2012 NFL Draft Scouting Report: David DeCastro

  • Elite run blocker
  • Powerful drive blocker
  • Great at pulling
  • Hits blocks on second level of defense
  • Mobile and athletic
  • Intelligent
  • Great technique with hand placement
  • Textbook knee bend
  • Rock-solid pass protector
  • Proven leader; passion for the game
  • Winner at collegiate level
  • Durable, experienced 3-year starter

  • Was not challenged by good group of pass-rushers

    Summary: David DeCastro has been a dominant force for Stanford the past few years. He has been Stanford’s featured run blocker, as they averaged 213.8 yards on the ground in 2010 and 208 yards per game this season. Last year he was a second-team All-American and moved up to the first-team in 2011. DeCastro is fabulous at pulling and setting the edge. He can drive block and ride defenders around the field. DeCastro is quick and gets upfield to hit blocks on linebackers. He also is very effective on screen plays. He is a pure road-grader on the ground.

    In pass protection, DeCastro slides well. Bull rushes are completely ineffective as he has a strong base and anchors with ease. With his quickness and athleticism to fire back, quick three-technique pass-rushers struggle against DeCastro.

    DeCastro only had a few reps this year against Washington’s massive defensive tackle Alameda Ta’amu, but DeCastro won all of the reps. Stanford ran for 446 yards in the game.

    Player Comparison: Steve Hutchinson. Hutchinson has been one of the best guards in the NFL over the past decade and justified being a top-20 pick. Both DeCastro and Hutchinson are well-rounded players. Hutchinson has been a fabulous run blocker and solid pass protector. DeCastro looks like he should be a similar player at the next level.

    DeCastro looks like a mid first-round pick just like Hutchinson. In the 2001 NFL Draft, Hutchinson was the 17th-overall pick by the Seahawks. DeCastro should go in the same range this year.

    NFL Matches: Tennessee, Chicago, Detroit, Cincinnati, New York Giants

    DeCastro can fit any blocking scheme. He has the mobility to be a zone blocker and the power to execute in a power-man blocking scheme. The latter might be his best fit. All of the five teams listed above are candidates to take DeCastro.

    Tennessee head coach Mike Munchak wants better run blocking and DeCastro would be a perfect fit for the Titans. The Bears need help along their offensive line, and DeCastro will appeal to Mike Tice. Chicago and Tennessee could be the most likely landing spots for DeCastro as they will pick ahead of the other three teams in the first round.

    Detroit could improve their line if they can land DeCastro. He would be an upgrade over Stephen Peterman. The Bengals have two first-round picks and have a need at guard, but DeCastro may not make it to their first pick. The Giants have a lot of veterans and could use some youth on the inside of their line.


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