NFL Hot Press: Fashanu Not Viewed As An Elite Tackle Prospect

Rolled Newspaper bearing title: "NFL HOT PRESS"

Since Penn State left tackle Olumuyiwa Fashanu decided to return for the 2023 season, there has been a lot of media hype that Fashanu is an elite left tackle prospect and a high first-round talent for the 2024 NFL Draft. Sources from multiple NFL teams, however, told they do not see Fashanu as that caliber of prospect. They all shared they think Fashanu is solid, but not elite, and see him being an appropriate value in the mid- to late portion of Round 1 of the 2024 NFL Draft. Many team sources compared Fashanu to former NFL tackle Russell Okung.

One AFC director of player personnel said:

“He’s not elite movement wise. He uses his size and length well. He’s efficient in pass pro, but I would like him to be more nasty, and he’s not consistent with his violence. He can play left tackle, but not an elite left tackle-type athlete. He’s not nearly as athletic as say a Penei Sewell.”

Along the same lines, an NFC director of player personnel shared:

“There is a hint of stiffness. He’s best in pass protection and the run blocking isn’t very good to me. Not real surge or push because he’s not violent and gets shed too frequently. A little more athletic flare than Okung, but they’re similar.”

The 6-foot-6, 321-pound Fashanu has excellent size to be a tackle in the NFL. He didn’t break into the starting lineup until his junior season in 2022. While Fashanu has been graded as a mid- to late first-rounder, he still has a shot at being a top-10 pick. The 2024 NFL Draft should feature a talented offensive line class, and how the prospects come off the board will depend on many factors.