2013 NFL Draft: College Football Game Recaps – Week 2

This section breaks down many college football games each week and highlights how 2014 NFL Draft Prospects have performed. Or look at the 2014 NFL Draft Stock page.

By Charlie Campbell.
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Tennessee 52, Western Kentucky 20
There were two good linebacker prospects in this game. Tennessee junior linebacker A.J. Johnson and Western Kentucky linebacker Andrew Jackson both entered the 2013 season as potential early-round picks for next May. This wasn’t the best game for evaluation purposes as the Volunteers blew out the Hilltoppers thanks to an insane string of turnovers by the Western Kentucky offense in the middle of the first half. Overall, this game provided a better look at Johnson.

Johnson’s day got started when he tackled a tight end after he made a catch in zone coverage. On the next play, Western Kentucky dropped a dump off pass in the flat and Johnson flattened the back for no gain. Johnson did a great job later on the same drive of reading his keys to fire into the backfield on a sweep and make a tackle for a loss of three yards.

In pass defense, Johnson had some eventful plays. He chased down a running back after a reception, but was a little slow to react. Johnson was beat for a touchdown on a play, though that wasn’t really one linebackers are expected to make. The slot receiver ran a crossing route in front of Johnson, and he tried to run with the receiver. After allowing a little separation, the pass was well thrown to lead the receiver to the sideline and turn up to the end zone. The athletic linebacker had the responsibility of covering the slot receiver, but that is mismatch at any level of football unless you have a NFL All-Pro like Luke Kuechly or Patrick Willis.

Early in the fourth quarter, Johnson made a nice play along the goal line to get off a block from the fullback and drag down the running back. On a run that almost produced a touchdown for for the Hiltoppers, Johnson took a step too far in pursuit and was washed out of the play by an offensive lineman.

Johnson totaled eight tackles with a tackle for a loss against Western Kentucky. He needs to improve his ability to shed blocks from heavy blockers. The junior showed the speed to get to running backs on the sideline. To help his draft stock, Johnson needs to show the ability to have a big impact when Tennessee takes on Oregon, Florida and Georgia over their next four games. They all have good rushing attacks to test him.

For the NFL, Johnson looks like he has the potential to develop into a three-down linebacker in a 4-3 or 3-4 defense. He isn’t a complete package yet, so he may end up being a second-day pick rather than a first-rounder. Plus, it is getting increasingly tough for inside linebackers to crack the top 32.

Jackson didn’t really have an eventful game. With all of the turnovers and defensive scores, Tennessee lit up the scoreboard in quick order and the Volunteers’ defense was back out on the field.

On his first play, Jackson dove and almost made a tackle for a loss. He made a few good run tackles in the tackle box. Jackson finished with six tackles with three solo stops and three assisted tackles. This tape won’t hurt or help his stock.

Jackson has some quickness, but isn’t a true sideline-to-sideline defender. He also is smaller and thicker than the trend of middle linebackers in the NFL. Teams want linebackers who can be good in pass coverage. Jackson looks more like an in-the-box thumper. That could limit the number of 4-3 defenses that consider him as a starting middle linebacker. He probably would be best as a run-stuffer on the inside of a 3-4 defense that comes out in nickel situations.

Tennessee defensive tackle Daniel McCullers is another potential early-round prospect. He had a quiet game against Western Kentucky. McCullers shed a block from the guard in the third quarter and swallowed the running back to limit the gain to one yard. McCullers held his ground at the line of scrimmage, but wasn’t being a real disruptive force. He isn’t consistent enough. McCullers has the size and power to make more plays than he does. In order to help his draft stock, McCullers needs to play better in the weeks to come.

One Volunteers lineman who impressed was junior left tackle Antonio Richardson. He was absolutely dominant against Western Kentucky. Richardson was riding defensive ends around the field in run blocking, using quickness to hit blocks on the second level and not allowing a pass-rusher to get close to his quarterback.

In garbage time in the second half, Richardson was called for a hold on a running play. It was the kind of call that often isn’t flagged. The 6-foot-6, 327-pounder has some quickness and athleticism to go with his power. This tape definitely adds to the resume of Richardson being a first-round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

BYU 40, Texas 21
There were two prospect edge-defenders on display in this game. BYU senior linebacker Kyle Van Noy and Texas senior defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat both look like they could be dangerous outside linebackers in a 3-4 defense in the NFL. In this game, Van Noy was far more impressive.

