2008 Fantasy Football – Real PPR League Draft

Quarterbacks Running Backs Wide Receivers Tight Ends Kickers Defenses Top 150 Sleepers Busts

This is a real draft for one of my leagues that took place on AUG. 17, 2008, and uses PPR scoring.

Instead of QB,RB,RB,WR,WR,WR,TE,K,D format, this league has the following setup: QB,RB,RB,WR,WR,RB/WR,TE,K,D. So, if you’re wondering why I took three running backs in a row, now you know why.


(1) The Dead Rabbits – LaDainian Tomlinson, RB, Chargers
(2) Stump Squad – Brian Westbrook, RB, Eagles
(3) The Great Eight – Steven Jackson, RB, Rams
(4) The Injured Reserve – Frank Gore, RB, 49ers
(5) Project Mayhem – Tom Brady, QB, Patriots
(6) The Man-Eaters – Joseph Addai, RB, Colts
(7) WalterFootball.com
– Adrian Peterson, RB, Vikings
(8) Purvis – Randy Moss, WR, Patriots
(9) Ram Rod – Marshawn Lynch, RB, Patriots
(10) The Body Burners – Marion Barber, RB, Cowboys
(11) Bangarang – Peyton Manning, QB, Colts
(12) Filipino Thunder – Clinton Portis, RB, Redskins

ANALYSIS: I’m not going to trash anyone’s pick because I don’t want the Fantasy Gods smiting me. Instead, I’ll praise the two top picks and discuss my selection each round.

MY PICK: I was happy to get the seventh choice. I figured I’d land Joseph Addai, Steven Jackson or Frank Gore (a beast in PPR leagues). I didn’t want the No. 3 pick because I didn’t want Adrian Peterson. Check out my 2008 Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings to see why.

The six picks flew off the board rather quickly. I was typing up everyone’s choice, so when it was my turn, it took me five minutes to realize what happened. Peterson fell to me at No. 7! What the…? Did everyone read my Web site and develop an aversion toward Peterson? Unbelievable. I considered Randy Moss for a second, but stayed true to my rankings. In my 2008 Fantasy Football Top 150 PPR Rankings I have Peterson rated over Moss.

Though I felt like continuously bashing my mouse into my skull, I announced that I was taking Peterson.

BEST PICK NO. 1: As previously mentioned, Frank Gore is a beast in PPR leagues. With Mike Martz calling the shots, Gore will catch about 70 passes. This will be at the expense of J.T. O’Sullivan, who will be sacked 50 times per game, but I don’t think Injured Reserve will care about that too much.

BEST PICK NO. 2: Brian Westbrook over Adrian Peterson? In PPR leagues, without a doubt. I would have made the same choice.


(12) Filipino Thunder – Reggie Wayne, WR, Colts
(11) Bangarang – Braylon Edwards, WR, Browns
(10) The Body Burners – Andre Johnson, WR, Texans
(9) Ram Rod – Terrell Owens, WR, Cowboys
(8) Purvis – Larry Johnson, RB, Chiefs
(7) WalterFootball.com
– Ryan Grant, RB, Packers
(6) The Man-Eaters – Marques Colston, WR, Saints
(5) Project Mayhem – Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Cardinals
(4) The Injured Reserve – T.J. Houshmandzadeh, WR, Bengals
(3) The Great Eight – Maurice Jones-Drew, RB, Jaguars
(2) Stump Squad – Tony Romo, QB, Cowboys
(1) The Dead Rabbits – Wes Welker, WR, Patriots

MY PICK: I’ve preached about the perils of going back-to-back running backs with the receivers being extra thin this year. But in this league, we’re forced to start just two wideouts, so RB/RB is definitely the way to go as long as you’re not giving up huge value. Plus, Ryan Grant was the best player available.

BEST PICK NO. 1: I love Andre Johnson this year, so I have to give The Body Burners credit for choosing him in the early stages of Round 2. If we had to start three receivers in this league, I would have been really pissed that Johnson was taken off the board.

