Big Ten Coronavirus Stupidity

I’ve always despised the Ivory Tower, loud-minority, hive-mind blue checkmarks on Twitter, but my hatred for them has grown throughout this pandemic. They, of course, were behind the campaign not to play college football this season, and they convinced the Big Ten and Pac-12 to cancel their 2020 campaigns.

I never understood the thought process behind canceling college football. College athletes are not at risk of the Coronavirus. Of all the people who have died with the virus – not even of the virus – only three percent have been under the age of 44, and as of Aug. 31, only 9,210 people have died of the virus rather than with the virus, per the CDC. The other reported deaths had an average of 2.6 comorbidities.

Of the 9,210, most were old people in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois and Connecticut nursing homes. Scumbag governors and their eunuchs systemically put sick people into nursing homes, resulting in thousands of unnecessary deaths. I personally believe they did this to increase the death count in order to hurt the economy for political reasons. I have no proof of this, but it’s the only explanation I have for why they killed so many elderly people almost intentionally.

Old and sick people are the only vulnerable people in the pandemic. College football players, who are world-class athletes in their prime, are the polar opposite of old and sick people. There’s a reason no athlete has been hospitalized as a result of the virus. Baseball had two snags with the Marlins and Cardinals having “outbreaks,” but both teams resumed play following a brief hiatus. If baseball can operate almost perfectly, why can’t college football?

Besides, college football players are safer on campus than their homes. They have access to elite medical facilities and team doctors on campus. They don’t have that at home. In fact, they might have 85-year-old grandma at home. What if they infect her after a day at work or a night out with friends? Grandma will be safer if the players aren’t home.

I’ve heard the notion that college football will increase the spread of the virus, which is nonsense to me. Spreading can occur just as easily at home, and campuses are a bubble anyway. There might be an outbreak on campus anyway, but who cares? Again, these are 18- to 22-year-olds who aren’t in any danger. It’s not the worst thing if they get infected. There’s a 20-percent chance they’ll cough for a night, and then their immunity to the virus will increase.

All logic and science dictates that playing college football is safe, so why do these scumbag blue checkmarks want college football to be canceled? To answer that question, it’s important to understand their personalities. The blue checkmarks are some of the most miserable people on Earth. To them, everything sucks, including this great country. They want everything to fail, especially America. It’s their wet dream that everyone is locked inside their house and cries in the corner. And even then, they won’t even be happy; they’ll just be slightly less miserable.

College football succeeding ruins the blue checkmarks’ plan of ruining America. Not only does college football bring in tons of revenue for many people; it also revives a sense of normalcy that we haven’t had since the middle of March. If college football is on TV, we’re one step closer to realizing that everything is OK.

Luckily, we have some smart people in the college ranks. The SEC, ACC and Big XII need to be commended for leading the charge for college football being played this year. While they were on the short end of harsh criticism from the media elite, they were the smart ones. Unlike the Big Ten and Pac-12, they aren’t going to lose millions of dollars in 2020. They will greatly profit from their wise decision. Conversely, the Pac-12 had to lay off many people. The blue checkmarks don’t care about people getting laid off. They’ll always have jobs, as they write for publications while not whining and complaining on Twitter.

There’s now some chatter that the Big Ten could change its mind and begin play on Oct. 10. This was in response to President Donald Trump meeting with the Big Ten commissioner. This enraged the blue checks, as they cried that this was a political move by President Trump to win the battleground states in the midwest. Oh, wow, so they don’t like a political move? That’s funny because all they’ve been doing since March is politicizing the virus. These people are unbelievable!

I’m done with these idiots. I’m sure many of the blue checks will be angry with this post, and they’ll whine and complain about it, but I don’t care. They are morons, and no one should ever listen to them ever again because they’ve exposed themselves as utter miserable scumbags amid this pandemic.

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