. The Jets are idiots. Such idiots. Let’s use a meme to explain why:

I’m glad the Buccaneers are in my bottom 10 because that gives me a chance to share this e-mail I received from an angry Tampa Bay fan:

E-mailer Efren S. sent this confusing picture over:

So, I guess we now know why the Dolphins didn’t score a single point at Foxborough – it’s because they weren’t really there. They were at Green Bay and Dallas somehow.

There are some who say Robert Griffin isn’t that important to the Redskins, however. And by “some,” I mean ESPN’s Merril Hoge, who posted this completely asinine tweet Sunday night:

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Hoge recently awakened from a 20-year coma. It’s like he thinks this is 1990 and that running backs are more important than any other position.

The Ravens barely played any of their starters, so here’s some more Twitter fun. I posted this following the Cowboys-Redskins game:

Damn it, I meant to say “impending” dental bill because there’s no way that guy’s been to a dentist in decades. Oh well. Follow me @walterfootball.

The Lions haven’t made any moves with Jim Schwartz, so their fans should expect the same blunders next year. Perhaps this hilarious meme I found will cheer them up:

What forum member PiazzaJordan2 posted this past weekend:

I don’t understand how Christian Ponder didn’t play. It’d be one thing if he couldn’t even move his elbow, but he was shown throwing the ball around in warmups. I don’t get it. I’m with forum member Swag Dynasty, who had this to say:

I was pretty frustrated by the Saturday night game for two reasons. The first, I’ll discuss in the Green Bay capsule. The second was the fact that kickoff occurred prior to the conclusion of the Baltimore-Denver contest. I didn’t even know 49ers-Packers started. In fact, I missed the pick-six, and when I heard about it, I tweeted (@walterfootball):

Would it kill the NFL to wait? Or at least to space the games out in the future? Why not start the first one at 4:15 instead of 4:30? I don’t think anyone outside of Wisconsin and northern California was even aware that the second Saturday matchup had already begun until James Brown gave us a live update.

I understand that Raven fans were upset that I didn’t give their team much of a chance against the Broncos. One such person posted the following in my forum after the game:

Two funny things related to the Seahawks: The first is something e-mailer A.J. B. sent to me. It’s some troller who sounds an awful lot like Mario Migelini:

The second was a comment I found about Pete Carroll on I think I laughed for a good five minutes after reading it:

Speaking of Jim Harbaugh, I can’t wait for a gif of his freak-out upon hearing the official’s call after the replay review in the fourth quarter. Perhaps Harbaugh will find this amusing:

What happened to Tom Brady, by the way? He used to be so clutch. Ever since he married the Brazillian supermodel and started getting weird haircuts, he’s come up short in big moments. And check out what he looked like after Sunday’s loss (thanks to my ex-girlfriend Awesome Girl Who Loves Football for this):

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