2008 Fantasy Football – Mock Draft Version 2.0

Quarterbacks Running Backs Wide Receivers Tight Ends Kickers Defenses Top 150 Sleepers Busts

This mock was compiled on AUG. 13, 2008, and uses a traditional-league format and scoring.

In case you’re wondering, I have no idea who these people are. I just decided to jump into one of ESPN’s mock drafts. In the future, I’ll list the results of actual fantasy drafts I take part of.


(1) Team Kelly – Adrian Peterson RB
(2) Team Gibbs – LaDainian Tomlinson RB
(3) Team Pennington – Brian Westbrook RB
(4) Team Herman – Steven Jackson RB
(5) WalterFootball.com
– Joseph Addai RB
(6) Team moore – Tom Brady QB
(7) Team Russ – Marion Barber RB
(8) Team Bloom – Peyton Manning QB
(9) Team bissu – Randy Moss WR
(10) Team Vaswani – Clinton Portis RB
(11) Team howard – Frank Gore RB
(12) Team Lecher – Marshawn Lynch RB

ANALYSIS: Adrian Peterson No. 1 overall? Weh!? I guess Team Kelly isn’t a reader of this Web site. If he looked through my 2008 Fantasy Football Busts page, he would’ve avoided Peterson and drafted LaDainian Tomlinson instead.

With Tomlinson falling to No. 2, you’d think Team Gibbs would take half a second to make the pick. Instead, he wrote “hmmm” and chose Tomlinson after a minute and 20 seconds. What was he thinking about? Well, he took Tomlinson and immediately left the draft room after that. Did he not want LT? There are plenty of weird people in this world, but this guy takes the cake. I’m willing to predict that he kidnaps young children and beats homeless people as a hobby.

I had the next easiest choice. I love having the fifth pick in traditional leagues because you get the Brian Westbrook-Joseph Addai-Steven Jackson leftovers. In PPR leagues, it’s top seven because Frank Gore and Randy Moss become elite players.

Peyton Manning was a huge reach at No. 8. Team Bloom probably could have obtained him at No. 17.


(13) Team Lecher – Reggie Wayne WR
(14) Team howard – Larry Johnson RB
(15) Team Vaswani – Terrell Owens WR
(16) Team bissu – Ryan Grant RB
(17) Team Bloom – Braylon Edwards WR
(18) Team Russ – Maurice Jones-Drew RB
(19) Team moore – Willie Parker RB
(20) WalterFootball.com
– Andre Johnson WR
(21) Team Herman – Willis McGahee RB
(22) Team Pennington – Tony Romo QB
(23) Team Gibbs – Jamal Lewis RB
(24) Team Kelly – Larry Fitzgerald WR

ANALYSIS: I wasn’t surprised to see Larry Johnson go high. For reasons I explained on my bust page, I wouldn’t touch him until the fourth round. In short, his offensive line stinks and I’m not convinced he’s fully recovered from his 416 carries in 2006.

That said, the reach of Round 2 was made by Team Moore. Seriously, Willie Parker? You do realize he’s going to be sharing carries – especially those near the goal line – with Rashard Mendenhall, right Team Moore?

I’ve now chosen Andre Johnson in all three second rounds of my mock drafts (including the experts draft). Johnson is my No. 2 wideout. He put up monstrous numbers when he was healthy, and there’s no reason to think he can’t play all 16 games this year. Johnson was completely healthy in 2003, 2004 and 2006.

Remember Team Bloom? The guy who took Peyton Manning in Round 1? Well, he went receiver here. What’s he going to do at running back?


