2016 NBA Mock Draft: Round One – Picks 16-30

By Mike Elworth.

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David Kay’s 2016 NBA Mock Draft

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Updated: March 16, 2016.

  1. Detroit Pistons: Demetrius Jackson, PG, Notre Dame
    The Pistons have a very nice starting five, but they need bench help and depth at guard, so taking sixth man like Jackson, who could play from his first day in the NBA, makes a lot of sense. They need a go-to bench scorer and somebody to run the offense in the second unit who is not Steve Blake, making Jackson an easy choice for them.

  2. Houston Rockets: Wade Baldwin IV, PG, Villanova
    Right now, Baldwin is an excellent shooter and defender, which makes him a perfect fit next to James Harden at guard. Additionally, Baldwin also has the ability to run an offense, meaning he can be the man in the second unit. A trio of Harden-Patrick Beverley-Baldwin at guard has the mix of scoring, play-making, shooting and defense to be elite.

  3. Memphis Grizzlies: Denzel Valentine, G/F, Michigan State
    Valentine has ridiculous numbers and is a versatile talent who defends, scores, shoots, rebounds and can run an offense. He is a perfect fit with the Grizzlies as they need help on the perimeter and youth. He should fit their culture, too.

  4. Boston Celtics (From Mavericks): Thomas Bryant, C, Indiana
    The one thing the Celtics lack after a superstar is a franchise center, and with so many excellent centers in this draft and so many picks, they could find theirs. Bryant should probably go to school for a second season, as he would have a chance to play a bigger role for the Hoosiers and improve his stock, but that is doubtful. Regardless, the talent is there for a 17-point, 10-rebound per-game starting center with the ability to shoot the ball.

  5. Atlanta Hawks: Anthony Barber, PG, North Carolina State,
    Nobody knows why, but the Hawks don’t really like Jeff Teague, so he will likely be traded in the offseason so they can let Dennis Schroder be the starter, which means they are probably going to need a reserve. This is Barber’s first appearance in my mock draft, but I am a fan of the player and fit. He is a truly elite scorer who should be an excellent NBA sixth man.

  6. Denver Nuggets (From Trail Blazers): Damontas Sabonis, PF, Gonzaga
    This pick is Sabonis or Marquese Chriss, and I think the ability of Sabonis to play multiple positions (four and five) and his intangibles and skill make him more valualbe to Denver, which has too many forwards already. He is one of the best big man scorers and rebounders in the 2016 NBA Draft; he just lacks the athleticism of one of the first 10 picks.

  7. Indiana Pacers: Marquese Chriss, F, Washington
    Indiana has Paul George and stud rookie Myles Turner at forward, and although the Pacers need a franchise center, the value of Chriss is too much for them to say no to, plus there are no more obvious first-round centers. Chriss is an athletic forward who can shoot, block shots, rebound, score and has excellent potential. His numbers per minute in all regards are ridiculous.

  8. Philadelphia 76ers (From Heat): Grayson Allen, SG, Duke
    I like Grayson Allen a lot more than most scouts because he is pure scorer with athleticism and such prospects seem to be a lock to be at least strong role players. However, Grayson has the attitude of a stud as well and wants to be excellent, and I think he will prove himself to be a strong starting two-guard in the NBA. The 76ers just need to pick the best talent, and that is Allen.

  9. Boston Celtics: Caris LeVert, SF, Michigan
    LeVert is a versatile talent and the Celtics love versatility. They also still need some help at the two and three, where they have a lot of players, but after Jae Crowder, all mediocre. I love LeVert’s game as he is a shooter and scorer, but can also play on the ball and run the offense. He could become an excellent NBA sixth man.

  10. Toronto Raptors: Taurean Prince, F, Baylor
    With their second first-round pick, the Raptors would be wise to get some help at forward and I like the fit of the Baylor three. A three-and-D prospect, Taurean Prince would give Toronto a strong second-unit shooter and defender, and as this team has plans to win, getting a senior who can play from day one in the 20s of the 2016 NBA Draft makes sense. Basically, he is another DeMarre Carroll, the club’s starting three. Prince is a strong fit with how the Raptors play and with their coach who values defense and shooting; the latter is so important as DeMar DeRozan, their best scorer, is a mediocre shooter.

  11. Los Angeles Clippers: Monte Morris, PG, Iowa State
    The Clippers need and have needed a second point guard for a few seasons, and as Morris is a poor man’s Chris Paul, he is a perfect fit. One of the most efficeint distributing and scoring guards I have seen, Morris should be an elite second-unit NBA point guard with starter potential. Doc Rivers and Chris Paul can help make Morris excellent.

  12. Phoenix Suns (From Cavaliers): Deyonta Davis, PF, Michigan State
    The Suns still need help at power forward, and the Michigan State freshman would be an excellent fit for them. He has athleticism and size, and is producing for one of the best teams in the country. Actually he is thriving, as his per-minute numbers are elite. His shot-blocking and efficiency are truly impressive, and he is a steal at No. 27. I could see him in the lottery in my next mock.

  13. Philadelphia 76ers (From Thunder): Cheick Diallo, PF/C, Kansas
    This is just the Sixers taking the best prospect with one of their three (possibly four) first-round draft picks, and as Diallo started the season as a lottery pick, they would be smart and lucky to get him here. Diallo was hurt by a ridiculous NCAA investigation that cost him half the season, and the repercussions have caused him trouble getting into Kansas’ stacked forward rotation. Regardless, he fits the Sixers as he is a power forward, which they really don’t have – Nerlens Noel is a center – and would be a perfect fit with Jahlil Okafor because of his defense and athleticism.

  14. San Antonio Spurs: Tyler Ulis, G, Kentucky
    Ulis would be a lottery pick if he wasn’t 5-foot-9, but that just means some team is going to get a steal, as the guy can ball. He is a scorer and distributor who is the next Isaiah Thomas (Boston not Pistons) and will be an excellent NBA sixth man. The Spurs are one team I can see taking a chance on Ulis in the first round as they need help at guard with Manu Ginobili almost 40.

  15. Golden State Warriors: Jonathan Jeanne, C, France
    The Warriors don’t have any needs, so taking a 7-foot-4 teenaged center to develop in Europe for a few seasons sounds smart. This is a Spurs type of move, and the Warriors just have no roster spots for a rookie. Jeanne would probably be the tallest NBA player right now and his game is a lot like Kristaps Porzingis, as he is a scoring and shooting big man with shot-blocking skills. Jeanne can also rebound which means he knows how to use his ridiculous size, and as he is just 18, he would give the Warriors an excellent project.

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By Mike Elworth.

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