2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Trevon Moehrig

  • Trevon Moehrig, 6-2/208

  • Safety

  • TCU

  • Trevon Moehrig Scouting Report
    By Charlie Campbell

  • Quality instincts
  • Steady presence in the middle of the field
  • Physical tackler
  • Flashes some hard hitting
  • Good run defender
  • Can drive and fill in the box
  • Around the ball
  • Good coverage safety
  • Able to zone cover in the short middle of the field
  • Ball skills
  • Interception threat
  • Plays assignment sound
  • Athletic
  • Doesn’t take false steps
  • Good vision, eye discipline
  • Fluid to turn and run
  • Good height, length
  • Should be able to play quickly
  • Experienced and successful against good college talent
  • Versatile
  • Upside

  • Weaknesses:
  • More natural at strong safety
  • Doesn’t have great top-end speed
  • Doesn’t have great range
  • Doesn’t play with good strength

  • Summary: Over the past two seasons, TCU fielded one of the best safety tandems in college football with Moehrig and free safety Ar’Darius Washington. Moehrg broke out as a sophomore in 2019, recording 62 tackles, four interceptions, 11 passes broken up and two forced fumbles. He then totaled 47 tackles, two interceptions and nine passes defended. in 2020. Moehrig decided to enter the 2021 NFL Draft after his two impressive seasons with the Horned Frogs.

    For pass defense, Moehrig is a valuable strong safety who demonstrates nice ball skills. He can help in a variety of ways in pass coverage. He has the speed to cover ground, but doesn’t have great range to be a deep centerfielder and single-high free safety. Moehrig does a nice job of using his vision to play the ball and break up passes while covering wideouts. He is a natural in zone coverage in the middle of the field, doing a nice job on underneath routes and not getting out of position or taking false steps.

    Team sources say they do not think Moehrig is a safety who you would want to play in man coverage on slot receivers or tight ends. Against a team that does not have good players at those positions, a defense could get by some with Moehrig in man coverage against them, but dangerous receivers or tight ends are not who a defense should match Moehrig up with. They also feel he shows good vision and recognition as the deep free safety, but he does not have the range and speed you would want back there to handle the elite NFL speed receivers.

    Moehrig can contribute in a run defense. He uses his instincts to fire to the ball and make plays. In space, Moehrig can break down, and he is a solid tackler. He also shows some strength and explosion to tackle with some physicality. Adding more strength to tackle NFL backs would not be a bad idea for Moehrig, and adding strength is something that he will probably do as a result of aging while working out in a pro strength and conditioning program.

    Some teams have Moehrig graded in the second round of the 2021 NFL Draft. They said his limitations in man coverage and lack of deep range kept them from grading him in Round 1. Moehrig is the consensus top safety prospect, however, so he has a real shot at going in the back half of the first round in the 2021 NFL Draft.

    Player Comparison: Kenny Vaccaro. I could see Moehrig being a better version of Vaccaro in the NFL. Moehrig looks like he better ball skills and is more instinctive in coverage as a strong safety. They have similar skill sets in terms of size and speed, with Moehrig having a little more length. In the NFL, I think Moehrig will be better than Vaccaro even thought he won’t go as early as Vaccaro did, 15th overall in 2013 to New Orleans.


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