2013 NFL Draft Mailbag

I received many e-mails and tweets about my 2013 NFL Mock Draft and the upcoming NFL Draft in general. To share the answers to the questions publicly, I decided to start up a mailbag column. Pass along your NFL draft questions and comments. I’ll put together a mailbag periodically that answers questions/comments sent via email [email protected] or on Twitter @draftcampbell.


From Caleb, Seattle, Washington

“I have seen several initial mock drafts. (Including yours and Walts) And I was wondering how likely you think the Lions are to draft Milliner from Alabama? They seem to draft quality over need and it seems like he would fit both of those descriptions. What do you think about that? Thanks again for all of the hard work you guys put it!”

Thanks, Caleb. I definitely think that De Milliner is in play for the Lions’ first-round pick. They badly need corner help and could lose Chris Houston in free agency.

Milliner is a good man corner with ball skills. He could be very good at picking off passes with Detroit’s pass rush. Milliner also fits the physical mentality that Lions look for in their defenders. The team badly needs a difference-maker at corner, and he makes a lot of sense. I think the Detroit’s pick will come down to Damontre Moore, Bjoern Werner or Milliner.

From David Cavanah, Lee’s Summit, Missouri

“I had a question about this years overall draft class. (Full disclosure I am a Chiefs fan so I do see the world through some red color glasses) 1st I am hearing no QB’s worthy of taking in first rd all together (which is absolutely ridiculous considering pass happy league and teams willing to take a risk). Also I have read from your site about Jarvis lacking off field work ethic. Then there is Joeckel who is being compared to more of a D’brickashaw than a Joe Thomas type LT. My question is this a down year for talent, or due to no stud QB’s/big name players the media is down all around and under selling this years crop of talent?”

That is a great question. I would say there is good talent in every draft class, but some drafts have more than others. I do think this is a down year in terms of talent. In my opinion 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009 all had more talent than this class. I think it is similar with the 2008 draft. However, I think Matt Ryan was a better prospect than Geno Smith, but Luke Joeckel is a better tackle prospect than Jake Long, while Star Lotulelei is a better prospect than Glenn Dorsey. This is definitely a horrible year to be in need of a quarterback for teams like Buffalo, Arizona, Jacksonville and the New York Jets. But the Chiefs are in a better position of getting a franchise quarterback because they hold the first choice.

From Chris Garman, Cincinnati, Ohio

“The Steelers have suffered from a serious lack of turnovers the past 2 seasons. I think the NFL is becoming a passing league, with defenses basically being most effective by forcing big plays rather than consistently shutting down offenses. My beloved Steelers have had the #1 ranked defense 2 straight season while still looking average because of the lack of turnovers. So, my question in, who are the defensive playmakers in the 2013 NFL Draft? Guys that, for better or worse, are going to make splash plays. I love David Amerson because even though he’s going to get burnt some, he attacks the ball and gets picks. Tyrann Mathiu is another example, forcing tons of fumbles… Who else is there in the draft like these guys?”

There are a number of defenders who could fit the role you’re describing. Off the top of my head, I would say: Florida safety Matt Elam, Utah defensive tackle Star Lotulelei, Texas defensive end Alex Okafor, Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o, Rutgers linebacker Khaseem Greene, Georgia safety Bacarri Rambo, Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones, Oregon State cornerback Jordan Poyer, Fresno State safety Philip Thomas, Utah State cornerback Will Davis and Mississippi State cornerback Johnthan Banks are all good at creating turnovers.

From Pat, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“As an Eagles fan I am hoping they can get either Joeckel or Lotulelei. However, if both players are gone by the 4th pick, would Damontre Moore makes sense as a 3-4 OLB (assuming the Eagles make the switch to the 3-4).”

I think Joeckel would be a good pick, but after taking Cox last year, I’m not sure that another defensive tackle should be a priority. If Joeckel is off the board, the Eagles should go with DeMarcus Milliner. Their cornerbacks were horrible last year, and they need to improve their secondary to compete with the quarterbacks in the NFC East. Philadelphia has Vinny Curry, Brandon Graham and Trent Cole to be edge-rushers, so I’m not sure a fourth edge-rusher would be a good pick with all their other needs.

From Maurice, Vancouver, BC

“I really could see San Diego grabbing a dual threat tight end prospect in rounds 2-4 such as Ertz, McDonald, or Eifert besides addressing the O-Line and cornerbacks. McCoy utilized a two tight end system in Denver and Telesco was a part of grabbing Fleener and Allen for Luck in Indy. Both Gates and McMichael are up there in age and grabbing one of those tight ends fairly early in the 2013 NFL Draft to pair with a developing Ladarius Green seems like a likely course for the Chargers that I haven’t seen in any mocks. Thoughts?”

