2019 NFL Draft Tracker: Update on the Top Five

It’s hard to believe that it’s already that time of year. Time flies!

The 2019 NFL Draft is upon us. From April 25th to April 27th in Nashville, Tennessee, we’ll get to see which of our favorite college football players get picked up by our favorite teams.

The draft day odds at the top betting sportsbook, Bookmaker, still have Nick Bosa at the top of the list … but now he is -300 as the No. 2 overall pick. Could Kyler Murray really go No. 1 overall?

Kyler Murray and Stacking Young QBs
The Cardinals have a superstar in the making with Josh Rosen. He’s your prototypical pocket passer, and as a rookie, he threw for 2,278 yards. Yes, he had more interceptions than touchdowns, but he was a rookie!

The Cardinals have a new Head Coach, and he is not loyal to Josh Rosen. In fact, it seems like the new coach already has more of a relationship with Murray. Kingsbury was trying to recruit Murray to Texas A&M way back in 2012 while the young start to be was still in high school. Since then, there has been a bit of a bromance slow-brewing, and now could be Kliff Klingsbury’s chance to get the player he has been chasing for seven years.

Now, it is looking like we could have a rookie running the show for two straight seasons. The Arizona Cardinals had the worst offense in the league. The question is, will the Cardinals hang on to Josh Rosen, or will we see him go in an amazing draft day trade?

The Giants are in desperate need of a QB that they can groom for a season or two under Eli. And what better than getting a talented pro-style QB like Rosen, who already has a year of NFL experience under his belt? We could see a major Giants-Cardinals trade coming.

Nick Bosa, EDGE
Bosa is the No. 1 prospect in the 2019 draft class. It doesn’t matter who you are or where your team is at, this is the kind of player you take now! If the San Francisco 49ers don’t take him – they will – the New York Jets will. If the Jets don’t take him, the Raiders will. Bosa is the kind of player that can help just about any team get better pressure off of the edge. So we should expect him to go second overall … that is unless top brass in Arizona overrides Klingsbury, then he could go No. 1 … you never know.

Quinnen Williams, DT/EDGE
There is a lot of speculation that the Jets will take Josh Allen out of Kentucky. But to honest, they need more help up front, especially on the edge. So, the Jets will pass on the linebacker hybrid and take the 303-pound defensive tackle out of Alabama.

If the New York Jets do take a guy like Josh Allen, Jon Gruden and the Raiders will hop all over a player like Quinnen Williams, especially now that they are sans one Khalil Mack.

Josh Allen, OLB/EDGE
We might as well just flip-flop here. The Raiders would probably prefer to get Quinnen Williams, but they would be happy with Josh Allen as well. Heck, the Niners could opt for Josh Allen, and then we would have Bosa in NY and Josh Allen would still end up on the Raiders. That said, it is just as likely for the Jets to grab Josh Allen, so like we said … Flip-flop?

Devin White, OLB
The Raiders may also opt for Devin White. He is the type of player that can be effective for years and grow into a leadership role. If the Raiders don’t take him, the Buccaneers won’t leave White on the board.

It is going to be an exciting weekend of draft picks, trades, and franchise mayhem!

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