2015 NFL Draft: College Football Game Recaps – Week 7

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By Charlie Campbell.
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Mississippi State 38, Auburn 23
  • Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott has been one of the most-improved players in college football this year and is in the process of turning himself into a legit pro quarterback prospect. Prescott had a mixed outing overall against Auburn.

    After a quick Auburn turnover, Prescott hit his receiver in the middle of the field with an accurate pass, and De�Runnya Wilson broke a tackle en route to a 34-yard touchdown. Shortly later, Prescott had great ball placement on a back-shoulder throw for a 22-yard gain. It was an NFL throw by Prescott that showed arm strength and accuracy. To end that drive, Prescott ran the ball into the end zone from a few yards out.

    Early in the second quarter, Prescott tried to go to the back shoulder again, but his pass was inaccurate toward the middle of the field and was intercepted. It wasn�t long before he threw another pick, as he stared down his receiver in the end zone, which allowed the corner to undercut the wideout for a pick. Prescott came back to rip off some good runs, including a 15-yard touchdown shortly before the half.

    Prescott did more damage with his feet in the second half, as the Bulldogs gradually ran the clock out. Prescott was 18-of-34 for 246 yards with a score and two interceptions. He ran for 121 rushing yards on 21 carries with two scores. This was a tape that illustrates that Prescott is better, but still has room for improvement as a passer.

  • Auburn junior wide receiver Sammie Coates had a frustrating day, as there were many plays left on the field for the talented receiver. Then again, he also was robbed of his best play by a terrible penalty.

    To open the third quarter, Coates beat the cornerback on a go route down the sideline, and he made a great hands catch for a gain of 68 yards. However, an official made an awful call and said that Coates pushed off, but it should have been a no-call because both players were scrapping. The corner actually initiated the contact because Coates was gaining separation.

    Coates made a great catch for a touchdown earlier, but it was taken away by an illegal touching penalty by Coates, as he lost his place in the back of the end zone to run out of bounds before catching the pass. It was a mental mistake by Coates. A little bit later, Coates got wide open for a touchdown deep down the field, but he came up short on a pass he probably should have run down. Coates caught three passes for 22 yards and drew a pass interference penalty.

  • This game could have been a big test for Mississippi State inside linebacker Bernardrick McKinney, as he had the tough task of taking on the potent Auburn ground offense. However, McKinney had a fairly quiet outing. He made some tackles in run support and was tough in the tackle box while taking on blockers, but he didn�t make any standout plays. He also rotated out of the game a fair amount. This tape shouldn�t help or hurt McKinney significantly.

    Oklahoma 31, Texas 26
  • The Red River Rivalry featured plenty of front seven defensive talent in defensive tackle Malcom Brown, defensive ends Cedric Reed and Hassan Ridgeway (all Texas), linebackers Eric Striker and Geno Grissom, defensive end Charles Tapper and nose tackle Jordan Philips (all Oklahoma). Of them all, Striker was the player who stood out the most.

  • Throughout the game, Striker was flying around the field and disrupting the Texas offense. Early in the first half, Striker had a good rush as he fired down the middle of the pocket to force an incompletion. Striker later blitzed from outside linebacker, and he burned the left tackle for a sack.

    At the start of the fourth quarter, Striker chased down running back Malcolm Brown on an option. It was a great play, as he forced the pitch and made the tackle. It wasn�t all good for Striker, as he was handled by a tight end on a touchdown in the fourth quarter. The run went right by Striker.

    Overall though, Striker played well, as he functioned in pass coverage while also showing his excellent pass-rushing skills. He still needs to add power for the NFL to help himself in the ground game, but Striker is a fast playmaker who could fit in a 4-3 or 3-4 defense. This tape will help him to receive an early-round grade.

  • The Texas defensive linemen had a mixed outing. Malcom Brown was playing well in the early going. To get his game started, he had a good tackle at the line after shedding a block. Brown then got penetration by firing by the left guard, and he recognized Trevor Knight was about to pass, so he got a big paw in the air to slap the third down pass away. He added a few other run stuffs, but Brown was quiet in the second half.

    Reed was the opposite. He was a ghost in the first half before making some plays to help Texas attempt a comeback. He chased Knight out of bounds for a sack and made an impressive tackle in run defense after shedding his block at the point of attack. Overall, this tape was rather neutral for Brown and Reed.

  • The other Oklahoma front-seven players were active. Philips started the game strong and was giving Texas a ton of problems whenever he was single blocked. Philips fired by the center to bust up a run in the backfield and caused other stops by generating a pile in the middle of the line. Texas did a better job of handling Philips in the second half, but he looks like a starting 3-4 nose tackle prospect for the NFL.

    Grissom started a sack with a speed rush. He was active, but he doesn�t look as special as Philips or Striker.


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