BEST PICK NO. 2: The Injured Reserve admitted after the draft that he had a difficult time choosing between Chad Ocho Cinco and T.J. Houshmandzadeh. Lucky that he didn’t take the wideout who injured his shoulder that very night! Actually, Houshmandzadeh is better value in PPR leagues because of his insanely high reception totals.


(1) The Dead Rabbits – Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Steelers
(2) Stump Squad – Chad Johnson, WR, Bengals
(3) The Great Eight – Steve Smith, WR, Panthers
(4) The Injured Reserve – Jamal Lewis, RB, Browns
(5) Project Mayhem – Reggie Bush, RB, Saints
(6) The Man-Eaters – Plaxico Burress, WR, Giants
(7) WalterFootball.com
– Willis McGahee, RB, Ravens
(8) Purvis – Carson Palmer, QB, Bengals
(9) Ram Rod – Brandon Jacobs, RB, Giants
(10) The Body Burners – Thomas Jones, RB, Jets
(11) Bangarang – Michael Turner, RB, Falcons
(12) Filipino Thunder – Torry Holt, WR, Rams

MY PICK: I was praying for Reggie Bush to fall to me. But I wasn’t too upset because Willis McGahee somehow was there at 3.07. I know there are some injury concerns, but I’m not too worried. With McGahee, Ryan Grant and Adrian Peterson, I have the top running back corps in the league. And the kicker is that I can start all of them.

BEST PICK NO. 1: Reggie Bush. Huge steal in Round 3. Bush may not be able to run the ball in between the tackles, but he’s a lock to catch about 75 passes every year. That’s an incredible bonus in PPR leagues. I would have considered Bush in Round 2 if Ryan Grant wasn’t available.

BEST PICK NO. 2: Marc Bulger’s body parts may be held together by Elmer’s Glue and his offensive line could rival the five losers who couldn’t protect David “I Was One Sack Away From Having A Seizure” Carr, but Torry Holt produces every year. Kudos to Filipino Thunder for obtaining him at the bottom of Round 3.


(12) Filipino Thunder – Drew Brees, QB, Saints
(11) Bangarang – Laurence Maroney, RB, Patriots
(10) The Body Burners – Jason Witten, TE, Cowboys
(9) Ram Rod – Derek Anderson, QB, Browns
(8) Purvis – Anquan Boldin, WR, Cardinals
(7) WalterFootball.com
– Calvin Johnson, WR, Lions
(6) The Man-Eaters – Earnest Graham, RB, Buccaneers
(5) Project Mayhem – Selvin Young, RB, Broncos
(4) The Injured Reserve – Santonio Holmes, WR, Steelers
(3) The Great Eight – Roy Williams, WR, Lions
(2) Stump Squad – Brandon Marshall, WR, Broncos
(1) The Dead Rabbits – Darren McFadden, RB, Raiders

MY PICK: When I chose Calvin Johnson, I drew a few curious looks. Someone questioned, “Over Roy Williams?” Without a doubt. I wasn’t taking the risk of Johnson not being available in Round 5. He’s the next guy to enter the Randy Moss-Terrell Owens-Marvin Harrison echelon. Johnson was easily the best receiving prospect in the NFL Draft since Moss (and without the character concerns to boot). Johnson is ready to take over the league. In two quarters of preseason play against starting cornerbacks, Johnson has seven receptions, 154 yards and a touchdown. Multiply those numbers by two (for a full game) and then by 16 (for a whole season), and you have 224 catches, 4,928 yards and 32 touchdowns.

Now, I’m not expecting 4,900 yards. About 3,000 would be nice. But the point is no one in the NFL can cover Johnson, and thus far Jon Kitna has looked his way much more than Roy Williams’.

BEST PICK NO. 1: I’m going to pat myself on the back for Calvin Johnson once again. Go me.

BEST PICK NO. 2: If Brandon Marshall weren’t suspended for two games, he might have gone at the bottom of Round 2. Stump Squad won’t have his services until Week 3, but Marshall is going to dominate this year.