(25) Team Kelly – Brandon Jacobs RB
(26) Team Gibbs – Laurence Maroney RB
(27) Team Pennington – Marques Colston WR
(28) Team Herman – T.J. Houshmandzadeh WR
(29) WalterFootball.com
– Chad Johnson WR
(30) Team moore – Plaxico Burress WR
(31) Team Russ – Drew Brees QB
(32) Team Bloom – Ronnie Brown RB
(33) Team bissu – Steve Smith WR
(34) Team Vaswani – Reggie Bush RB
(35) Team howard – Torry Holt WR
(36) Team Lecher – Thomas Jones RB

ANALYSIS: It’s amazing that people are still going T.J. Houshmandzadeh over Chad Johnson. I don’t get it – especially now that Johnson is clear to play, as his fake ankle injury is a thing of the past. Whatever, I’ll just draft him when he falls to me in all of my leagues.

Bum beater Team Gibbs now has three running backs. Well, actually only two running backs because Laurence Maroney sucks.

Team Bloom took its first running back, Ronnie Brown. Congratulations, your RB1 is coming off a torn ACL and looked completely helpless against the Buccaneers in his first preseason game.


(37) Team Lecher – Darren McFadden RB
(38) Team howard – Ben Roethlisberger QB
(39) Team Vaswani – Michael Turner RB
(40) Team bissu – Earnest Graham RB
(41) Team Bloom – Carson Palmer QB
(42) Team Russ – Wes Welker WR
(43) Team moore – Antonio Gates TE
(44) WalterFootball.com
– Jason Witten TE
(45) Team Herman – Donovan McNabb QB
(46) Team Pennington – Edgerrin James RB
(47) Team Gibbs – Derek Anderson QB
(48) Team Kelly – Fred Taylor RB

ANALYSIS: I was just about to comment about how I think drafting Darren McFadden in the fourth round is ridiculous, but I realized I have him as No. 39 in my Fantasy Football 2008 Rankings: Top 150. Oops. Still, McFadden becomes Team Lecher’s third running back. In a year where the receiving corps is ridiculously thin, I can’t justify taking three running backs in the first four rounds.

I was intrigued by Jason Witten at No. 44. Witten is my top tight end, and I have him as a third-round fantasy player. I’m not a big fan of taking tight ends early, but he was a steal here.

Team Bloom’s running back group still consists of Ronnie Brown. Way to take your second quarterback before your second running back.


(49) Team Kelly – Santonio Holmes WR
(50) Team Gibbs – Rudi Johnson RB
(51) Team Pennington – Roy Williams WR
(52) Team Herman – Anquan Boldin WR
(53) WalterFootball.com
– Jonathan Stewart RB
(54) Team moore – Kellen Winslow TE
(55) Team Russ – Dallas Clark TE
(56) Team Bloom – Greg Jennings WR
(57) Team bissu – LenDale White RB
(58) Team Vaswani – Tony Gonzalez TE
(59) Team howard – Matt Hasselbeck QB
(60) Team Lecher – Laveranues Coles WR

ANALYSIS: I would have went Anquan Boldin, despite the fact that Matt Leinart will be the starting quarterback, but Team Herman snatched him up right before I was up. Hey Team Herman, the Jerk Store called and they’re running out of you!

No complaints with Jonathan Stewart though. He’s a very solid RB2, and based on my projection for him, he belongs in Round 2. I’m a bit concerned because John Fox doesn’t know how to handle running backs, but Stewart should be fine.

Team Bloom’s running backs: Ronnie Brown. Nice draft!


(61) Team Lecher – Chris Cooley TE
(62) Team howard – Roddy White WR
(63) Team Vaswani – Hines Ward WR
(64) Team bissu – Jay Cutler QB
(65) Team Bloom – Brandon Marshall WR
(66) Team Russ – Dwayne Bowe WR
(67) Team moore – Julius Jones RB
(68) WalterFootball.com
– Calvin Johnson WR
(69) Team Herman – Matt Forte RB
(70) Team Pennington – Donald Driver WR
(71) Team Gibbs – Lee Evans WR
(72) Team Kelly – Justin Fargas RB

ANALYSIS: How do you go Hines Ward with Calvin Johnson and Marvin Harrison on the board? Awful. Ward is a great receiver in real life, but his value is minimal in the fantasy world. That said, I chose Ward in the 2008 Fantasy Football Experts Draft relatively early. Awful.

