2014 NFL Pro Day Results: Week of March 3

These 2014 Pro Day Results written by Tony Pauline of DraftInsider.net.

Check back for daily updates or follow Tony Pauline @TonyPauline.

These 2014 Pro Day Results are written by Tony Pauline of DraftInsider.net.

Check back for daily updates or follow Tony Pauline @TonyPauline.

2014 Pro Day Results: Friday, March 7, 3:50 p.m.
By Tony Pauline, http://draftinsider.net/

Ohio State
As I posted on twitter, Ryan Shazier will be credited with a 40-time in the low 4.4s. His hand time of 4.36s will be increased by most scouts .05s. Shazier hurt his hamstring in the forty and was done for the day. He weighed in at 237 pounds and scouts were more than pleased with the speed he ran and the heavier weight. I’m told he pushed it as much as he could coming off the sore hamstring he arrived at the combine with.

Teams left the workout buzzing about the performance of cornerback Bradley Roby, who timed the 3-cone in the 6.7s area and 11.05 in the 60-yard shuttle. I’m told Roby was terrific in drills, looking smooth and displaying a lot of athleticism, which should come as no surprise. As reported earlier, Roby had dinner with the New York Jets contingent last night, and I’m told general manager John Idzik spoke with the cornerback’s mother at the end of the workout.

Running back Carlos Hyde did not run the forty, as he stated the hamstring he injured at the combine is still not 100 percent. Hyde did take part in position drills and I’m told for the most part caught the ball well. Hyde hinted afterwards he hopes to return and complete a modified workout for scouts as the draft draws near.

Safety Christian Bryant, who broke his ankle last September, attended pro-day but did not participate. Though he’s been cleared to work out, Bryant said his ankle is only “85 percent” and he hopes to perform for scouts if they return for Carlos Hyde.

Ohio State’s other safety, C.J. Barnett timed his forty in the 4.4s and was pleased as pie.

The overall view on guard Marcus Hall today was positive. I’m told Hall has tipped the scales at 313 pounds and was 21-percent body fat, a good number for him. Scouts feel Hall has a place at the next level if he makes football a priority, something I concur with. I’m told Hall’s focus has changed as has his body shape, both for the better.

Northern Illinois
Jimme Ward rose to the occasion and left scouts pleased with his performance today. The New York Giants, Indianapolis Colts, Baltimore Ravens and Detroit Lions all had defensive back coaches on hand to watch Ward. As posted earlier, his forty times ranged from 4.46s-to-4.51s and Ward looked good in position drills. One scout leaving the workout said Ward has established himself as a second-round prospect. Ward will have surgery next week to repair the stress fracture in his foot and will be back in action in about eight weeks.

As has been reported elsewhere, Jordan Lynch took part in defensive back drills, though I’m told it was just remedial backpedaling and nothing fancy.

Defensive tackle Ken Bishop, who is still dealing with a foot injury, did not take part in the full workout and hopes to participate in the Florida Atlantic pro-day later this month.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Friday, March 7, 1:50 p.m.
By Tony Pauline, http://draftinsider.net/

Arizona State
Early reports from Arizona State have will Sutton tipping the scales at 297 pounds, 18 less than his Senior Bowl weight.

Unofficial forty times thus far include Will Sutton, 5.15s, Carl Bradford, 4.68s, Alden Darby, 4.49.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Friday, March 7, 12:15 p.m.
By Tony Pauline, http://draftinsider.net/

Southern Miss
The pro-day at Southern Mississippi was a short one, as 16 teams made their way to Hattiesburg for in essence on prospect, defensive tackle Khyri Thorton. And by the sounds of it, Thornton made the trip well worth it. He weighed in at 311 pounds, seven more than his combine weight of 304 lbs. Thornton’s forty times of 4.90s/4.96s were an improvement from his combine number (4.99s). I’m told during drills, Thornton looked smooth and showed surprising pass rush potential.

Philadelphia Eagles defensive line coach Jerry Azzinaro ran the drills, and I’m told he met extensively with Thornton.

