NFL Hot Press: Durability Concerns Plague Florida State DE Josh Sweat

Durability Concerns Plague Florida State DE Josh Sweat

Updated Aug. 30, 2017
By Charlie Campbell. Follow Charlie on Twitter @draftcampbell.

Every year, durability and injuries play a big role in sending first-round talents into the second and third day of the NFL draft. Last year, teams had major medical concerns on Auburn edge rusher Carl Lawson, and a similar edge rusher could be hurt by the same issue for the 2018 NFL Draft. Florida State defensive end Josh Sweat was an impressive player for the Seminoles last year, and NFL team scouts have told me that Sweat has a first-round skill set, but a serious knee injury is being highlighted around the league as teams get background information for the scouting reports on 2018 NFL Draft prospects. 

Sweat showed off impressive pass-rush ability last year on his way to seven sacks. The 6-foot-5, 250-pounder has an impressive combination of speed, size and athleticism to make him a dangerous edge defender. However even last year, Sweat was showing limitations from a knee injury that he sustained early in his senior year of high school. Team sources say that Florida State has tried a variety of rehab techniques but Sweat’s knee instability has persisted. Sources have said it was evident on tape and watching practice suggests that Sweat still favors the knee. Some team sources believe that the knee has multiple problems and will never heal completely. Thus, many are viewing Sweat as a one-contract player for the NFL. 

Sweat is said to love football and is looking to play as long as possible. He knows he may not have a long career, and teams say that he is a lock to skip his senior year to enter the 2018 NFL Draft in order to play NFL football while he can. The chronic knee injury is expected hurt his final draft grade, but teams think the talented defender will still get a shot to play professionally.