I looooovvveee Calvin Johnson this year. No one’s going to be able to cover him, and Jon Kitna can get him the ball.

My receiving corps: Andre Johnson, Chad Johnson, Calvin Johnson. What can I say? I love Johnsons!

Team Moore, the guy who drafted Willie Parker, is going to be stuck with another RBBC guy in Julius Jones. Sucks to be Team Moore.

Team Bloom’s running backs: Ronnie Brown. Team Bloom’s projected record: 0-58,214.


(73) Team Kelly – Marvin Harrison WR
(74) Team Gibbs – Kevin Smith RB
(75) Team Pennington – Jeremy Shockey TE
(76) Team Herman – Heath Miller TE
(77) WalterFootball.com
– Selvin Young RB
(78) Team moore – Brett Favre QB
(79) Team Russ – Santana Moss WR
(80) Team Bloom – Todd Heap TE
(81) Team bissu – DeAngelo Williams RB
(82) Team Vaswani – Marc Bulger QB
(83) Team howard – Chester Taylor RB
(84) Team Lecher – Matt Schaub QB

ANALYSIS: Unbelievable that Marvin Harrison, who looks great, fell to Round 7. If he dropped to me, I would have taken him despite the fact that he’s not a Johnson.

Selvin Young didn’t put up great rushing stats in his 2008 preseason debut, but he looked good running the ball and he caught two passes out of the backfield in a short stint. He’ll be a good option if Jonathan Stewart flops.

Team Bloom’s running backs: Ronnie Brown. Hey… uhh… you do know that we have to start two running backs, right?


(85) Team Lecher – Kevin Curtis WR
(86) Team howard – Joey Galloway WR
(87) Team Vaswani – Chris Chambers WR
(88) Team bissu – Jerricho Cotchery WR
(89) Team Bloom – Felix Jones RB
(90) Team Russ – Rashard Mendenhall RB
(91) Team moore – Vernon Davis TE
(92) WalterFootball.com
– Eli Manning QB
(93) Team Herman – Chargers D/ST D/ST
(94) Team Pennington – Deuce McAllister RB
(95) Team Gibbs – Bernard Berrian WR
(96) Team Kelly – Ahmad Bradshaw RB

ANALYSIS: Question – how does Laveranues Coles go three rounds before Jerricho Cotchery? Great pick by Team Bissu.

Eli Manning’s my starting quarterback. Yuck. I was hoping for Matt Schaub to fall to me, but it didn’t happen. But I guess it’s not that big a deal because I projected Schaub to score just one more point in 2008 than Manning. In fact, the gap between Derek Anderson (338) and Manning (331) is just seven points – less than one point per week. So, it’s not so bad.

Team Bloom’s running backs: Ronnie Brown, Felix Jones. So, he has a running back coming off an ACL who will share carries with Ricky Williams once Tony Sparano realizes he can’t carry the load. And he has an unproven rookie runner who won’t get any touches near the goal line. Hey, maybe Team Bloom can convince the commissioner to allow him to start Carson Palmer at running back.


(97) Team Kelly – Ahman Green RB
(98) Team Gibbs – Tony Scheffler TE
(99) Team Pennington – Seahawks D/ST D/ST
(100) Team Herman – Anthony Gonzalez WR
(101) WalterFootball.com
– David Garrard QB
(102) Team moore – D.J. Hackett WR
(103) Team Russ – Donte’ Stallworth WR
(104) Team Bloom – Alge Crumpler TE
(105) Team bissu – Jerious Norwood RB
(106) Team Vaswani – Nate Burleson WR
(107) Team howard – Reggie Brown WR
(108) Team Lecher – Bears D/ST D/ST

ANALYSIS: I decided to go with another quarterback so I could go with a committee and match up against the weakest secondary. Matt Berry loves Garrard, which makes me more confident with my quarterbacking corps.