Van Noy’s highlights started with him using a spin move off the edge to get in the backfield and help stuff a run for a loss on a third-and-1. On the next drive, he tackled a receiver on the sideline to limit his gain to five yards. Van Noy used his spin move a few plays later to beat the left tackle and almost sacked quarterback David Ash, but the signal-caller stepped up to avoid the rush.

On a first-and-goal at the one-yard line, Van Noy knifed into the backfield to set up teammates to stop the back for a loss of two. Van Noy looped around the tackle to make a tackle for no gain on the next snap. On the next drive, Van Noy took a hard inside rush and buried Ash before Texas could effectively set up a screen. The quarterback got the ball off before Van Noy put him in the turf. He got another hit on Ash after shedding a block from a running back on an edge rush.

Van Noy finally got Ash down in the third quarter. Van Noy started on the right side before looping around the line and diving into the legs of Ash. It was Van Noy’s first sack of the season.

Van Noy couldn’t get off a block on a big run by Texas on the next drive. A short time later though, he juked the right tackle to hit Ash as he threw and cause an incompletion. It was dangerously close to a strip-sack on the Longhorns. After that Van Noy didn’t get to the quarterback and was buried on some blocks. He also was washed out by a few double-teams.

Overall though, Van Noy played an excellent game. He was active in run defense and put a ton of heat on the quarterback. This tape definitely helps his effort to impress NFL scouts.

Jeffcoat got in on a tackle with some teammates on the first drive of the game, but also was struggling to get off some blocks. Jeffcoat made a tackle in run defense after he was unblocked. During the second quarter, Jeffcoat had a nice speed rush to blast the quarterback and almost created an interception.

Jeffcoat showed good effort just before halftime to make a tackle to stop a 36-yard run downfield. Jeffcoat spent a lot of second-half snaps on the sideline. He wasn’t getting heat on the quarterbacks or making an impact in run defense. Texas’ defense allowed the most rushing yards in the history of the university and no front-seven defender did well against the run. Jeffcoat needs more power for the NFL. Overall, this performance won’t help him and will do more to harm his draft stock.

There was another good draft matchup in this game with BYU wide receiver Cody Hoffman going against Texas cornerbacks Carrington Byndom and Quandre Diggs. The Longhorns’ defense had a lot of problems with the Cougars, but neither of Texas’ corners was torched in pass coverage.

Byndom had good coverage on Ross Apo on a pass in the end zone to force an incompletion and a field goal try. Hoffman’s first reception came when he got behind defensive back Duke Thomas for a 32-yards gain into Longhorns territory. In the third quarter, Hoffman made a tough catch over the helmet of a cornerback for a 31-yard gain. Hoffman drew a pass interference with coverage from Byndom in the same quarter. It was the right call as Byndom held Hoffman.

Those were Hoffman’s only receptions and neither came against Byndom or Diggs. He looks like a big possession receiver for the next level, but could lack the speed to separate from NFL defensive backs.

Michigan 41, Notre Dame 30
There was a great draft matchup in this game between Michigan senior left tackle Taylor Lewan and Notre Dame defensive end Stephon Tuitt. Last year, Lewan had a tough battle with the Fighting Irish and was beaten for a sack by linebacker Prince Shembo. Lewan has a pretty easy schedule of pass-rushers in 2013, so Tuitt could be the best test Lewan will see in his final collegiate season. Overall, both players had good performances. Tuitt moved around the line a lot and probably went against the right tackle more than he did against Lewan.

Early on, Tuitt got penetration in the backfield to blow up a run. He came unblocked on a roll out during the second quarter, but he couldn’t chase down quarterback Devin Gardner. The athletic signal-caller was able to use his speed to escape Tuitt, but it was still an impressive rush from big No. 7.

Tuitt made a huge splash play in the second half that helped get Notre Dame back in the game. Gardner was about to be sacked in the end zone for a safety when he tried to throw the ball away. The ball fluttered in the air and Tuitt made a stunningly athletic play to reach low and catch the pass at ankle height for a Notre Dame touchdown.

