Dallas Mavericks 2023 Season Forecast

Dallas Mavericks 2023 Forecast: Changes; Depth Chart; Strength & Weakness


  • Dereck Lively
  • Seth Curry
  • Grant Williams


  • None

Forecast Depth Chart:

  1. Luka Doncic | Jalen Hardy
  2. Kyrie Irving | Tim Hardaway | Seth Curry| Dante Exum
  3. Josh Green | Grant Williams
  4. Maxi Kleber | Markieff Morris | Derrick Jones Jr.
  5. Dwight Powell | Ricaun Holmes | Derek Lively
  • Sixth Man: Tim Hardaway
  • Third Big: Ricaun Holmes

Team Profile:

The West is stacked, and although Dallas has the No. 3 player in the NBA – Luka Doncic – and one more star – Kyrie Irving -, there are just not the pieces available for the team to be among the first or second tier in the conference. I love the addition of Grant Williams, who is a three-and-d stud, but there simply isn’t the increase in talent that there should have been. It also must be noted that if the Mavericks struggle, Irving will not be happy and Doncic may consider leaving sometime soon, although luckily he’s signed for awhile.

Player Profile:

Like I said, I’m a big fan of Williams. He could start at the three or the four, or play in the second unit, but his defense is vital as the Mavericks won’t get it from Irving or Doncic. Williams is also an elite shooter and is a bulldog who will really help this team.

Biggest Strength: Stars

Biggest Weakness: Depth

Record: 42-40, 10th in Western Conference