2016 NBA Free Agents

2016 NBA Free Agency: The unrestricted NBA free agents for 2016. Age listing as of Oct. 31, 2016.

By Mike Elworth.

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  1. Mario Chalmers, Grizzlies, PG. Age: 30. UFA.

    Mario Chalmers was traded to the Grizzlies from the Heat just a couple weeks into the season and was one of the best sixth men in the league, giving the Grizzlies strong scoring and play-making. Chalmers was looking at a big payday, but he tore his Achilles mid-season and will likely miss part of next season, meaning a 1-year contract with Memphis is probably best for him and the team.

  2. Courtney Lee, Hornets, SG. Age: 31.
    Signed with the Knicks (4 seasons, $48 million)

    Courtney Lee has played on six teams in eight seasons, but he is starting on a playoff team, and is a strong shooter and defender who is also an excellent role player. He’s a nice fit on Charlotte, which traded for him mid-season, but there are a number of teams that will be calling.

  3. Jeff Green, Clippers, F. Age: 30.
    Signed with the Magic (1 season, $15 million)

    Jeff Green is an excellent scorer when given a role, but was just a role player for the Clippers this season after being traded from the Grizzlies. At this point, Green is just an athletic forward who can really score, but he should be looking for a larger role as a free agent. He is one of the biggest buy-low candidates of the offseason.

  4. Allen Crabbe, Trail Blazers, G/F. Age: 24.
    Re-signed with the Trail Blazers (4 seasons, $75 million)

    One of numerous Trail Blazers who had a bigger season than expected, Crabbe really found a niche as a scoring sixth man. He is an elite shooter who can become one of the best sixth men in the NBA. I don’t expect him to not be with Portland next season.

  5. Seth Curry, Kings, G. Age: 26.
    Signed with the Mavericks (2 seasons, $6 million)

    The little brother of Stephen Curry had an excellent first season in the NBA when given minutes. Seth Curry is one of the best shooters in the league, like his brother and per minute, averaged starter numbers. To show that he is more than just a solid role player – averaged just 15.7 minutes a game -, he averaged 15 points and six assists in 34 minutes in games 78-82, and had a 20-point, 15-assist game, too. Curry will become a free agent and sign a larger contract with some team.

  6. Trevor Booker, Jazz, PF. Age: 28.
    Signed with the Nets (2 seasons, $18 million)

    Trevor Booker is a very talented third big man who will fight for rebounds and is a capable scorer. He is a strong veteran for any bench, and I can see the Jazz or a number of contenders signing him.

  7. Tyler Zeller, Celtics, C. Age: 26.
    Re-signed with the Celics (2 seasons, $16 million)

    Tyler Zeller needs to be on another team, because he just isn’t needed on the Celtics, but he can start for a number of teams or be an elite third big man. Per 36 minutes, he averaged an excellent 18 points and nine rebounds a game, but played just 12 minutes a game for the Celtics in his fourth season.

  8. David Lee, Mavericks, PF. Age: 33.
    Signed with the Spurs (2 seasons, $3.2 million)

    David Lee might not be a star, but he can still start and still produces big numbers; about 17 points and 12 rebounds per 36 minutes. The Mavericks want to win, and I see them keeping Lee to be their third big man.

  9. Joe Johnson, Heat, G/F. Age: 35.
    Signed with the Jazz (2 seasons, $22 million)

    Joe Johnson isn’t the player he was; I mean he actually kind of sucks now after being a star for a decade. But, he is still a shooter and scorer and a strong play-maker who can come off the bench for any contender in the NBA.

  10. Maurice Harkless, Trail Blazers, F. Age: 23.
    Re-signed with the Trail Blazers (4 seasons, $40 million)

    Harkless is another random Trail Blazer with a nice season, but he is an athletic forward who is a strong scorer and rebounder with a lot of potential to continue to improve. The Trail Blazers need to keep all their young talent together.

  11. Matthew Dellavedova, Cavaliers, PG. Age: 26.
    Signed with the Bucks (4 seasons, $38 million)

    The Australian Bulldog is arguably the most popular mediocre NBA player. With his tenacious play and his ridiculous stretch in the playoffs for the Cavaliers one year ago, he became a Cleveland hero. Dellavedova is an excellent role player, mainly because he is elite in two regards; defense and shooting, with the strong ability to score the ball and run an offense. He made about $1 million this season, but that number will go to about $7 million as he deserves to be paid like one of the best reserve guards in the league, which he is.