(1) The Dead Rabbits – Hines Ward, WR, Steelers
(2) Stump Squad – LenDale White, RB, Titans
(3) The Great Eight – Jerricho Cotchery, WR, Jets
(4) The Injured Reserve – Jonathan Stewart, RB, Panthers
(5) Project Mayhem – Marvin Harrison, WR, Colts
(6) The Man-Eaters – Roddy White, WR, Falcons
(7) WalterFootball.com
– Kellen Winslow Jr., TE, Browns
(8) Purvis – Edgerrin James, RB, Cardinals
(9) Ram Rod – Willie Parker, RB, Steelers
(10) The Body Burners – Lee Evans, WR, Bills
(11) Bangarang – Chris Chambers, WR, Chargers
(12) Filipino Thunder – Ronnie Brown, RB, Dolphins

MY PICK: Ugh. When I took Calvin Johnson in Round 4, I figured at least one of the following would be available in Round 5: Jerricho Cotchery, Marvin Harrison and Roddy White. As you can tell, I was pretty pissed off, but I held it in. But now… I… need… to… bash… mouse… into… skull… Ouch… Oww… Please… call… Ambulance…

Kellen Winslow Jr. over Antonio Gates may sound odd, but the latter is coming off toe surgery and hasn’t practiced yet. Plus, Philip Rivers is coming off ACL surgery and is guaranteed to suck this year. Winslow’s upside in PPR leagues was too difficult to pass up.

BEST PICK NO. 1: When The Great Eight took Jerricho Cotchery off the board, he smiled and boasted, “Jerricho Cotchery is going to have a huge year – 100 receptions.” I love Cotchery as well. I felt like I was in high school and one of my friends asked out some girl I had a crush on. I won’t be able to sleep for weeks.

BEST PICK NO. 2: In case you’ve been wondering, The Man-Eaters is a female. We have no weirdos in the JFL. But when she was on the clock, I was quietly praying, “Please don’t take Roddy White. Please, please, please.” Then, I heard her say, “I’m taking Roddy White.” My entire world came crashing down. No more legitimate WR2. Not only did my friend ask out my crush, I caught them having sex – on my bed.


(12) Filipino Thunder – Dallas Clark, TE, Colts
(11) Bangarang – Laveranues Coles, WR, Jets
(10) The Body Burners – Matt Forte, RB, Bears
(9) Ram Rod – Antonio Gates, TE, Chargers
(8) Purvis – Santana Moss, WR, Redskins
(7) WalterFootball.com
– Dwayne Bowe, WR, Chiefs
(6) The Man-Eaters – Kevin Smith, RB, Lions
(5) Project Mayhem – Chris Cooley, TE, Redskins
(4) The Injured Reserve – Tony Gonzalez, TE, Chiefs
(3) The Great Eight – Jeremy Shockey, TE, Saints
(2) Stump Squad – Nate Burleson, WR, Seahawks
(1) The Dead Rabbits – Heath Miller, TE, Steelers

MY PICK: Devastated that I missed out on two of my mid-round sleepers, I settled for Dwayne Bowe. Sticking with the crush analogy, Bowe is like a hot chick with major baggage (Brodie Croyle), perhaps an overprotective father who promised that he’d hunt me down with his shotgun if I didn’t have his daughter in by 10 p.m. I want to live, damn it.

BEST PICK NO. 1: One receiver I was considering was Laveranues Coles. With Brett Favre being a major upgrade over Chad Pennington, Coles stats could, as Emmitt Smith would say, “get blowed up!” Speaking of Coles, I don’t understand why he’s pissed off. Dude, management replaced your mediocre, girly armed quarterback with a future Hall of Famer coming off an MVP-type campaign. Throw away your Chad Pennington blowup doll and start loving life.

BEST PICK NO. 2: Tony Gonzalez is the new Jerry Rice. Between 1999 and 2003, Rice would always go late in fantasy drafts because he was considered over the hill. Yet, Rice always produced. I can’t believe Gonzalez lasted until the bottom of Round 6. I’d compare Gonzalez to that underrated, cute chick next door, but I’m starting to feel weird about these football player-girl comparisons.


