2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Jordan Morgan

  • Jordan Morgan, 6-4/312
  • Offensive Tackle
  • Arizona

Jordan Morgan Scouting Report

By Charlie Campbell


  • Skilled pass protector
  • Very good against speed rushers
  • Gets depth in his drop to neutralize speed
  • Good athlete
  • Speedy
  • Quick feet
  • Bends at the knee
  • Smooth mover
  • Quick to the second level
  • Good in space
  • Fluid feet
  • Turns, manipulates defenders in run blocking
  • Upside


  • Finesse blocker
  • Not physical
  • Does not have a mean streak, tenacity
  • Powerful edge rushers could give him problems
  • Could stand to get stronger
  • Not a bull dozer in the ground game
  • Could struggle to knock NFL linemen off the ball
  • Lacks heavy hands
  • Extremely short arms – 32.88 inches

Prospect Summary:

Morgan had a couple of starts at left tackle during his freshman – 2019 – and sophomore – 2020 – seasons before becoming a full-times starter in 2021. For the next three seasons, Morgan held down the left tackle spot for Arizona while showing improvement each year. He was an excellent pass blocker over the 2022 and 2023 seasons.

For the passing-driven NFL, Morgan has excellent athleticism to be an asset against fast edge rushers. Morgan is a natural pass blocker who has quick feet that allow him to get depth in his drop and neutralize speed rushers. He is quick out of his stance and reacts immediately to cut off the corner and prevent defenders from running the loop around the edge. With his quick feet and ability to bend at the knee, Morgan doesn’t have to reach after rushers, and he is not a waist bender. Morgan is a very smooth and in-control blocker who glides with rushers and reacts quickly to pass-rushing moves. Morgan uses his athletic ability well and does a good job of sustaining his blocks by staying in front of defenders. For the NFL, he could be a very valuable to protect his quarterback against fast edge rushers.

As a run blocker, Morgan is not a bull in the ground game. He is not overly strong or physical to blast defenders off the ball and ride them around the field. That being said, he is not a liability because he ties up, twists, turns, and manipulates defensive linemen to keep them from getting to his back. Morgan shows some quickness to the second level, has agility to pull, and is skilled at hitting blocks in space. Right now, he would be better off in a zone-blocking system to use his athleticism due to not packing a serious punch at the point of attack.

Morgan is a finesse blocker. He is not nasty, and team sources have said Morgan is not a finisher. Teams that want their blockers to have a mean streak will be turned off by Morgan. Powerful defensive ends can give him problems by trying to overwhelm and go through Morgan. Another worrisome trait is extremely short arms at 32.88 inches. Those are extremely short for an NFL offensive tackle.

In the 2024 NFL Draft, Morgan could be a potential late first-round pick and he should not slide out of the second round.

Prospect Comparison:

Taylor Decker. Morgan is similar to Decker as both are athletic, quick pass protectors. They both are finesse blockers who are not overly physical and are not finishers. Decker was picked in the back half of the first round of his draft class, and Morgan could go in that range this year during the 2024 NFL Draft.


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