I agree with you that the Chargers could target a tight end in the Round 2-4 range; there should be some quality ones available. I think Tom Telesco will be staying loyal to taking the best player available. Adding a young tight end makes sense, and injuries could take down the veterans at any time. San Diego has to get Philip Rivers some help this offseason and find players for the offensive line, wide receiver and tight end.

From Matt Sage, Dayton, Ohio

“Good job on the site. I’m a Bengals fan who knows Mike Brown is a clown and needs to hire a GM. What do you and Walt think of Cincy possibly taking Alec Ogletree or Kevin Minter at #21 overall (or trading down to the 24-28 range and getting the best player available. Then moving ahead of the Lions (#36 pick) to nab Barrett Jones in the 30-35 range. That addresses their need at Center, where they could use an upgrade. And then pick up the best available running back at pick #55. Good start to their 2013 class, right? Your thoughts?”

I could see the Bengals going with a first-round linebacker. I think they could find an upgrade over Rey Maualuga, and a linebacker who can make plays off of Geno Atkins could make their defense even better. I think Ogletree and Minter are really good players and would be nice fits in Cincinnati’s defense.

I also think Barrett Jones will be a great pick for somebody. I’m not sure the Bengals need to move ahead of Detroit. Martin Mayhew passed on Peter Konz in the second round last year, and I could see Mayhew continuing to emphasize other positions. The Lions could address center in the mid-rounds.

I think Cincinnati should also consider defensive end, running back and safety.

From William Zimmerman, Houston, Texas

“The Houston Texans have been without a legitimate #2 wide receiver for at least 4 years. The Texans cannot afford to go into 2013 with Kevin Walter as their #2, especially after Posey tore his achilles in the Patriots game. Andre Johnson is entering the back end of his career. The Texans need a great receiver in this draft. Tavon Austin and Robert Woods seem like great options. Thoughts?”

Thanks for the email.

I definitely think the Texans could use another receiver and an heir apparent to Andre Johnson. I was never a big fan of Posey, and I think they’re going to need a future No. 1 before too long.

That being said, I’m not confident Houston will use its first-rounder on a wide out. From my conversations with sources, I think the Texans will target the defense and especially the front seven. They took receivers in the third and fourth round last year. If a special receiver falls to Houston on the second day, I could see the team addressing the position if he is clearly the best player available.

From Joshua Yurisich, Omaha, Nebraska

“I am a huge Kansas City Chiefs fan and I am dreading the fact that they are going to waste this opportunity we have. Could you imagine a scenario where maybe we went Luke Joeckel or Jarvis Jones with No 1, taking the best available player? I just don�t see a franchise QB coming this year. Maybe we get a good veteran or use a 4th-5th pick on a QB and try again next year.”

I think it is very possible that the Chiefs will go with Luke Joeckel instead of a quarterback with their first pick. I wouldn’t be surprised if Andy Reid decides to target a veteran via trade or free agency and possibly going for a quarterback in 2014. The Chiefs probably won’t land a starting caliber quarterback in the fourth or fifth round, but they might be able to at the top of the second round. However, I think Geno Smith is still the most likely player for Kansas City.

From Mark, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

“I know it’s early for too much speculation, but being a Browns’ fan I stumbled upon an interesting thought/scenario and wanted to see if it is at all conceivable. I think it’s accepted as fact that Luke Joeckel is off the board in the first 4 picks. I noticed that Eric Fisher has made his way up to #9 on the site’s Big Board. If that is his “true” value and not a complete stretch, I could possibly see the Cardinals taking him at 7 and finding a QB in free agency this year.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting… If that is all realistic, does the Rams’ need to protect Sam Bradford’s blindside facilitate a trade to leap-frog Arizona? Say to 6 (Cleveland)? Asking price being their two-1st round picks this year (16 & 22), making the Browns not complete losers in the RG3 sweepstakes after all. This could give us a few more vital pieces on either side of the ball, strengthening the entire team for whatever “franchise” quarterback we end up getting down the road. Just a thought with a slight twist of irony….”

Thanks for the email.

I think that is a very interesting trade scenario, but I doubt that it will happen. My sources with the Rams lead me to believe that St. Louis plans on using all four of those first-round picks and not trading any away. I could see the Rams trade up in the 2013 NFL Draft, but not at the cost of two selections in the top 25. St. Louis probably would use second-day picks if the front office felt compelled to move up.

It is a real shame that Cleveland botched the Griffin situation a year ago. The Browns definitely had the ammo to get the deal done. Hopefully, the new regime in Cleveland will give the team’s fans something to be proud of.

Once again send questions/comments via email [email protected] or on Twitter @draftcampbell.

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