2010 NFL Free Agents: Cornerbacks

2010 NFL Free Agency: Star rating is out of five. Age listing as of Sept. 1, 2010.

  1. Leigh Bodden, CB, Patriots. Age: 28.
    Re-signed with Patriots (5 years, $28.5 million; $10 million guaranteed)

    What I wrote last year: "One of the top press corners in the NFL, Leigh Bodden struggled last year because Matt Millen foolishly decided that Bodden could play in a zone scheme. Chad Ochocinco recently called Bodden the top corner in the NFL." Well, Bodden just had an amazing season and should be awarded with a massive contract.

  2. Tramon Williams (ERFA), CB, Packers. Age: 27.
    Re-signed with Packers (1 year, $3.1 million)

    The Packers lost nothing when Al Harris went down because Tramon Williams was great toward the end of the season.

  3. Richard Marshall (RFA), CB, Panthers. Age: 25.
    Re-signed with Panthers (1 year, $1.7 million)

    Richard Marshall had a very good season for the Panthers and is only 25. He'll be retained for a high tender.

  4. Dunta Robinson, CB, Texans. Age: 28.
    Signed with Falcons (6 years, $57 million; $25.5 million guaranteed)

    Dunta Robinson is a solid No. 1 corner, but has an extensive injury history. Signing him to a long-term deal would be risky.

  5. Carlos Rogers (RFA), CB, Redskins. Age: 29.
    Re-signed with Redskins (1 year, $1.5 million)

    Carlos Rogers is a decent starting corner, but at one point was benched during the 2009 season.

  6. Phillip Buchanon, CB, Lions. Age: 29.
    Signed with Redskins (1 year, $1.5 million)

    Phillip Buchanon is a solid corner, but struggled last year. You can attribute that to Detroit's anemic pass rush. Buchanon is worth signing as a sound No. 2 corner.

  7. Ellis Hobbs (RFA), CB, Eagles. Age: 27.
    Re-signed with Eagles (1 year, $2.8 million)

    A solid nickel and an effective kick-returner, Ellis Hobbs played in only eight games next year because of a neck injury.

  8. Brent Grimes (ERFA), CB, Falcons. Age: 27.
    Re-signed with Falcons

    Brent Grimes played well down the stretch, but I wouldn't feel comfortable with him starting 16 games.

  9. Rod Hood, CB, Titans. Age: 28.
    Re-signed with Titans

    Jeff Fisher made a big mistake playing Nick Harper over Rod Hood toward the end of the 2009 season. Philip Rivers torched Harper on Christmas. Hood, meanwhile, played well when he was given the chance to start.

  10. Brian Williams, CB, Falcons. Age: 31.
    Re-signed with Falcons (1 year)

    Brian Williams would be ranked a lot higher if he weren't coming off an ACL tear. At 31, that'll be tough to come back from.

  11. Nate Jones, CB, Dolphins. Age: 28.
    Signed with Broncos (4 years, $13.6 million)

    Played well as a nickel corner in 2009. Because no CBA has been reached, Nate Jones is one of the top unrestricted corners on the market.

  12. Benny Sapp, CB, Vikings. Age: 29.
    Re-signed with Vikings (2 years)

    A decent nickel corner, Benny Sapp played relatively well when he was asked to start last year.

  13. Will Blackmon, CB/PR, Packers. Age: 25.
    Will Blackmon is a talented punt returner, but tore his ACL in October. There's no telling how he'll come back from that.

  14. Will James, CB, Lions. Age: 31.
    Signed with 49ers (1 year)

    Will James was burnt often in 2009, but part of that was because the Lions couldn't get any pressure on the quarterback.

  15. Marlin Jackson (RFA), CB, Colts. Age: 27.
    Signed with Eagles (2 years)

    Marlin Jackson missed nine games in 2008 because of a torn right ACL. He missed 12 games this season because of a torn left ACL. Jackson is a talented corner, but he just can't stay healthy.

  16. Elbert Mack (ERFA), CB, Buccaneers. Age: 24.
    Re-signed with Buccaneers

    A decent nickel corner, but that's all he is.