  12. Ish Smith, 76ers, G. Age: 28.
    Signed with the Pistons (3 seasons, $18 million)

    Ish Smith should be one of the league’s elite sixth men; his problem is that he is the starting point guard for the 76ers. I see Philadelphia re-signing him, as the club doesn’t have anything at the position and he is an very talented scorer. The 76ers should sign him to be a starter now, while drafting somebody to be their franchise point guard with one of their three first-rounders.

  13. Marcus Thornton, Wizards, G. Age: 29.
    Re-signed with the Wizards (1 season, minimum)

    Marcus Thornton has one skill, scoring the basketball. Yes, he isn’t efficient, but off the bench, there are few stronger scorers; he averaged 19.5 points per 36 minutes this season, which is normal for him. Some team will sign him to be their sixth man.

  14. Greivis Vasquez, Bucks, PG. Age: 29.
    Signed with the Nets (1 season, $4.3 million)

    Greivis Vasquez is another of the elite reserve guards in the NBA, and he could actually start for a few teams. Vasquez started for a season or so a few years ago, but as a third guard and second distributor, you cannot find many stronger than Vasquez. He is one of the best distributors in the NBA, which is his best talent, but he has also become a strong shooter, and at 6-foot-6, he has the size to play with any second guard. Vasquez missed most of the season to injury and is an efficient scorer, but there should be 30 NBA teams who want him.

  15. Mo Williams, Cavaliers, PG. Age: 33. Player Option.

    Mo Williams is starting to get elderly, but he is still one of the best sixth men in the league. Dellavedova stole his third guard role; however, Williams still averaged 16 points and almost five assists per 36 minutes, and is an efficient scorer and distributor. I don’t think the Cavaliers can afford Dellavedova, so I see LeBron James’ friend re-signing with them.

  16. O.J. Mayo, Bucks, G. Age: 28.
    Banned for two years

    Mayo missed half the season to injury and did not play well when he actually played, but he is a natural shooter and scorer with play-maker ability who still has 4-5 seasons of being an excellent sixth man in this league. Mayo’s another solid buy-low candidate.

  17. J.R. Smith, Cavaliers, SG. Age: 31. UFA.

    J.R. Smith may have character concerns, and he shoots too much, but the guy is one of the most talented scorers in the NBA – an elite shooter – and he has played well for Cleveland. If the Cavaliers can afford him, they will re-sign him.

  18. Jerryd Bayless, Bucks, PG. Age: 28.
    Signed with 76ers (3 seasons, $27 million)

    Jerryd Bayless is another excellent second-unit guard and was one of the best shooters in the NBA for the season. He is a shooter, scorer and play-maker who deserves more than the $3 million he just made. I could see Bayless starting for a few teams, too.

  19. Amar’e Stoudemire, Heat PF/C. Age: 33.
    Retired from NBA

    A’mare Stoudemire isn’t and probably won’t be truly healthy again, and although he is only 33, he was in the NBA at 18 and has been in the league for 13 seasons. Stoudemire was an athletic beast but has lost his athleticism. Yet, when he plays, he is still excellent, and if you need a big man for 20 minutes a game, there isn’t one on the free agent market this offseason you would want more than him.

  20. Dion Waiters, Thunder, G. Age: 24.
    Signed with Heat (2 seasons, $6 million)

    I still think that Dion Waiters can be an excellent sixth man or a solid starting two-guard; when he was drafted fourth, he was considered a stud prospect, but he is a scorer who is basically a mediocre shot-maker today. He can create his own offense, but not for teammates, and is a mediocre shooter who is a low-efficiency scorer. There really isn’t one part of his game where he thrives. His potential says he should be in the first 50 easily, but I wouldn’t want him on my team.

  21. Ty Lawson, Pacers, PG. Age: 28. UFA.

    In about a year, Lawson went from a star and franchise player of the Nuggets to going to rehab, being on his third team in said time and becoming a role player; it’s a shame, but he is playing very well. Lawson seemed to have issues he needed to fix. and I haven’t heard anything about him in Indiana, which is nice, so maybe he changed. Lawson had trouble scoring the ball this season, but he has played excellently in April, and maybe he is becoming himself again. Lawson should re-sign with the Pacers, but I could see a team trying and make him their starter. My third buy-low candidate.

  22. Josh Smith, Rockets, PF. Age: 30. UFA.

    The team which signs Smith should fine him for taking threes as he’s been pathetic for a decade and keeps taking at least two a game, but there are few players with his versatility. Per minute, his scoring, rebounding, distributing and defensive numbers are all excellent. If Darryl Morey isn’t fired, I expect them to keep him, and as he is still being paid about $5 million a season from Detroit, which cut him, he will come cheap, too.

