2023 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Matthew Bergeron

  • Matthew Bergeron, 6-5/318

  • Offensive Tackle

  • Syracuse

  • Matthew Bergeron Scouting Report
    By Charlie Campbell

  • Nasty run blocker
  • Can knock defenders backward at the line
  • Very physical
  • Strong
  • Mean streak
  • Violent blocker
  • Puts defenders into the turf hard
  • Heavy hands
  • Quick to fire to the second level or perimeter
  • Able to control defenders when he latches on them
  • Plays with good leverage as a run blocker
  • Strong lower body
  • Good length, height, weight for a guard
  • Blocks through the whistle
  • Experienced

  • Weaknesses:
  • Has problems with speed rushers
  • Gives up ground to bull rushes
  • Hand placement needs improvement
  • Exposes his chest too much
  • Inconsistent footwork
  • Short arms

  • Summary: Bergeron enters the NFL with a lot of starting experience after starting for 3.5 years at Syracuse. He played on the right side as an underclassmen before moving to left tackle. While Bergeron might profile best at guard for the next level, he could stay at tackle following some development. Bergeron could be an asset as a starting guard who could move to tackle in an emergency.

    Bergeron needs work as a pass protector for the NFL. He has problems with speed rushers due to inconsistent feet, plus he plays on his heels too much in protection. The technique issues extend to issues with bull rushes, because Bergeron too often exposes his chest and has his hands are too wide. He also has short arms for a starting tackle in the NFL. However, there are times when Bergeron executes well; he just is not consistent as a pass protector. With his inconsistencies, Bergeron might be better off moving inside to guard as a pro.

    Bergeron was very impressive as a run blocker for Syracuse, which had a lot of success running behind him. He is powerful at the point of attack where he uses strong hands to rock back defenders. Thanks to his thick build and upper body, Bergeron can drive block and get a push. He fires out quickly to the second level and shows a real burst to hit blocks in space. Bringing a nasty demeanor, Bergeron will bully defenders and put them into the turf with violence. He has a real mean streak for run blocking and blocks through the whistle.

    Early in his NFL career, Bergeron could find his best fit as a starting right guard. That would help him in pass protection, and once he improves his technique for handling bull rushes, he could be a good starter. Bergeron should be a real asset and a force as a run blocker. He could play in a zone scheme and is well-suited for a man scheme. In the 2023 NFL Draft, Bergeron looks like a second-day prospect who could go as high as Round 2 and won’t slip out of Round 3.

    Player Comparison: Brandon Scherff/Gabe Jackson. In some ways, Bergeron compares well to somewhere in between Scherff and Jackson. Bergeron is a beast of a run blocker like Scherff, but Bergeron does not protect the passer as well as Scherff does. In pass protection, Bergeron reminds me of Jackson.


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