(1) The Dead Rabbits – Aaron Rodgers, QB, Packers
(2) Stump Squad – Greg Jennings, WR, Packers
(3) The Great Eight – Donovan McNabb, QB, Eagles
(4) The Injured Reserve – Jay Cutler, QB, Broncos
(5) Project Mayhem – Donald Driver, WR, Packers
(6) The Man-Eaters – David Garrard, QB, Jaguars
(7) WalterFootball.com
– Matt Schaub, QB, Texans
(8) Purvis – Vincent Jackson, WR, Chargers
(9) Ram Rod – Kevin Curtis, WR, Eagles
(10) The Body Burners – Anthony Gonzalez, WR, Colts
(11) Bangarang – Chris Brown, RB, Texans
(12) Filipino Thunder – Matt Hasselbeck, QB, Seahawks

MY PICK: Once again, a player I was strongly considering (Jay Cutler) was chosen a few selections before I was up. Cutler’s going to have an amazing year, but I also love Matt Schaub. If he and Andre Johnson can both stay healthy, Schaub could throw for 3,800 yards and 23 touchdowns. Houston’s offense looked unstoppable last week, and that was without Johnson.

BEST PICK NO. 1: I mentioned Jay Cutler. He’s ready to enter the second tier of quarterbacks in the NFL, currently comprised of Drew Brees, Carson Palmer, Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Hasselbeck, Tony Romo and Brett Favre (if he plays like he did last year).

BEST PICK NO. 2: If Dwayne Bowe wasn’t available last round, I would have chosen Greg Jennings. I’m surprised he made it this far. Jennings is my No. 51 player in my 2008 Fantasy Football Top 150 PPR Rankings, or an early Round 6 prospect.


(12) Filipino Thunder – Fred Taylor, RB, Jaguars
(11) Bangarang – Todd Heap, TE, Ravens
(10) The Body Burners – Joey Galloway, WR, Buccaneers
(9) Ram Rod – Bobby Engram, WR, Seahawks
(8) Purvis – Rudi Johnson, RB, Bengals
(7) WalterFootball.com
– Brett Favre, QB, Jets
(6) The Man-Eaters – Tony Scheffler, TE, Broncos
(5) Project Mayhem – Vikings Defense
(4) The Injured Reserve – Jerry Porter, WR, Jaguars
(3) The Great Eight – Chester Taylor, RB, Vikings
(2) Stump Squad – Kenny Watson, RB, Bengals
(1) The Dead Rabbits – DeAngelo Williams, RB, Panthers

MY PICK: Given that Brett Favre was coming off a great performance against the Redskins, I was shocked to see that he was available in the middle of Round 8. Matt Schaub’s an intriguing fantasy quarterback, but he’s not the most reliable guy in the world, so I need a top backup. Now, if only I had Jay Cutler… Grumble, Grumble.

BEST PICK NO. 1: I like Todd Heap a lot this year. I feel he’s undervalued and perceived as injury-prone. As you’re supposed to do in the stock market, buying low and selling high is a good tactic in fantasy drafts. Bangarang definitely bought low with Heap.

BEST PICK NO. 2: I didn’t like DeAngelo Williams until I watched both of his preseason games. Williams, who has been a victim of lethargy in his brief career, seems much more motivated this year. Of course it took the Panthers spending the No. 13 overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft on a running back. I would have definitely considered Williams in Round 9.


(1) The Dead Rabbits – Donte’ Stallworth, WR, Browns
(2) Stump Squad – Maurice Morris, RB, Seahawks
(3) The Great Eight – Bryant Johnson, WR, 49ers
(4) The Injured Reserve – Rashard Mendenhall, RB, Steelers
(5) Project Mayhem – Julius Jones, RB, Seahawks
(6) The Man-Eaters – Bernard Berrian, WR, Vikings
(7) WalterFootball.com
– Ricky Williams, RB, Dolphins
(8) Purvis – Philip Rivers, QB, Chargers
(9) Ram Rod – Javon Walker, WR, Raiders
(10) The Body Burners – Eli Manning, QB, Giants
(11) Bangarang – Chargers Defense
(12) Filipino Thunder – Justin Fargas, RB, Raiders

MY PICK: I couldn’t get DeAngelo Williams, so I “settled” for the other Williams. Sure, Ricky is probably chasing after a pink dragon when he runs the football, but he looks great. Plus, Ronnie Brown is coming off a torn ACL and is guaranteed to get hurt like he does every year. In fact, I struck a bet with The Dead Rabbits that Brown would get injured this season. I’m risking $1 to win $1, so I have a lot riding on this.