In the fourth quarter, Tuitt had some good pass rushes to pressure Gardner, but didn’t get any sacks. Overall, Tuitt performed well and this tape should help him. Tuitt weighs in around 320 at the moment, but he may be better off playing in the 300-310-pound range to maximize his quickness.

Throughout the night, Lewan had a lot of good run blocks against the Irish. He also did well protecting Gardner’s blind side and kept Shembo out of the pocket on a few touchdown passes.

Lewan had another good block on Shembo just before halftime that let Gardner get outside the pocket and run to the left side. Lewan had to leave the game early in the fourth quarter before a third down. It looked like he had been poked in the eye. The senior came back to finish the game and was reliable all four quarters at protecting his quarterback’s blind side. It was a good performance by Lewan and a tape that helps his cause to be a high first-round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Tuitt and Lewan weren’t the only potential high first-rounders battling at the point of attack in this game. Notre Dame senior defensive tackle Louis Nix had an excellent evening and controlled the middle. He stuffed a run early on and continued that trend throughout the night.

Nix constantly absorbed a guard-center double teams, but held his ground. In the second quarter, Gardner ran for a touchdown and scooted past Nix to get in the end zone. Michigan ran a stretch play and Gardner cut back up the middle and Nix couldn’t reverse field quick enough to stuff Gardner short of the score.

Nix had an impressive play just before halftime as he bull-rushed the center straight down the pocket to pressure Gardner. The center got away with a hold on the play, but Nix still came close to a sack. In the third quarter, Nix blew up a run in the backfield to set up a loss of three for his defense. He showed his speed and pursuit skills late in the game by pushing Gardner out of bounds along the sideline.

Nix blew by the guard and center late in the fourth quarter to tackle the running back for a loss of two yards. Nix did the same thing on the next play and ripped the back into the turf with authority.

Nix made a lot of plays on Michigan’s side of the line of scrimmage for Notre Dame. This was an impressive performance that will help the senior’s draft stock. The heavy tackle’s conditioning was impressive as he looked fresh in the fourth quarter and didn’t seem to tire.

The player who may have helped his draft stock the most in this game was Wolverines senior wide out Jeremy Gallon. The 5-foot-8, 184-pounder torched the Fighting Irish defense. He made big plays all game. To get Michigan’s night started, Gallon caught a pass downfield and sprung by the defenders to race away for a 61-yard touchdown. He followed that with touchdown receptions of 13 and 12 yards. The senior finished the evening with eight catches for 184 yards with three scores. This game will definitely help Gallon’s bid to get on scouts’ radars as a potential slot receiver.

Georgia 41, South Carolina 30
South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney may be the consensus top-draft prospect in college football, but he had an underwhelming season opener against North Carolina. Clowney looked out of shape and took a number of plays off. He blamed the performance on a stomach flu, but he had nine days of preparation before taking on Georgia.

Clowney’s target for this week’s contest was Bulldogs quarterback Aaron Murray. The senior has had some issues with poise in the pocket against good defenses and teams with pass-rushing talent over his career. That could be seen in Georgia’s loss to Clemson last Saturday, so Murray also had something to prove in Week 2.

Clowney almost got a sack on Murray, but was unable to get him to the ground before the quarterback was able to get a long completion downfield. In the early going, Clowney was firing into the backfield some, but also was beaten on some plays. He was effectively single-blocked on a third-and-13 and a converted fourth-and-13.

Clowney clearly took a run play off on the next drive. He bounced back on the following play by showing good effort in chasing Georgia’s Keith Marshall on a 28-yard run. The snap after that Clowney fired to the inside by the left tackle to run down Murray for his first sack of the season.

In the third quarter, Clowney knifed into the backfield and was able to stuff a run from Todd Gurley for no gain. Clowney took his time getting off the field a bit a later and that resulted in South Carolina being flagged for too many men on the field; Georgia got a free first down as a result. Clowney seemed to be favoring his ankle.

A few plays later, Clowney was blocked by the fullback to open up a nice hole for a Bulldogs run. Clowney managed to get in on a run tackle later on the drive. He then came close to a tackle a for a loss, but Gurley dodged him. ESPN totaled Clowney as finishing the evening with three tackles and a sack. He had a solid game that flashed his amazing skill set, but he wasn’t dominant.

Georgia and Murray needed this game and the senior signal-caller came through with a clutch performance. Murray displayed phenomenal decision-making and was amazingly efficient. He combined with a good ground game to light up the scoreboard against a talented defense.

