NFL Hot Press: Negative Medical Reports for Kendall Fuller

Negative Medical Reports for Kendall Fuller

Updated March 25, 2016
By Charlie Campbell. Follow Charlie on Twitter @draftcampbell.

In terms of a pure cover corner, some teams feel that Virginia Tech cornerback Kendall Fuller is the best in the draft. Across the league, teams love his tape from the 2014 season. Some scouts graded Fuller higher than Florida State’s Jalen Ramsey and Florida’s Vernon Hargreaves III based off that tape. However, Fuller missed almost the entire 2015 season with a knee injury. Sources say that Fuller’s medical check at the Combine was not good, and as a result most teams are lowering him to the second day of the 2016 NFL Draft.

Sources said that if the Combine medical recheck goes well, he should be safe in the second round. One teams that is in the cornerback market and picking high in the first round said they had him as a first-rounder, but now view him more as a third. If this medical recheck goes well, the second round is reasonable. Another team picking in the top 10 that needs cornerback help said they had Fuller as a mid-to-late second after the medical.

Three other teams said they had first-round grades on Fuller, but because of the medical, they lowered him to the second. One playoff team said they lowered him to a late first, early second. Prior to that, they had him in the middle of the first.

Thus, there is a consensus around the league that Fuller is more of a second-day pick as it stands now with his medical recheck being critical. If that goes well, Fuller could get back into the first round, but after the Combine exam, it sounds like Fuller is more likely to go on the second day.

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