2024 NFL Draft Potential Busts

J.J. McCarthy
2024 NFL Draft Potential Busts

2024 NFL Draft Day 2 Values: Offense | 2024 NFL Draft Day 2 Values: Defense
2024 NFL Draft Potential Busts | 2024 NFL Draft Day 3 Sleepers

In the recent weeks, there have been a lot of questions about which players to avoid in the 2024 NFL Draft class. Every draft has some players who are selected highly only to becoming massive disappointments in the NFL. Here, we break down some potential busts in the 2024 NFL Draft.


J.J. McCarthy, QB, Michigan

While at Michigan, McCarthy had an easy life as a game manager even though he has the skill set to be more than that. The Wolverines fielded a superb defense and running game while playing an easy schedule for the majority of the past two seasons. McCarthy needs development as a passer still because he lacks passing instincts, throws late over the middle, and needs to improve both how he sees the field and his decision-making. There are some potential pitfalls for McCarthy successfully translating to the NFL, and as a first-round pick, he will be forced onto the field quickly. McCarthy has a good skill set with size, arm strength, and athleticism, and I think a big factor on if he will pan out will depend on the situation that he lands in. McCarthy is going to need a running game and talent around him, plus good coaching. There are a lot of teams that fail prospects, and that could happen to McCarthy. Thus, I think he has bust potential.

Troy Franklin, WR, Oregon

Franklin is a fast receiver with good height and a threat to beat defenses over the top. However, Franklin (6-3, 187) is rail thin and looks like he won’t be able to add much weight to his frame. Being so skinny could limit Franklin because he could struggle to get off press coverage and have problems with physical cornerbacks. As a route runner, Franklin is linear and has some limitations. As a result of his size and his route-running, Franklin might top out as a third and or fourth rotational receiver in the NFL. Given that he might go as a top-50 pick, topping out would be a disappointing result.

Tez Walker, WR, North Carolina

Some analysts are projecting Walker to be a first- or second-round pick, which could be a risky move. Walker has some speed, but he is raw as a route-runner and drops a lot of passes. I could see Walker frustrating his coaches and quarterbacks, which could lead to him not panning out as a pro starter.

Beaux Limmer, C, Arkansas

There have been some projections of Limmer going on the second day of the 2024 NFL Draft, but that could be risky. Limmer competed hard at the Senior Bowl, but he has some skill-set limitations that are visible on tape. There is a chance that he gets overdrafted and ends up being a disappointment.

Roger Rosengarten, OT, Washington

Rosengarten has received some first-round projections from some in the media, but I do not see that kind of talent. Rogengarten has some athleticism and quickness, but he has a serious lack of play strength and an anchor that is problematic. Rosengarthen could be a disappointment as a first-rounder, and he will need to go to a zone team in order to be successful.


Bralen Trice, DE, Washington

Trice was a good college player, but I think he could have issues translating to the NFL. Trice plays hard, but at 6-foot-3, 245 pounds, he is extremely undersized for the NFL. Along with being undersized, Trice does not possess dominant speed and athleticism off the edge. He could have a hard time shedding blocks as a pro and could top out as just a backup.

Brandon Dorlus, DT, Oregon

I considered a couple players here, including Michael Hall Jr. because of his character issues and T’Vondre Sweat because of his weight and work ethic. However, Dorlus seems to be the riskiest overall of the top-rated defensive tackles. While Dorlus has some pass-rush ability, he is undersized and does not play hard 100 percent of the time. His lack of effort and bad motor are going to lead to pro coaches benching him if those habits aren’t changed immediately. Thus, Dorlus has the most bust potential of the early-round defensive tackles for the 2024 NFL Draft.

Junior Colson, LB, Michigan

Colson was a solid defender, but not an overly impressive one, for Michigan over the past three seasons. He is not a bad athlete, but he lacks instincts and is not physical. Colson shows ability in coverage, but needs to improve as a run defender. He could potentially get overdrafted, and it would not be a surprise if he is just an average player at the pro level.

T.J. Tampa, CB, Iowa State

Some in the media have projected Tampa as a first-round pick, but I think he is a mid-round backup-caliber player. While Tampa has good size and is a physical defender, he needs to be protected from lining up against fast receivers. Tampa lacks deep speed, and if a wideout gets free from him, Tampa does not have the speed to recover. Tampa also has some stiffness in changing direction. If he is a first-round pick, he will get forced onto the field quickly, which could result in him being a disappointment.

2024 NFL Draft Day 2 Values: Offense | 2024 NFL Draft Day 2 Values: Defense
2024 NFL Draft Potential Busts | 2024 NFL Draft Day 3 Sleepers


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