Murray threw accurately all day. Midway through the first quarter, he tossed an easy touchdown to a wide open tight end Arthur Lynch off of a play-action and a good release by Lynch. Murray followed that up with a big throw to Lynch down the middle of the field and then delivered a bullet to covert a fourth-and-13. Murray’s second touchdown pass came when he tossed a pass in the flat to Marshall, who sprinted into the end zone.

Murray had a big gain on a little dump off to Marshall for a 48-yard gain in the third quarter. At the end of the quarter, Murray made a nice play as he rolled to his right and lofted in an eight-yard touchdown pass to Gurley. Murray threw accurately even though he knew he was going to take a big hit from Chaz Sutton. Clowney flushed Murray out of the pocket with an inside rush early in the fourth quarter. Murray responded by rolling left to find a wide-open receiver downfield. A nice toss to that target let the receiver sprint down the field for the 85-yard score.

Murray was phenomenal on third down against South Carolina. He looked a lot more poised and confident than he did a week ago versus Clemson. Against the Gamecocks, Murray completed 17-of-23 passes for 309 yards with four touchdowns and zero interceptions. This performance really helps the senior’s draft stock.

There is another prospect worth mentioning. Georgia cornerback Damian Swann had his second good game. He had sound coverage all day and wasn’t allowing separation. Swann chased down Gamecocks running back Mike Davis to make a touchdown-saving tackle at the five-yard line. Otherwise, Swann was quiet, though for all the right reasons. He’s helped himself in the early going of 2013.

Baylor 70, Buffalo 13
One of the breakout stars in the first week of college football was Buffalo linebacker Khalil Mack. He had a tremendous game against Ohio State and dominated the Buckeyes. Mack was poised to see an even tougher test in Week 2 as Baylor features a high-powered offense with one of the best running backs in the nation. Bears junior tailback Lache Seastrunk has a rare combination of size and speed.

Against Baylor, Mack was basically a non-factor. He got in a few tackles in run support, but didn’t make any splash plays. Baylor’s quick-strike offense was completely dominant in its ability to throw passes and rip off big runs. Mack’s hands were largely tied by the tempo and play-making ability of the Bears’ elite offense. Mack’s stock shouldn’t be hurt significantly from this tape.

The 5-foot-10, 215-pound Seastrunk dominated Buffalo and only had to play one half. In the first quarter, he helped move the ball with some tough runs and plunged into the end zone on a short dive. Seastrunk scored on the next drive with an eight-yard run up the middle. Mack was manhandled on the play by an offensive lineman.

Seastrunk put up a highlight-reel touchdown run in the second quarter. He went off the right tackle, pounded a tackler into the turf and exploded toward the corner to dive into the end zone. Seastrunk picked up an extra 14 yards after running over the safety. The refs reviewed the play and ruled that Seastrunk stepped out of bounds a yard short of the end zone, so he plunged in for the score on the next play. That gave him 117 yards midway through the second quarter.

Seastrunk’s next carry was his third touchdown of the night. He ran up the middle, bounced off a defensive tackle, and kicked the run outside for a 38-yard touchdown. That was the end of the day for Seastrunk as Baylor scored eight touchdowns before halftime. He totaled 157 yards on 18 carries for three scores.

This tape definitely helps Seastrunk. He showed great vision, balance, speed and power. Seastrunk really does a superb job of running behind his pads and that accentuates his strength to allow him to pick up a lot of yards after contact. The only question that NFL scouts should have about Seastrunk is his ability to contribute in the passing game as a blocker and receiver. It will be interesting to see if that is adequately answered this season. Seatrunk definitely has a first-round skill set.

Baylor senior wide receiver Tevin Reese had a big game as well. He caught a little hitch and ran by the cornerback to explode down the field for a 62-yard touchdown run. On the next possession, Reese made a big catch along the sideline for 44 yards. He totaled four receptions for 131 yards and one touchdown. This tape will help his draft grade.

Another senior wide out had a good game and was the only player from Buffalo to be impressive. Early in the game, Alex Neutz was killing Baylor’s secondary. He had a reception of about 50 yards on a flea flicker. He burned the Bears’ defense down the middle again on a deep post and scored a 14-yard touchdown on a slant through the middle.

