2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Johnny Wilson

  • Johnny Wilson, 6-6/231
  • Wide Receiver
  • Florida State

Johnny Wilson Scouting Report

By Charlie Campbell


  • Size mismatch
  • Makes catches over defenders
  • Use size and strength to box out defenders
  • Red-zone weapon
  • Possessional receiver to move the chains
  • Has some run-after-the-catch ability
  • Tough to tackle


  • Bad hands
  • Drops a lot of balls
  • Lacks speed
  • Not twitchy
  • Not explosive
  • Not fast in and out of breaks
  • Lacks suddenness
  • Can’t stretch a defense with speed
  • Won’t separate from NFL corners via route-running

Prospect Summary:

After transferring from Arizona State, Wilson broke out for in 2022, recording 43 receptions for 897 yards and five touchdowns for the Seminoles. His 20.9 yards per catch showed his big-play ability, and it was surprising that Florida State did not get him the ball more. In 2023, Wilson recorded 41 receptions for 617 yards and two touchdowns.

With Wilson’s height and length, he has a huge catch radius, and he can make receptions over cornerbacks even when they have blanket coverage – see the 2022 game against Florida. Thanks to his impressive body control, Wilson is adept at hanging in the air and staying in bounds while looking very skilled at working the sideline. He uses his mass well to get position, and he has some developed strength to go alongside his height.

With his size, length, strength, and body control, Wilson is a red-zone weapon who presents a coverage problem for defenses. Wilson is a “four-point play” asset because he can catch fades, cross, and jump balls in the end zone despite the defense doing everything correctly.

After the catch, Wilson runs well and is tough to tackle thanks to his power. He has a nice burst to get upfield on wide receiver screens, and he uses his imposing size and strength to drive through tacklers. While Wilson is not an elusive runner who will juke defenders, he does well to pick up yards after the catch and has the strength to break tackles. In the open field though, Wilson can and will get caught from behind by defensive backs.

While Wilson has huge size, he has some serious flaws for the NFL, including bad hands that lead to a lot of drops. Wilson also is not fast or sudden, so NFL cornerbacks are going to be able to run with him and prevent separation. Wilson’s route-running is pretty good for a giant wideout, but it isn’t sufficiently special to help offset his lack of speed or suddenness.

An NFC director of college scouting told WalterFootball.com about Wilson:

Too many butterfinger moments, and he’s not sudden, bursty or fast …. More possession, jump-ball guy to win above the rim,but inconsistent hands. You want juice in the first round, and if you don’t have that, you better have glued-up hands and special route running.

Some NFL teams might consider moving Wilson into tight end given his height and weight. That could be an option if he can take to blocking adequately enough at the pro level.

Wilson looks like a third- or fourth-round pick for the 2024 NFL Draft.

Prospect Comparison:

Kelvin Benjamin. Multiple team sources compared Wilson to Benjamin. Both were giant receivers for the Seminoles who present a size mismatch and a threat to make catches over defensive backs. Each also lacked the speed and separation skills to get away from NFL defensive backs.


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