Team Bloom’s running backs: Ronnie Brown, Felix Jones. Mr. Bloom just took his backup tight end before his third running back. With all of this good karma I’m giving him, he’ll probably win all of his leagues and revolutionize fantasy football.


(109) Team Lecher – Jake Delhomme QB
(110) Team howard – Philip Rivers QB
(111) Team Vaswani – Donald Lee TE
(112) Team bissu – Giants D/ST D/ST
(113) Team Bloom – Tatum Bell RB
(114) Team Russ – Patrick Crayton WR
(115) Team moore – Chris Brown RB
(116) WalterFootball.com
– Vincent Jackson WR
(117) Team Herman – Leon Washington RB
(118) Team Pennington – Benjamin Watson TE
(119) Team Gibbs – Aaron Rodgers QB
(120) Team Kelly – Reggie Williams WR

ANALYSIS: Team Moore loves taking running backs who will either share tons of carries or won’t even be in the league by September. Seriously, the only reason Chris Brown is still with the Texans is because Ahman Green just got hurt again.

I’m upset child-stealer Team Gibbs took Aaron Rodgers; I would have drafted him this round if Vincent Jackson weren’t such a steal. I love having Jackson as my WR4.


(121) Team Kelly – Isaac Bruce WR
(122) Team Gibbs – Derrick Mason WR
(123) Team Pennington – Jason Campbell QB
(124) Team Herman – Owen Daniels TE
(125) WalterFootball.com
– Maurice Morris RB
(126) Team moore – Packers D/ST D/ST
(127) Team Russ – Kenny Watson RB
(128) Team Bloom – Javon Walker WR
(129) Team bissu – Chris Johnson RB
(130) Team Vaswani – Colts D/ST D/ST
(131) Team howard – Kevin Boss TE
(132) Team Lecher – Ricky Williams RB

ANALYSIS: I like Maurice Morris here. If Mike Holmgren doesn’t go RBBC, he’ll start Morris, who knows the system better. Besides, Morris has looked like the superior runner in training camp and the preseason. I also considered Ricky Williams, who ran extremely well against the Buccaneers.

Team Bloom’s running backs: Ronnie Brown, Felix Jones, Tatum Bell. Javon Walker? Really? He hasn’t even been able to get open against rookie corners in camp.


(133) Team Lecher – Jabar Gaffney WR
(134) Team howard – Sidney Rice WR
(135) Team Vaswani – Ladell Betts RB
(136) Team bissu – Derrick Ward RB
(137) Team Bloom – Bobby Engram WR
(138) Team Russ – Kurt Warner QB
(139) Team moore – Bryant Johnson WR
(140) WalterFootball.com
– Vikings D/ST D/ST
(141) Team Herman – Ronald Curry WR
(142) Team Pennington – Alex D. Smith QB
(143) Team Gibbs – Jeff Garcia QB
(144) Team Kelly – Antwaan Randle El WR

ANALYSIS: I was thinking Kurt Warner here, but Team Russ ruined me by taking the best quarterback Arizona has on its roster two selections before me. I’m hoping Ken Whisenhunt just read that statement. If the Cardinals miss the playoffs because Matt “Checkdown” Leinart cost them a few games, Whisenhunt should schedule a press conference and publicly apologize to anyone who drafted Warner in their leagues.

What’s up with “Alex D. Smith?” Is the D supposed to make this guy better? Hey, I can’t blame him for trying; his NFL career has been an abomination thus far.

Team Bloom’s running backs: Ronnie Brown, Felix Jones, Tatum Bell. Yo dude, you know Bobby Engram’s out for a while, right?


(145) Team Kelly – Greg Olsen TE
(146) Team Gibbs – Amani Toomer WR
(147) Team Pennington – Vince Young QB
(148) Team Herman – Matt Leinart QB
(149) WalterFootball.com
– Jon Kitna QB
(150) Team moore – LaMont Jordan RB
(151) Team Russ – Sammy Morris RB
(152) Team Bloom – Steelers D/ST D/ST
(153) Team bissu – Ted Ginn Jr. WR
(154) Team Vaswani – Drew Bennett WR
(155) Team howard – Chad Jackson WR
(156) Team Lecher – Dominic Rhodes RB

ANALYSIS: I wanted another quarterback, and Jon Kitna’s superb performance against the Giants last week piqued my interest. He’s a solid addition to my quarterback committee, especially if Calvin Johnson and Roy Williams stay healthy.