  23. Leandro Barbosa, Warriors, G. Age: 33.
    Signed with the Suns (2 seasons, $8 million)

    Leandro Barbosa is one of the best sixth men of my lifetime and just keeps making baskets. He still has the excellent speed that made him elite with Phoenix, and if you want a veteran sixth man to give you speed and scoring in the second unit, sign Barbosa. However, I doubt Golden State let’s him walk.

  24. Jared Dudley, Wizards, F. Age: 31.
    Signed with the Suns (3 season, $30 million)

    Jared Dudley is one of the NBA’s best shooters, a strong rebounder and he defends. Basically, Dudley is a rock-solid perimeter guy to bring off the bench for 25 minutes. He can help any team off the bench.

  25. Terrence Jones, rockets, PF. Age: 24.
    Signed with Pelicans (1 season, minimum)

    Terrence Jones had a smaller role and had injury problems this season, but he’s a very solid starting power forward who defends, can rebound, shoot and score. I see Houston letting him walk if he gets any real money from another franchise.

  26. Brandon Bass, Lakers, PF/C. Age: 30.
    Signed with the Clippers (1 season, minimum)

    If you want a solid third big man in free agency for a smallish price, you should sign Bass, who is likely to not play on his Lakers’ option. He went from starting on a playoff team to playing off the bench for the league’s second-most pathetic team, and I see him looking for a role like he had with the Celtics. I see the Warriors as a strong option.

  27. Tyler Johnson, Heat, G. Age: 24.
    Re-signed with the Heat (4 seasons, $50 million)

    Tyler Johnson had a really nice season for the Heat as their sixth man, showing that he can a big-time shooter and scorer off their bench as well as a play-maker. Johnson only played half the season, but Miami is likely to keep him.

  28. Boban Marjanovic, Spurs, C. Age: 28.
    Signed with Pistons (3 seasons, $21 million)

    Per minute, there was not a stronger bench player in the league ,and there were only a few players who rivaled his 27.77 PER. The tallest player in the NBA averaged 21 points, 13.7 rebounds and 1.6 blocks per 36 minutes as a rookie, shooting 60 percent from the field. There is no chance the Spurs will let him go, as he can be a starter when Tim Duncan retires.

  29. Jon Leuer, Suns, PF. Age: 26.
    Signed with Pistons (4 seasons, $42 million)

    There are few shooting big men in the NBA that are more talented than Jon Leuer, and in a league that loves shooting bigs, Leuer is going to get paid this offseason. He is still young, averaged 19-11 per 36 minutes and shot almost 40 percent from three. The rebounding numbers are important, as many similar big men are mediocre rebounders.

  30. D.J. Augustin, Nuggets, PG. Age: 28.
    Signed with Magic (4 seasons, $29 million)

    I am a big fan of D.J. Augustin, one of the best reserve point guards in the league. He averaged more than 14 points and 6 assists per 36 minutes this season and shot 40 percent from three. He is scorer first, but is a strong distributor too and any team could use his talents.

  31. Mirza Teletovic, Suns, PF. Age: 29.
    Signed with Bucks (3 seasons, $30 million)

    Like Jon Leuer, Teletovic is another elite shooting big man on the Suns who is likely to get paid. However, he is basically just that, a shooting big man, which is a valuable skill, but he’s just a role player.

  32. Donatas Motiejunas, Rockets, PF/C. Age: 25. RFA.

    Motiejunas would be best as a third big man, as he can play the four and five, and is a solid scorer and rebounder. He can also shoot the ball, although he needs to improve. He’s a buy-low candidate because of his team’s problems and injuries, and I can see him becoming a true starting NBA big man. I doubt his team would match a contract at $6-$8 million a season.

  33. Ramon Sessions, Wizards, PG. Age: 30.
    Signed with Hornets (2 seasons, $12.5 million)

    Sessions is one of the best pure reserve point guards in the NBA, capable of giving you big scoring or assist numbers in a game- especially the latter. I expect him to join another team in his normal bench role. He is one of the least appreciated point guards in the game.

  34. Lance Stephenson, Grizzlies, G/F. Age: 25. Team Option.

    Based on talent, Stephenson would be among the 30-best free agents, but with his character and his playing style are nearly impossible to fit into most offenses – ball-dominant, selfish and a poor shooter with too many dumb shots. Somehow though, it seems that he found a home with the Grizzlies. I doubt they will pay him his $9 million option, but they should re-sign him.

  35. E’Twaun Moore, Bulls, G/F. Age: 27.
    Signed with Pelicans (4 seasons, $34 million)

    Living in Chicago I can tell you Moore deserves to be one of the first 90 players, as he had very big season for the Bulls, giving them a solid starter and excellent sixth man- depending on injuries. He can play the point, the two, is an elite three point shooter and can defend all guards and some threes. The Bulls should re-sign him and he will make a lot more than the $1 million he just made.

