2016 NBA Free Agents

2016 NBA Free Agency: The unrestricted NBA free agents for 2016. Age listing as of Oct. 31, 2016.

By Mike Elworth.

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  1. Tayshaun Prince, Timberwolves, F. Age: 36. UFA.

    Prince is basically just a solid veteran locker room guy now, but the young Timberwolves would be smart to keep him. He could look for another ring, too.

  2. Kendrick Perkins, Pelicans, C. Age: 31. UFA.

    Perkins has no talent, but he is as physical as they come, defends and rebounds, and is a strong veteran for any locker room. He will sign on another playoff team; he did not like the Pelicans.

  3. Christian Wood, 76ers, PF. Age: 21.
    Signed with Hornets (2 seasons, minimum)

    Christian Wood was excellent as a rookie in his few minutes per 36 minutes, and the 76ers will likely re-sign him.

  4. Lou Amundson, Knicks, PF/C. Age: 33. UFA.

    Amundson is tall, rebounds and defends, so some team is going to sign him.

  5. Wayne Ellington, Nets, SG. Age: 28.
    Signed with Heat (2 seasons, $12 million)

    Ellington is strong from three, but coming off a poor season he should play for his option.

  6. Jordan Farmar, Grizzlies, PG. Age: 29. UFA.

    Farmar is a decent shooter, defender, scorer and distributor, but he hasn’t played much in the NBA in two years – has played internationally. He will give you solid numbers when he plays, but he’s a mediocre second point guard.

  7. Chase Budinger, Suns, SF. Age: 28. UFA.

    Budinger is a scorer and is athletic, but he is just a mediocre bench player.

  8. Robert Sacre, Lakers, C. Age: 27. UFA.

    Sacre is a solid rebounder, plays hard and is a fun locker room guy, but his talent and production are minimal.

  9. Ryan Kelly, Lakers, PF. Age: 25. UFA.

    Kelly came into the league as a shooting big man, but he is just a mediocre shooter, and at basically 7-foot, is a less-than-mediocre rebounder and shot-blocker.

  10. Jeff Ayres, Clippers, PF/C. Age: 29. UFA.

    Ayres is a bruiser and rebounder for the bench to give six fouls a game and play hard.

  11. Nazr Muhammad, Thunder, C. Age: 39. UFA.

    Nazr will re-sign with the Thunder, another contender or retire. He is still physical and plays hard, but he can’t give a team too much.

  12. Elton Brand, 76ers, PF/C. Age: 37. UFA.

    I expect Brand to retire and take a role with the 76ers’ organization, but he could play one more season for them.

  13. Steve Blake, Pistons, PG. Age: 36. UFA.

    Blake is an efficient distributor and hits threes, so he is still an NBA player at 36, but his best role is only 10 minutes off the bench. Blake fit the Pistons, so re-signing him would be alright.

  14. Matt Bonner, Spurs, PF. Age: 36. UFA.

    Matt Bonner is an excellent big man shooter who fits the Spurs. They will re-sign him or he will likely retire.

  15. Ryan Hollins, Grizzlies, C. Age: 32. UFA.

    Hollins was cut by the Grizzlies three times and the Wizards once this season, which is embarrassing, but in the 37 games he did play, he was his usual solid rebounder, efficient scorer and capable shot-blocker. Hollins should be on a team next season.

  16. Sasha Vujacic, Knicks, SG. Age: 32.
    Re-signed with the Knicks (1 season, minimum)

    Vujacic didn’t play in this league for most of two years and was a less-than-average role player for the Knicks this season. He is a solid shooter, play-maker and rebounder, but he just isn’t an efficient scorer; regardless, if he wants to stay in the NBA, somebody will probably sign him.

  17. Sergey Karasev, Nets, G/F. Age: 23.
    Signed with a Russian team

    Karasev has had problems with three-pointers in his first two seasons, but he is very efficient with two-pointers and is a play-maker. Karasev is still young and talented, so somebody will sign him.

  18. James Anderson, Kings, SG. Age: 27. UFA.

    Anderson was drafted as a scorer, but he has trouble scoring in his five seasons. Anderson had one solid season with Philadelphia, and if I were him, I would try to sign there again.

  19. Dahntay Jones, Cavaliers, SG. Age: 35. UFA.

    The guy on the Cavaliers who hit Biyombo in the balls in the playoffs, Jones wasn’t on an NBA team for most of the season, but the Cavaliers have a very tight locker room and I see them keeping him. Jones hits threes and defends, which is what the Cavaliers want on the bench.

  20. P.J. Hairston, Grizzlies, SG. Age: 23. RFA.

    Hairston is a talented player, but he has some character concerns and hasn’t played well in his two seasons. Somebody is likely to take a chance on him, and he played excellent ball in the D-League when he was a rookie, so there is talent for a team to develop.

  21. Metta World Peace, Lakers, F. Age: 36. UFA.

    Metta World Peace of the Key and Peele show or Ron Artest, former rapper and Detroit boxer, has had a weird career. Now? He has played 64 games in three years, and although he can still defend and hit a three, I have no clue what’s next for him.

  22. Cleanthony Early, Knicks, SF. Age: 25. RFA.

    In his two seasons in the NBA, Early has only played about half a season of games and just 14 minutes a game, but he hasn’t shown much. He was excellent in the D-League though. Early is talented, so I see the Knicks keeping him for the minimum.

  23. Markel Brown, Nets, SG. Age: 24. RFA.

    Brown isn’t much of a scorer, but he defends, is a strong rebounder for a guard and is a play-maker at the two. Brown has value, but a guard who cannot shoot isn’t attractive.

  24. Eric Moreland, Kings, PF. Age: 24. RFA.

    In two seasons, Moreland has played just 11 games, but he was a beast in the D-League, averaging 12 points and 13 rebounds a game. Sacramento should keep him.

  25. Jorge Gutierrez, Hornets, G. Age: 27. RFA.

    There are few players who have played more D-League games than Gutierrez, who has just 47 NBA games played in three seasons, but in 12 games this season, he actually played really well. I’d re-sign him.

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