NFL Draft: Scout’s Notebook

This is NFL Draft Scout’s Notebook, where Matt McGuire will list the notes he took while scouting players for the 2011 NFL Draft, 2012 NFL Draft and beyond.
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Posted July 18, 2010

Nebraska vs. Texas

21 Prince Amukamara
94 Jared Crick

Prince Amukamara

15:00 1st – Beautiful break and nice acceleration … good toughness and physicality on tackle … great instincts here

8:38 1st – Oustanding technique and break to make tackle … stays under control with nice footwork … makes tackle and limits YAC … shows good poise again

8:13 1st – Press man … turns head around and shows elite awareness … nice body control and soft hands to make INT … Big play

6:21 1st – Shows nice instincts – sniffs out screen immediately but unable to make play (not his fault – just impressive instincts)

1:33 1st – Very smooth athleticism and agility … gets off slant route to support run … outstanding tackle and not afraid to mix it up … great job of limiting yardage … nice closing speed

4:37 2nd – Bad technique in jam at LOS – lunges at WR … very tight coverage on slant … completion but great throw by QB … nice effort on play

(nice feet in zone … great mirroring skills … natural … very competitive …physical, highly competitive…amazing job of limiting YAC)

Aaron Williams 14:20 1st – Solid job coming up to support run and assist tackle

14:48 2nd – off man uses outside technique … good job of turning head and body around when WR looks for ball … great closing speed … LOVE his body control and athleticism … makes big INT … great job of using body to shield WR from ball

Curtis Brown 11:15 1st – Never turned head around, but solid coverage overall

Jared Crick

10:50 1st – Good job getting under linemen … nice strength … stays low and great leverage … nice tackle

9:13 1st – Nice strength and hands … good motor, stays with play to make coverage sack

10:59 4th – Gets mauled off the ball … gets too high

4th 5:03 4th – Nice swim move, good motor and solid athleticism to force hurry

Needs to do a better job of batting down balls

Sam Acho

10:05 1st – Nice job keeping OT off pads with hands … nice tackle

3:33 1st – Fails to set the edge

8:26 2nd – Great closing speed on sack … good suddenness to athleticism … gets by RB for sack

Chykie Brown

11:45 4th – Shows bad instincts, stops and looks back to early on fade route in EZ


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