2021 Fantasy Football Busts

2021 Fantasy Football Busts (Aug. 1):

This is a list of my top 2021 fantasy football busts - players you should avoid unless they fall far in your draft. The Average Draft Position (ADP) is found on FantasyFootballCalculator.com.

I was dead on with some of my busts over the past three years. My top busts for 2019 were Antonio Brown and Todd Gurley. I had some misses as well, but Brown and Gurley were two players I didn't want to select in the top three rounds.

  1. Clyde Edwards-Helaire Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB, Chiefs. ADP: 2.06.

    I've seen enough from Clyde Edwards-Helaire to not consider him in the first four rounds. I'm not even convinced he'll be the starter for the entire season.

  2. Josh Jacobs Josh Jacobs, RB, Raiders. ADP: 2.12.

    This has nothing to do with Josh Jacobs' talent, but rather the skill of those in front of him. The Raiders lost three offensive linemen this offseason, so Jacobs' blocking won't be very good in 2021.

  3. Najee Harris Najee Harris, RB, Steelers. ADP: 2.02.

    Let's see what Najee Harris looks like in the NFL before we draft him early in the second round. Not all Alabama running backs pan out - see Trent Richardson - and Harris is in the unfavorable position of running behind an offensive line that lost not one, not two, not three, but four starters this offseason!

  4. Julio Jones Julio Jones, WR, Titans. ADP: 4.02.

    The oft-injured Julio Jones' ADP hasn't changed even though he's now on the Titans instead of the Falcons. Jones won't be accumulating as much garbage-time stats any longer on his run-first team.

  5. Michael Thomas Michael Thomas, WR, Saints. ADP: 3.08.

    I had Michael Thomas listed here prior to his injury, and yet he's still overdrafted. Thomas was an amazing fantasy receiver with Drew Brees. He wasn't as good with Taysom Hill, the presumed starter for the Saints. Thomas will be chosen too early because people will be expecting him to accumulate his previous stats.

  6. David Montgomery David Montgomery, RB, Bears. ADP: 3.03.

    If I'm drafting a running back in the first three rounds, I need to feel at least somewhat comfortable with his offensive line. Chicago's blocking projects to be poor unless second-round rookie left tackle Teven Jenkins plays well right away. Also, with Justin Fields running around, Montgomery could lose some touchdown opportunities.

  7. Melvin Gordon Melvin Gordon, RB, Broncos. ADP: 5.09.

    I had Javonte Williams listed on my 2021 Fantasy Football Sleepers page before his ADP surged. In that entry, I mentioned that the Broncos have been disappointed in Melvin Gordon. If the Denver coaching staff doesn't really like Gordon, why would you want him on your fantasy team?

  8. Adam Thielen Adam Thielen, WR, Vikings. ADP: 4.08.

    Adam Thielen hasn't been the same caliber of fantasy player since the Vikings have moved him out of the slot. I don't think I could draft him in the first five rounds.

  9. Raheem Mostert Raheem Mostert, RB, 49ers. ADP: 5.03.

    No San Francisco running back should be drafted this early. Kyle Shanahan loves using multiple backs, so I wouldn't trust Raheem Mostert with a fourth- or fifth-round pick.

  10. Alvin Kamara 2021 Fantasy Football Busts Alvin Kamara, RB, Saints. ADP: 1.04.

    Alvin Kamara was seen as an MVP candidate at one point in 2020, as he carried the team when Michael Thomas was injured. Kamara would be a huge part of the offense as long as Drew Brees were on the roster, but Brees' career is finished. Kamara didn't fare as well with Taysom Hill, the presumed starter for 2021. I like Kamara a lot and would have no problem with him as my top running back, but I don't think he should be a top-four selection. I would prefer him late in the opening round.


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