Ohio State
The results from Ohio State will come in dribs and drabs today. The early reports have Ryan Shazier running as fast as 4.36s in the forty, which will likely convert into a 4.41s after .05 is added.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Thursday, March 6, 7:55 p.m.
By Tony Pauline, http://draftinsider.net/

We’re still waiting on the numbers from Greg Blair, but here’s how pro-day at Cincinnati went down.

Quarterback Brendon Kay, a sleeper in our eyes, ran the forty in 4.59s then threw the ball well. As well as can be expected, I should say. Kay never had the opportunity to throw to any receivers as Anthony McClung, rated by scouts as the top senior prospect on the Bearcats entering the season, hurt his hamstring during the forty and sat on the sidelines during drills. Hence, most of Kay’s pass catching targets during position drills were defensive backs as well as his tight end.

McLung will try and put in a full workout on April 2 along with offensive lineman Austen Bujnoch, who sat on the sidelines today with injury. Kay, who had dinner with the Miami Dolphins last night and met extensively with the Cincinnati Bengals, expects to throw at that workout.

Kay’s tight end Blake Annen wowed scouts with his workout. Annen measured 6050/250lbs, posted 25 reps on the bench then ran his forty in the low 4.4’s. Scouts on hand said Annen was a better player than Travis Kelce (3rd round pick in ’13) and Adrien Robinson (4th round pick in ’12) at times over the past three seasons. In the early going, the New England Patriots have shown interest in Annen.

Entering the season, receiver Ryan Lankford was stamped as a potential middle-round choice, but a shoulder injury prematurely ended his season and dropped his draft stock. Lankford was medically cleared to participate in today’s workout and impressed scouts. His unofficial forty times ranged as fast as 4.35s-to-4.44s. Lankford’s other marks included 32.5-inches in the vertical jump, 10-7 in the broad and a short shuttle at 6.9s. Lankford dined with the Indianapolis Colts for lunch today.

Tight end Evan Wilson, who’s being compared to former Illini Jeff Cumberland, now a tight end with the New York Jets, timed 4.85s in the forty, posted 35-inches in the vertical jump and 10-4 in the broad jump.

Sixteen teams lined up in 30-degree weather to watch cornerback Qua Cox, a late Senior Bowl fill-in, work out. In miserable conditions, Cox timed 4.52s/4.56 seconds in the forty while posting 35.5-inches in the vertical jump and 10-1 in the broad jump. I’m told a few teams will make the trip back to JSU and time Cox in better weather.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Thursday, March 6, 4:55 p.m.
By Tony Pauline, http://draftinsider.net/

There were some very fast times on a slow surface during Arizona’s pro-day workout. First the surface, which is the newest version of field turf. It’s a spongy surface which helps absorb the heat of the desert and keeps the field cooler. A spongy surface that reduces foot speed. Someone told me the hand times today are equivalent to the electronic times from the combine.

Now the times.

As reported earlier on twitter, cornerback Shaquille Richardson ran in the low 4.4s, posted a 38-inch vertical jump then looked terrific in position drills. That’s a terrific performance for Richardson, who did well during Shrine week and was considered a combine snub by many. Outside linebacker Marquis Flowers timed in the mid-4.4s and also looked sensational in position work.

Running back Ka’Deem Carey posted times in the mid-to-high 4.6’s and caught the ball well afterwards.

Sione Tuihalamaka, a bit of a sleeper on the defensive line, timed 5-flat in the forty.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Thursday, March 6, 1:55 p.m.
By Tony Pauline, http://draftinsider.net/

The accolades continue to pour in for Sammy Watkins. Additional sources at the workout confirmed earlier reports on the receivers position drills. I’m told his hand quickness and ability to snatch the ball from the air with ease was incredibly impressive.