Neutz torched the secondary again in the second quarter with a stop-and-go that he tookf for 62 yards. Neutz caught six passes for 197 yards with a touchdown for the evening. The 6-foot-3, 205-pounder is a good college receiver, but he may not have NFL speed. Still, Neutz could be a good sleeper receiver to keep an eye on.

Michigan State 21, South Florida 6
South Florida defensive end Aaron Lynch is one of the most interesting draft prospects in the nation. He had a superb freshman season for Notre Dame before transferring to South Florida. Lynch was forced to sit out 2012 by the NCAA and didn’t make much noise in his debut for the Bulls in Week 1 this year.

Michigan State features one of the better offensive lines the Bulls play this season. That caused Lynch to start slow and not have a big impact in the early going. After getting in on a run tackle, Lynch was pancaked by a tight end in an ugly fashion that left him rocked to the ground and buried.

Lynch recovered to flash an impressive rush a few plays later. He used speed to get a step and a rip move to maintain leverage on the right tackle. Lynch planted the quarterback just after he let go of his pass. The play showed the transfer’s combination of power and speed.

In the third quarter, Lynch jumped offsides on a third-and-3 to give the Spartans a first down. He almost set up an interception a while later by getting in the quarterback’s face and tipping a pass into the air. Lynch kept up the good plays by almost picking up a sack after using a spin move to get free from his blockers.

Overall, Lynch had a game that illustrated that he has a legitimate skill set. He has real speed and explosion off the snap. The sophomore could use more strength in his game and needs to improve his technique. Lynch could play with better pad level and improve his ability to get off blocks. He is still a raw player, but he has a ton of athletic ability to develop into an impact player.

The Spartans have some defensive draft prospects of their own. Junior safety Kurtis Drummond was very impressive in Michigan State’s season opener and continued that trend in this game. Drummond batted a pass on a blitz, prevented a touchdown on a 24-yard run with a clutch open-field tackle and made a number of good tackles. He made his presence felt all day against both the run and the pass. This tape definitely helps the junior. Michigan State senior cornerback Darqueze Dennard also flashed against the overmatched South Florida Bulls. Dennard squandered an easy first-quarter interception as the ball bounced off his chest. He read the route correctly and had nothing but 40 yards of grass in front of him. It was an easy catch and a horrible missed opportunity. Dennard had a nice tackle for a loss on a corner blitz just before halftime.

Dennard was beaten on 25-yard a back shoulder throw late in the game when Bulls wide receiver Andre Davis a great adjustment. Dennard had good coverage, but it was a great play by Davis. Overall, Dennard had a decent performance against South Florida, although he did let some opportunities get away.

Spartans senior inside linebacker Max Bullough is a hard-nosed run-stuffer. His highlighs include a nice pass pressure on a bootleg that forced an incompletion. In the second quarter, Bullough notched a sack on an interior blitz after coming unblocked, but the takedown was negated by a facemask penalty on another defender.

Bullough was tossed to the ground by an interior linemen to set up a 24-yard run in the same quarter. Bullough shook that off a few plays later by taking on a block and shedding it to made a good tackle. Overall against South Florida, Bullough did a good job of stuffing runs for Michigan State. However, he doesn’t look like he has the speed and athletic ability for pass defense in the NFL. Bullough may only be a run-down defender in the pros.

Another senior who had a quality game for the Spartans was outside linebacker Denicos Allen. He spent the whole game living in the backfield and came close to a lot of sacks on blitzes off the edge. In the third quarter, Allen hit the quarterback on a blitz that forced an interception a fellow Spartan returned for a touchdown. Allen had another tipped pass after applying pressure on a blitz. He fired through the line and had the quarterback in his grasp, but couldn’t finish the tackle. Allen (5-11, 218) is very undersized for the NFL, but he could be a developmental prospect who has some pass-rush ability.

Miami 21, Florida 16
The in-state rivalry game was a good test for Miami senior quarterback Stephen Morris. Miami doesn’t play a lot of great defenses in the weak ACC, so going against a talented Gator defense would provide a nice test for Morris.

Morris made a few nice throws on a first-quarter drive from midfield. He threw a perfect pass to the back sideline of the end zone for a score. At the end of the first quarter, Morris fired a pretty 52-yard bomb for a touchdown. Morris did a great job of seeing his slot receiver with one-on-one deep coverage against a freshman safety. Aside from those plays, Morris wasn’t impressive against the Gators.