  17. Fabian Washington (RFA), CB, Ravens. Age: 27.
    Re-signed with Ravens (1 year, $1.8 million)

    Already a poor tackler, Fabian Washington is coming off a torn ACL.

  18. Lito Sheppard, CB, Jets. Age: 29.
    Signed with Vikings (1 year, $2 million)

    Lito Sheppard makes plays, but gets burnt in coverage more frequently. He can't be a starter anymore.

  19. Shawn Springs, CB, Patriots. Age: 35.
    Just a nickel corner at this stage of his career.

  20. Fred Smoot, CB, Redskins. Age: 31.
    Fred Smoot can be a quality reserve/nickel corner somewhere, but that's about it.

  21. Anthony Henry, CB, Lions. Age: 33.
    Not a starter anymore, but offers some value as an experienced backup.

  22. Ken Lucas, CB, Seahawks. Age: 31.
    It didn't help that the Seahawks couldn't pressure the quarterback, but Ken Lucas couldn't cover anyone.

  23. Pacman Jones, CB, Cowboys. Age: 26.
    Signed with Bengals (2 years)

    Everyone knows the Pacman's story. GMs, be warned. In four years, Pacman will ruin Eric Mangini's birthday party by throwing arcade tokens in the air, causing one to hit Mangini in the eye.

  24. Justin Miller, CB, Jets. Age: 26.
    Signed with Cardinals (1 year)

    Not much of a cornerback, but Justin Miller had two kickoff returns for touchdowns in seven games with Oakland in 2008.

  25. Frank Walker, CB, Ravens. Age: 29.
  26. Tye Hill, CB, Titans. Age: 28.
  27. Tim Jennings (RFA), CB, Colts. Age: 26. -- Signed with Bears (2 years)
  28. Karl Paymah, CB, 49ers. Age: 27. -- Signed with Texans
  29. Nathan Vasher, CB, Chargers. Age: 28. -- Signed with Lions
  30. Deshea Townsend, CB, Steelers. Age: 34. -- Signed with Colts
  31. Ty Law, CB, Broncos. Age: 36.
  32. Nick Harper, CB, Titans. Age: 35.
  33. Quincy Butler (ERFA), CB, Rams. Age: 28. -- Re-signed with Rams (1 year, $470,000)
  34. Jonathan Wade (RFA), CB, Rams. Age: 26. -- Signed with Lions
  35. Ashton Youboty (RFA), CB, Bills. Age: 26. -- Re-signed with Bills (1 year, $1.1 million)
  36. David Jones (RFA), CB, Bengals. Age: 25. -- Re-signed with Bengals (1 year, $1.1 million)
  37. William Gay (RFA), CB, Steelers. Age: 25. -- Re-signed with Steelers (1 year, $1.1 million)
  38. Maurice Leggett (ERFA), CB, Chiefs. Age: 23. -- Re-signed with Chiefs
  39. Stanford Routt (RFA), CB, Raiders. Age: 27. -- Re-signed with Raiders (1 year, $3.2 million)
  40. Leigh Torrence (RFA), CB, Saints. Age: 28. -- Re-signed with Saints (1 year)
  41. Kevin Dockery (RFA), CB, Giants. Age: 26. -- Signed with Rams
  42. T.J. Rushing (RFA), PR, Lions. Age: 27.
  43. Michael Adams (ERFA), CB, Cardinals. Age: 25. -- Re-signed with Cardinals (1 year)
  44. Drew Coleman (RFA), CB, Jets. Age: 27. -- Re-signed with Jets (1 year, $1.6 million)
  45. Kevin Hobbs, CB, Lions. Age: 27.
  46. Marcus Hudson (RFA), CB, 49ers. Age: 27. -- Signed with Panthers
  47. Donald Strickland, CB, Jets. Age: 29. -- Signed with Chargers (2 years)
  48. Keiwan Ratliff, CB, Bengals. Age: 29.
  49. Torrie Cox, CB, Buccaneers. Age: 29.
  50. DeAngelo Smith (ERFA), CB, Lions. Age: 24. -- Re-signed with Lions (1 year)
  51. Nick Graham (RFA), CB, Colts. Age: 26.
  52. Samari Rolle, CB, Ravens. Age: 34.

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