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This is NFL Draft Scout’s Notebook, where Matt McGuire will list the notes he took while scouting players for the 2011 NFL Draft, 2012 NFL Draft and beyond.
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Posted Sept. 21, 2010

Washington vs. Nebraska

Jake Locker vs. Nebraska

1st – 13:37 – Poor decision … doesn’t see bracket coverage and throws INT … pretty inexcusable … not sure what Locker was thinking.

1st – 7:43 – All receivers covered … Eats ball and runs for about 2 yards up middle

1st – 5:19 – All receivers covered … great decision to run with ball and gets rushing TD … nice speed to corner

1st – 2:38 – Ball too high … too much loft under pass

1st – 1:53 – No time to throw in pocket … poor blocking up front against blitz … Locker has to throw an imcompletion here

2nd – 6:15 – No receivers open … Locker throws solid ball over the middle, but receiver had safety over top and corner shading him … can’t blame Locker for incompletion here …. If ball was on target it would have been an INT

3rd – 14:08 – Nice play action fake … beautiful ball to wide open receiver for a TD

3rd – 11:22 – All WRs completely covered … Locker had no chance at completion here on slant vs. Amukamara

3rd – 11:17 – Too reliant on WR #15 instead of spreading ball around … receiver in slant was open with potential to get first down …

3rd – 8:47 – Deep ball was slightly off target … difficult throw

3rd – 8:37 – Ball too high for WR on bubble screen

3rd – 8:32 – Stares down receiver … receiver is taken out of route but Locker throws anyways … should have considered progression read … interception but good coverage

3rd – 7:58 – Stares down receiver/incomplete, but CB makes nice play on the ball

3rd – 5:48 – No time to throw … good job getting ball out to avoid sack

4th – 14:38 – All receivers covered … Locker tries to find it in but incomplete…no where he can really go with ball … DBs for Nebraska are too good

4th – 13:48 – Horrendous route by RB … goes behind 3-4 players where Locker can’t even find him … incompletion … really bad football IQ and nothing Locker could do here

4th – 13:43 – All receivers covered downfield … Locker tries to run for first down on 3rd and 8 but can’t come up with it … good effort and he hasn’t given up …I like the on-field leadership

4th – 5:51 – No receivers open … Locker pressured and throws ball away

Summary: Not a good game from Jake Locker. His first interception was inexcusable, his second interception was a pick every top-ten draft pick will make. Overall, the incompletions weren’t due to Locker’s inaccuracy as much as his receivers not getting open and Nebraska’s outstanding coverage. Locker was a little inconsistent, but he isn’t playing a bunch of scrubs. Nebraska is one of the top defenses in the nation and you have to expect a bad game from every quarterback with mediocre talent around him and a defense that can’t stop anyone.

This was a disappointing game from Locker, but you have to take into context the talent on both sides of the ball and at the end of the day, I wasn’t as disappointed as I thought I’d be. Locker could have been better, but I have seen plenty of consistency and production in his first two games to put a lot of stock into this one game. Let’s see how the season unfolds before we make any knee-jerk reactions.

Prime Amukamara

3rd – 14:08 – Cover 2 zone, outside technique … Burned on double move … gets caught watching QB … TD Washington

3rd – 11:22 – Good job jumping route and anticipating play … no pass interference

Pierre Allen

1st – 13:36 – Not very quick off snap … lacks explosive first step

1st – 12:49 – Slow and lacks athleticism in pursuit

1st – 12:42 – Beautiful footwork and hands on swim technique … goes right by RT to earn QB hurry

Jared Crick

1st – 8:35 – Loses leverage battle … poor effort and gets taken out of play … doesn’t even try

1st – 8:09 – Gets angled out of play … poor instincts and not showing much competitiveness here

1st – 6:00 – Gets too high … not showing a lot of fight

1st – 5:20 – Mediocre job as pass rusher … not playing with much effort… fails to contain Locker to the inside and didn’t maintain gap

2nd – 7:30 – Poor effort … not even really trying

2nd – 5:48 – … Needs to be tough here in red zone, but instead isn’t competing and gets pushed back

2nd – 5:12 – Mediocre instincts

3rd – 14:32 – Weak at point of attack … bails to tackle Locker in pursuit


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