Morris later made a bad decision on a throw that hit the hands of the middle linebacker, and there were other defenders who were close to intercepting the pass. His next pass was into tight coverage and was also almost picked off.

During the fourth quarter, Morris had a bad overthrow that was intercepted by freshman Vernon Hargreaves. The return set up the Gators at midfield. Morris had his receiver open for a conversion on the third-and-long, but couldn’t deliver an accurate pass.

Morris finished the game 12-of-25 for 164 yards with two touchdowns and an interception. He didn’t play well enough to help his draft stock (I currently have Stephen Morris going in the second round to the Vikings of my mock draft. Morris showed a live arm, but didn’t have the accuracy to beat some good coverage. Florida’s defense outplayed Morris and Miami, and if the Gator offense wasn’t completely incompetent, they would have won the game.

The Gator defense, meanwhile, has a lot of talent for the NFL. The most impressive player for Florida was senior defensive end/tackle Dominique Easley. He dominated Miami’s offensive line all day.

Easley was called for a roughing-the-passer penalty early, but later blew by the guard to tackle Duke Johnson for a loss of three. Easley had a nice pass rush and drew two holding penalties on the next two plays.

In the third quarter, Easley came close to a sack with a blazing rush of power and speed. Shortly later, he got off the ball so fast to blow up a run in the backfield for a loss of six. Easley drew another holding penalty that negated a long run for Miami in the fourth quarter. Easley then showed a first-round combination of power and explosion against the Hurricanes. This tape helps his bid to be a high draft pick.

Florida also has two cornerback prospects that are potential first-round picks in juniors Loucheiz Purifoy and Marcus Roberson. Purifoy was seeing his first action of the year after being suspended for the season opener. In the first quarter, Purifoy had good coverage on a deep pass along the sideline. The special-teams demon made his presence felt when he had a tremendous blocked punt coming up the middle of the Miami line. That set up an easy nine-yard touchdown for the Gators offense.

Purifoy had an impressive tackle in run defense in the third quarter. However, shortly afterward, Purifoy missed a tackle on a short throw to the wide receiver along the sideline. That led to a long run for the wide out and a 36-yard gain. Purifoy missed another tackle on Duke Johnson in the backfield and that allowed a nine-yard pick up for Johnson. Aside from the missed tackles, Purifoy had a good game in coverage. Overall, this tape will help his stock.

Roberson also played well. He had perfect coverage on a wide receiver along the deep sideline. Morris threw the ball anyway and Roberson had his hands on it before the wide receiver was able to slap it out of his hands to avoid an interception. At some point in the second half, Roberson suffered an injury and didn’t finish the game. This tape should help Roberson.

Another defender who a strong day was fourth-year junior linebacker Ron Powell. The former No. 1 recruit in the nation was coming on as a sophomore in 2011 before missing the 2012 season with an ACL. Powell had some good battles against Miami senior right tackle Seantrel Henderson, another former No. 1 recruit in nation.

Powell almost had a sack in the third quarter, but Morris spiked the ball into the ground in front of a running back to avoid the sack. In the third quarter Powell had an awesome rush to get a sack. He cut to the inside in front of Henderson, who thought the guard would pick him up, Powell spun off the center and ripped down Morris. It was a phenomenal play.

In the fourth quarter, Powell showed good discipline and instincts to stay home on a reverse and set up a tackle for a loss. Overall, this was a really good tape that should help Powell when he enters the draft. Henderson had his share of wins. This performance won’t hurt or help him significantly.

Miami had a linebacker who helped his stock as well. Junior Denzel Perryman was all over the field for the Hurricanes. He played a big role in Florida struggling to run the ball in between the tackles. Perryman put a big hit on Florida running back Matt Jones early on to force a fumble that was recovered by Miami at midfield.

In the third quarter, Perryman made a nice tackle to stuff a run for no gain and followed it with a great open field tackle on a wide receiver. Perryman also showed well in pass coverage. He covered a lot of ground and did a nice job of covering receivers that came into his zone. Perryman put up a good tackle total with a forced fumble. This performance definitely helps his draft stock for 2014 or 2015.

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