BEST PICK NO. 1: Rashard Mendenhall is a great sleeper, especially in a PPR league. He’s a talented running back who will catch some passes and receive most of the goal-line carries this year. If Willie Parker wasn’t allowed to touch the ball with Najeh Davenport in the backfield, it’s safe to assume that Mike Tomlin will lock Parker in a cage and flush the key down the toilet when his team enters the red zone.

BEST PICK NO. 2: I find it odd that Maurice Morris and Julius Jones went so close together, yet Justin Fargas was available five rounds after Darren McFadden went off the board. How did Fargas last that long?


(12) Filipino Thunder – Derrick Mason, WR, Ravens
(11) Bangarang – Isaac Bruce, WR, 49ers
(10) The Body Burners – Warrick Dunn, RB, Buccaneers
(9) Ram Rod – Jason Campbell, QB, Redskins
(8) Purvis – Alge Crumpler, TE, Titans
(7) WalterFootball.com
– Ronald Curry, WR, Raiders
(6) The Man-Eaters – Ray Rice, RB, Ravens
(5) Project Mayhem – D.J. Hackett, WR, Panthers
(4) The Injured Reserve – Pierre Thomas, RB, Saints
(3) The Great Eight – Jake Delhomme, QB, Panthers
(2) Stump Squad – Patrick Crayton, WR, Cowboys
(1) The Dead Rabbits – Felix Jones, RB, Cowboys

MY PICK: JaMarcus Russell is a young quarterback. What do young quarterbacks do? Throw checkdown passes. I figure Ronald Curry will catch a good amount of those, earning me a solid amount of points in a PPR league.

BEST PICK NO. 1: The second The Man-Eaters announced that she was picking Ray Rice, I regretted not taking him as a handcuff for Willis McGahee. McGahee’s banged up and Rice has looked great in preseason action. So, that’s like five players the Man-Eaters “stole” from me. Even worse, whenever we play Texas Hold ‘Em, she always beats me. Always. I could have a Royal Flush, and she’d beat me with a higher Royal Flush. I kid you not.

BEST PICK NO. 2: Nothing else really stands out here, so let me say that I’m encouraging everyone to pronounce Pierre Thomas’ name as “Pierre To-MAS.” He’s obviously French, so in the spirit of the Olympics, let’s make him feel welcome in this country, even though he was born in Chicago, but whatever. Actually, if Deuce McAllister can’t make it back from two knee surgeries, To-MAS could be poised for a big year.


(1) The Dead Rabbits – Packers Defense
(2) Stump Squad – Vernon Davis, TE, 49ers
(3) The Great Eight – Seahawks Defense
(4) The Injured Reserve – Bears Defense
(5) Project Mayhem – Matt Leinart, QB, Cardinals
(6) The Man-Eaters – Patriots Defense
(7) WalterFootball.com
– Chris Johnson, RB, Titans
(8) Purvis – Ted Ginn Jr., WR, Dolphins
(9) Ram Rod – Ahman Green, RB, Texans
(10) The Body Burners – Ahmad Bradshaw, RB, Giants
(11) Bangarang – Marc Bulger, QB, Rams
(12) Filipino Thunder – Cowboys Defense

MY PICK: I like Chris Johnson a lot as a fantasy sleeper. LenDale White is fat, lethargic and injury-prone. Plus, there’s a reason the Titans spent a first-round pick on Johnson. He may not be an every-down back, but he has sick speed and can go the distance on any play. Plus, he’ll catch a good amount of passes, which bodes well in a PPR league.

BEST PICK NO. 1: I like Seattle’s defense this year. They’re going to accumulate at least 50 sacks, which will lead to tons of turnovers and defensive touchdowns. As a bonus, Justin Forsett looks like he’s going to be a great return specialist in this league. Don’t be shocked if he takes two back to the house this year.