Team Bloom’s running backs: Ronnie Brown, Felix Jones, Tatum Bell. In case you’re wondering, Team Bloom isn’t the worst fantasy football player I’ve ever seen. About five years ago, I was in a league where the guy who had the top pick in the entire draft chose the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense. That’s right. The Buccaneers defense. I’m not lying.


(157) Team Lecher – L.J. Smith TE
(158) Team howard – Patriots D/ST D/ST
(159) Team Vaswani – DeShaun Foster RB
(160) Team bissu – Brandon Jackson RB
(161) Team Bloom – Aaron Stecker RB
(162) Team Russ – Roydell Williams WR
(163) Team moore – Darrell Jackson WR
(164) WalterFootball.com
– Pierre Thomas RB
(165) Team Herman – Ron Dayne RB
(166) Team Pennington – Cowboys D/ST D/ST
(167) Team Gibbs – Mark Clayton WR
(168) Team Kelly – Eagles D/ST D/ST

ANALYSIS: I don’t get how Team Moore can choose Darrell Jackson over Eddie Royal. If only he read my 2008 Fantasy Football Preseason Stock page. If only…

Team Bloom’s running backs: Ronnie Brown, Felix Jones, Tatum Bell, Aaron Stecker. Aaron Stecker over Pierre Thomas? Whatever I’ll take the Frenchman, thanks.


(169) Team Kelly – JaMarcus Russell QB
(170) Team Gibbs – Nick Folk K
(171) Team Pennington – Ben Utecht TE
(172) Team Herman – Kevin Jones RB
(173) WalterFootball.com
– Mason Crosby K
(174) Team moore – James Jones WR
(175) Team Russ – Shayne Graham K
(176) Team Bloom – James Hardy WR
(177) Team bissu – Nate Kaeding K
(178) Team Vaswani – Ray Rice RB
(179) Team howard – Kolby Smith RB
(180) Team Lecher – Stephen Gostkowski K

ANALYSIS: Though Matt Berry would gladly banish me to Hell for it, I love taking kickers in the second-to-last round. You get to pick which kicker you want, and you can simply take your late-round sleeper when everyone else is drafting their kickers.

Team Bloom’s running backs: Ronnie Brown, Felix Jones, Tatum Bell, Aaron Stecker. I’m starting to wonder if Team Bloom is really the same guy who picked the Buccaneers defense first overall in one of my leagues five years ago.


(181) Team Lecher – Muhsin Muhammad WR
(182) Team howard – Robbie Gould K
(183) Team Vaswani – Phil Dawson K
(184) Team bissu – Anthony Fasano TE
(185) Team Bloom – Josh Brown K
(186) Team Russ – Buccaneers D/ST D/ST
(187) Team moore – Adam Vinatieri K
(188) WalterFootball.com
– Ben Obomanu WR
(189) Team Herman – Jeff Reed K
(190) Team Pennington – Rob Bironas K
(191) Team Gibbs – Cardinals D/ST D/ST
(192) Team Kelly – Lawrence Tynes K

ANALYSIS: Ben Obomanu is a solid Round 16 sleeper. With Bobby Engram out, Obomanu, who played extremely well in the playoffs in January, will get his chance to shine.

Team Bloom’s running backs: Ronnie Brown, Felix Jones, Tatum Bell, Aaron Stecker. Team Bloom, if you’re reading this, I apologize. You suck at picking players, but this was just a fantasy mock draft. No hard feelings? OK, you can use the Jerk Store joke on me if you want. There’s nothing wrong with being a proud employee of Vandelay Industries.

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