NFL Draft: Scout’s Notebook

This is NFL Draft Scout’s Notebook, where Matt McGuire will list the notes he took while scouting players for the 2011 NFL Draft, 2012 NFL Draft and beyond.
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Posted Oct. 20, 2010

Texas vs. Nebraska

Jared Crick

1st – 9:58 – Displays good agility and change of direction … nice tackle and instincts

Pretty invisible in first half … not very physical

Prince Amukamara

1st – 9:25 – Terrific coverage on fade route … doesn’t open hips up too early … shows ability to turn and run … looks back for football … average ball skills here and might have been able to break up pass

2nd – 10:09 – LOVE this play from Amukamara … rest of defenses misses tackles, Amukamara shows great speed and chases down WR from behind to save TD … love his competitiveness here

Keenan Robinson

1st – 7:33 – Reads and reacts well here … nice tackle

Chykie Brown

1st – 6:49 – Poor technique (hand use) at LOS and gets pushed off by WR … too long legged in stance

Aaron Williams

1st – 6:49 – Blown assignment – rest of defense in man doverage, but Williams goes to zone … sloppy with technique as well if he was hypothetically suposed to be in zone

1st – 3:22 – Way too high and slow in backpedal

1st – 2:23 – Good job getting off block to make tackle

2nd – 15:00 – Blown assignnment

Willing in run support … but not a very physical hitter

Alfonzo Dennard

1st – 6:33 – Outstanding coverage and notches pass breakup … press man – Shows elite agility with his ability to stop and go .. very good footwork and isn’t fazed by double move … great instincts

2nd – 4:48 – Off man … nice break on the ball and gets PBU

Kheeston Randall

1st – 2:53 – Fails to get off 1v1 block … bad hand use – not phsyical enough

2nd – 13:00 – OL doesn’t block Randall … unimpressive TFL

Niles Paul

1st – 1:37 – Dropped pass … ball behind him, but got two hands on it and failed to make grab with tons of space to run

1st – 0:51 – Strong runner after the catch … breaks tackle … good speed

2nd – 6:10 – Terrible hands … TD catch if he makes it, but he loses focus and simply can’t catch anything that isn’t directly thrown right him … lacks ability to adjust to throws

Chykie Brown

1st – 0:51 – Nice athleticism to close and c.o.d., but misses tackle

Sam Acho

1st – :10 – Blown assignment by OL … easy route to RB for TFL … unimpressive play

Pierre Allen

2nd – 14:09 – Bad instincts and didn’t read misdirection screen

2nd – 2:15 – Fails to set edge … doesn’t stack and shed


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