BEST PICK NO. 2: Ted Ginn is a nice mid-round sleeper with the addition of Chad Pennington. Ginn was undraftable with Chad Henne, Josh McCown and John Beck fighting over starting duties, but Pennington changes everything – including the safety of the Miami media. Watch out guys, Pennington could talk down to you and attempt to make you feel stupid at any moment!


(12) Filipino Thunder – Robert Meachem, WR, Saints
(11) Bangarang – DeShaun Foster, RB, 49ers
(10) The Body Burners – Jeff Garcia, QB, Buccaneers
(9) Ram Rod – Steelers Defense
(8) Purvis – Jamaal Charles, RB, Chiefs
(7) WalterFootball.com
– Kevin Walter, WR, Texans
(6) The Man-Eaters – Reggie Williams, WR, Jaguars
(5) Project Mayhem – Nick Folk, K, Cowboys
(4) The Injured Reserve – Kurt Warner, QB, Cardinals
(3) The Great Eight – Ben Watson, TE, Patriots
(2) Stump Squad – Jon Kitna, QB, Lions
(1) The Dead Rabbits – Donald Lee, TE, Packers

MY PICK: I made a joke about taking my namesake in this round. Good times. Actually, if Matt Schaub stays healthy, Kevin Walter could have a solid campaign. He caught six passes for 100 yards in the first half against the Saints last week. Though, to be fair, Jason David can make anyone look good.

BEST PICK NO. 1: It’s only a matter of time before Kurt Warner displaces Matt Leinart as the starting quarterback in Arizona. And when that happens, The Injured Reserve will have a top-five fantasy quarterback. I’m jealous.

BEST PICK NO. 2: I’m not a big fan of Reggie Williams, but Matt Berry thinks Williams has the potential to accumulate 1,100 yards this year. Hey, what do I know? I’m not paid the big bucks, and I don’t have a fancy-shmancy nickname like the Talented Mr. Roto.


(1) The Dead Rabbits – Amani Toomer, WR, Giants
(2) Stump Squad – Titans Defense
(3) The Great Eight – Drew Bennett, WR, Rams
(4) The Injured Reserve – Muhsin Muhammad, WR, Panthers
(5) Project Mayhem – Owen Daniels, TE, Texans
(6) The Man-Eaters – Zach Miller, TE, Raiders
(7) WalterFootball.com
– Arnaz Battle, WR, 49ers
(8) Purvis – Greg Olsen, TE, Bears
(9) Ram Rod – Ben Utecht, TE, Bengals
(10) The Body Burners – Ladell Betts, RB, Redskins
(11) Bangarang – Stephen Gostkowski, K, Patriots
(12) Filipino Thunder – Justin Gage, WR, Titans

MY PICK: Arnaz Battle! Dezi Arnaz! Lucy, you got a lot of ‘splainin to do! Sorry, NFL Primetime flashback. Speaking of NFL Primetime, when will ESPN come to its senses and stop ruining its best program? Let Chris Berman and Tom Jackson do the damn show! I know they can’t air it until midnight, but that’s fine! Put it on TV at midnight and Monday afternoon! It’s not that difficult! Ugh, I need to stop before I have an aneurysm.

At any rate, Arnaz Battle is playing the slot in Mike Martz’s offense, meaning he’s the 2008 version of Shaun McDonald.

BEST PICK NO. 1: How did Owen Daniels last until Round 13? I would have drafted him four rounds ago if I didn’t have Kellen Winslow. I had no need for a backup tight end, but even I was considering him in Round 13.

BEST PICK NO. 2: Interesting that a team’s No. 1 receiver doesn’t get chosen until the very bottom of the 13th round. Ladies and gentlemen, the Tennessee Titans! Justin Gage is solid value here, and becomes even better if Kerry Collins takes over at quarterback.