  36. Cole Aldrich, Clippers, C. Age: 27.
    Signed with Timberwolves (3 seasons, $22 million)

    Aldrich is one of the best players that most don’t know about. He has become one of the best reserve centers, who, per minute, has elite rebounding and shot-blocking numbers. He can score the ball and hits his free throws. There is no chance he isn’t with the Clippers on their option.

  37. Randy Foye, Thunder, G. Age: 33.
    Signed with Nets (1 season, $2.5 million)

    Foye is a sixth man who had a poor season with the Nuggets and Thunder, but he is a solid shooter and scorer with play-making ability. Expect him to sign with another contender; re-signing makes sense.

  38. Solomon Hill, Pacers, F. Age: 25.
    Signed with Pelicans (4 seasons, $52 million)

    Hill went from few minutes to playing big minutes in the playoffs for the Pacers, so he could be re-signed, although I doubt it, as they didn’t give him his fourth-season option. That shouldn’t happen for a talented young player. He is a defender who can guard multiple positons, and although he can score and shoot, defense is his game.

  39. J.J. Hickson, Wizards, PF/C. Age: 27. UFA.

    Hickson can play the four and five, is a strong rebounder and a capable scorer. He could a team a lot of double-doubles off the bench.

  40. Quincy Acy, Kings, F. Age: 26.
    Signed with Mavericks (2 seasons, minimum)

    Acy is an efficient shooter and scorer who is physical and athletic, plus can play two positions and contribute as an excellent rebounder. He is a pitbull to bring off the bench, but has skill and is improving.

  41. Matt Barnes, Grizzlies, SF. Age: 36.
    Signed with Kings (2 seasons, $12 million)

    Matt Barnes played well for the Grizzlies after being traded from the Clippers, but the Grizzlies were so hurt they needed people to score, so the normally three-and-d bench guy played a big role. However, he is 36 and should continue to be mostly a defender and tough guy off the bench.

  42. James Johnson, Raptors, F. Age: 29.
    Signed with Heat (1 season, $4 million)

    Johnson is a forward- can play the three or four- who is an athletic defender and can also shoot from three. He is a solid defensive role player.

  43. Brandon Rush, Warriors, G/F. Age: 30.
    Signed with Timberwolves (1 season, $3.5 million)

    Rush is one of the NBA’s best shooters and a cheap role player. I see the Warriors re-signing him to be their 10th man and a shooter off the bench. If looking for a bigger role, he could help a number of teams.

  44. Kevin Seraphin, Knicks, C. Age: 26. UFA.

    I wonder why Kevin Seraphin hasn’t become more than a fourth or fifth big man in this league, as he is a talent. He is an excellent shot-blocker, a solid rebounder with size and, although he isn’t much on offense, he could really help a team off the bench.

  45. Miles Plumlee, Bucks, C. Age: 27.
    Re-signed with Bucks (4 seasons, $52 million)

    Plumlee is a monster athlete who has started in this league, but played for three teams in four seasons. Regardless, he is a 10-point, 10-rebound and 2-block a game center when he gets minutes, and although he won’t play much if signed by the Bucks, any team needing an athletic big man should try to sign him.

  46. Andrew Nicholson, Magic, PF. Age: 26.
    Signed with the Wizards (4 seasons, $26 million)

    Nicholson is a talented and efficient scoring big man and is a relatively strong shooter. Somebody will sign him to be a shooter off the bench, but probably not the team who picked him.

  47. Alan Anderson, Clippers, G/F. Age: 34.
    Signed with Clippers (1 season, minimum)

    Anderson is a low efficiency shooter and scorer, but a decent veteran to bring off the bench, get you some points and play two positions.

  48. Jason Thompson, Raptors, PF/C. Age: 29. UFA.

    Thompson can play two positions, shoot from three and is a decent third or fourth big man. He’s not a shot-blocker, but he is a capable role player.

  49. Andera Bargnani, Nets, PF/C. Age: 31.
    Not in NBA

    Now at 30, Andrea Bargnani is who he is, a talented shooter and scorer with elite size. Any team needing a big man to give them offense should give him a call as a free agent.

  50. Thomas Robinson, Nets, PF. Age: 25. Player Option.

    Robinson, if given a role, will be a double-double big man and can be an excellent third big man. He is a talented rebounder, and he has talent on offense, and although he won’t become the player expected when picked fifth in his draft, he is a strong NBA role player. Robinson will likely become a free agent.

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