This is Part 2 a video of a Yardbarker blogger playing Madden against Vernon Davis (scroll down to see Part 1). Check this video out and keep the following in mind:

5. Think it’s a coincidence that Vernon Davis decided to wear his interior design shirt during this video? Not a chance. But hey, I would have done the same thing. In fact I did – there was seriously a chance that CBS was going to videotape my $200, $5/transaction touchdown league fantasy draft in September because the guy who sells fantasy trophies for is in my league. As soon as I heard about this, I decided that I would wear a shirt to the draft. Unfortunately, they never showed.

6. Tim Tebow throws an interception at the very end of the game? Hogwash. God would not allow that to happen.

7. Speaking of which, why was the blogger passing the ball with a 3-0 lead at the end of the game? Why not just run the clock out? Unless… no… he didn’t let Vernon Davis win… did he? No… it can’t be!

8. What is up with those metal chains in the door toward the end of the video? We’ve already seen proof that Vernon Davis is a Lannister bannerman. Is Ned Stark’s head stashed in there?

This is a video of a Yardbarker blogger playing Madden against Vernon Davis. Check this video out and keep the following in mind:

1. What’s up with the lion statue outside of Vernon Davis’ house? You may think it looks cool, but the lion sigil belongs to the Lannisters, who are complete douche bags. I just hope Ned Stark doesn’t come down to Vernon’s house to challenge him to a game of Madden because he probably won’t make it out alive.

2. I’ve never played Madden or any other video game against a professional athlete. Well, scratch that. I’ve played Madden by myself. I count myself as a professional athlete. My sport is eating Cheetos. No one can eat more Cheetos than me. It’s only a matter of time before I get voted into the Hall of Fame. Or go to the hospital because of a heart attack.

3. Anyone want to bet that Ted Ginn will cost me a 5-unit bet?

4. This Madden game looks fun, but I wish they’d make it slightly more realistic. Everything looks fine except for Michael Crabtree – after every down, Crabtree should yell at Alex Smith, who then gets booed by his home crowd. Hopefully Madden 13 incorporates this.

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