(12) Filipino Thunder – Mason Crosby, K, Packers
(11) Bangarang – Shaun Alexander, RB, TBA
(10) The Body Burners – Jaguars Defense
(9) Ram Rod – Nate Kaeding, K, Chargers
(8) Purvis – Giants Defense
(7) WalterFootball.com
– Ravens Defense
(6) The Man-Eaters – Trent Edwards, QB, Bills
(5) Project Mayhem – Kevin Jones, RB, Bears
(4) The Injured Reserve – Reggie Brown, WR, Eagles
(3) The Great Eight – Josh Scobee, K, Jaguars
(2) Stump Squad – Correll Buckhalter, RB, Eagles
(1) The Dead Rabbits – Roydell Williams, WR, Titans

MY PICK: I don’t think I’ve ever drafted the Ravens defense before. When they were good, they always went too high. Now that they’re undervalued, I don’t mind taking them. Yamon Figurs also intrigues me. Could he be the No. 3 return specialist in the NFL behind Devin Hester and Joshua Cribbs?

BEST PICK NO. 1: I was looking at the Giants defense before Purvis plucked them off the board. Did you see what they did to Derek Anderson and the Browns? It was almost as if grown men challenged a group of little kids to a tackle football game and took it seriously.

BEST PICK NO. 2: Everyone was obviously freaked out by the Reggie Brown injury, but The Injured Reserve obtained solid value with Brown in Round 14.


(1) The Dead Rabbits – Phil Dawson, K, Browns
(2) Stump Squad – James Hardy, WR, Bills
(3) The Great Eight – Jabar Gaffney, WR, Patriots
(4) The Injured Reserve – JaMarcus Russell, QB, Raiders
(5) Project Mayhem – Mark Clayton, WR, Ravens
(6) The Man-Eaters – DeSean Jackson, WR, Eagles
(7) WalterFootball.com
– Rob Bironas, K, Titans
(8) Purvis – Neil Rackers, K, Cardinals
(9) Ram Rod – Derrick Ward, RB, Giants
(10) The Body Burners – Adam Vinatieri, K, Colts
(11) Bangarang – Dustin Keller, TE, Jets
(12) Filipino Thunder – Randy McMichael, TE, Rams

MY PICK: Dun-un-uuuh-nuh-nuh, nuh… nuh nuh… nuh nuh… nuh… dun-un-uuh-nuh nuh, nuh Myyyy Bironas!!! Sorry, another NFL Primetime flashback. Yeah, so Tennessee’s red zone offense sucks, meaning Rob “My” Bironas will be kicking about 8,000 field goals this year.

BEST PICK NO. 1: Jabar Gaffney was solid value here. He’s starting for New England’s superb offense, so he’s bound to put up some fantasy points this year.

BEST PICK NO. 2: Brett Favre raved about Dustin Keller’s athleticism last week. I know Keller’s just a rookie, but I can’t say that I’m not intrigued by his potential. Favre loves his tight ends (insert sex joke here)…


(12) Filipino Thunder – Josh Brown, K, Rams
(11) Bangarang – Colts Defense
(10) The Body Burners – Vince Young, QB, Titans
(9) Ram Rod – Eagles Defense
(8) Purvis – Antwaan Randle El, WR, Redskins
(7) WalterFootball.com
– Eddie Royal, WR, Broncos
(6) The Man-Eaters – Kris Brown, K, Texans
(5) Project Mayhem – Jerious Norwood, RB, Falcons
(4) The Injured Reserve – Shayne Graham, K, Bengals
(3) The Great Eight – Chris Perry, RB, Bengals
(2) Stump Squad – Robbie Gould, K, Bears
(1) The Dead Rabbits – James Jones, WR, Packers

MY PICK: At this point, the battery in my laptop was dying, so I was trying to hurry this round along. It worked too – Round 16 flew by in about 45 seconds. I didn’t think about my pick and chose Eddie Royal over Josh Morgan. No worries though; it’s the last round.

BEST PICK NO. 1: Oh, I almost forgot. Chris Perry would have been my choice before either Eddie Royal or Josh Morgan. I forgot to put Perry on my cheat sheet. Great pick by The Great Eight.

BEST PICK NO. 2: There aren’t many non-kickers to choose from here. James Jones was a solid choice as Mr. Irrelevant.

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