Watkins wasn’t the only Clemson player receiving praise from scouts. Brandon Thomas, whose stock has been on a steady rise the past two months, further improved his draft grade today. Thomas looked terrific in position drills, effortlessly moving around the field. I’m told just about every team in attendance to watch Thomas today has him affixed to their tackle board rather than guard. People I’ve spoken with feel he’s moved into the draft’s initial 45 picks and could end up landing in the late part of round one depending how early Zach Martin comes off the board. I’m told the team to watch is the Baltimore Ravens. To date, Thomas has seven official visits on his schedule.

While scouts thought Tajh Boyd threw with improved accuracy, his mechanics and side arm motion are still a huge problem. The bigger issue today, which was no fault of Boyd, was the scripted workout. Several people told me there were too many throws from a shotgun formation and hitch routes (another words what Boyd did in college) as opposed to pro-style formations which had the quarterback dropping back into the pocket from underneath center, setting his feet and releasing the ball.

Keep an eye on linebacker Quandon Christian, someone we stamped as a late-round pick coming into the season. Christian, who lost playing time last season due to changes in the Tigers third down defense, measured 6024/233lbs, posted forty times in the mid 4.6’s and touched 34-inches in the vertical jump. I’m told the Washington Redskins have stamped him as a 7th-round target.

I’m told there were 63 scouts, coaches, etc in attendance at Clemson’s pro-day.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Thursday, March 6, 11:45 a.m.
By Tony Pauline, http://draftinsider.net/

The early reports on Sammy Watkins from Clemson have been off the charts. Scouts are gushing how fluid and natural the receiver has been catching the ball. One source from the workout says its one of the best pro-days from a receiver he’s ever witnessed.

Martavis Bryant, on the other hand, has looked very robotic and has not practiced to the low 4.4 speed he ran to at the combine.

Cornerback Bashaud Breeland timed 4.55s in the forty, an improvement from his combine performance.

Texas A&M
One name that slipped through the crack at Texas A&M pro-day yesterday was running back Ben Malena. The smallish ball carrier ran in the high 4.4s then looked terrific in drills. I am told the New England Patriots, who are very high on Malena, took him to dinner on Tuesday evening.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Thursday, March 6, 12:35 a.m.
By Tony Pauline, http://draftinsider.net/

While Dezmen Southward’s testing numbers where off the charts today, I was informed scouts were equally impressed by his position work. By all accounts Southward was fluid and smooth in all of the drills, and a number of teams believe he has the skills to line up at cornerback (something I would disagree with based on the tape). I’m told teams feel Southward is just starting to tap into his potential as he only played one year of high school football and is still learning the mental nuances of the secondary. I was informed the New York Jets sent secondary coach Tim McDonald to the workout specifically for Southward as the team needs both corners and a safety.

Neither Robert Thomas or Byran Jones took part in Arkansas pro-day today.

Thomas, who dined with the Philadelphia Eagles last night, is still recovering from a broken leg suffered in the middle of October. Jones, who met extensively with the Atlanta Falcons, pulled a calf muscle in training last week.

Both defensive linemen are scheduled to workout for teams on April 1.

After a lengthy examination then re-examination process, TCU cornerback Jason Verrett has decided to undergo surgery to repair his injured labrum. Speaking with those from Verrett’s camp this evening I found out most of the news from doctors re-examining his injured labrum was positive. Verrett was offered two options; 1) rehabilitate his injured labrum without surgery or 2) undergo surgery to repair the labrum.

While rehabilitation without the surgery sounded comforting, I’m told Verrett was informed he would be dealing with a large degree of potential pain moving forward and there was no guarantee another knock to the shoulder would not further damage the labrum at which point surgery would be a necessity. That meant the possibility of missing a portion of the 2014 season.

Surgery before the draft would immediately repair the injury, lessen any pain experienced during practice and camp and severely reduce the potential of further damage moving forward.

Considering Verrett will have at least four months after the procedure to rehab his labrum, undergoing surgery was a no brainer.

I’m told Verrett’s schedule will closely follow what I originally reported from the combine on Saturday, Feb. 22, though the date of surgery has yet to be confirmed.

Tomorrow, Verrett will participate in pro-day at TCU and is expected to bench press and take part in position drills. League franchises will also be informed of the exact date of the surgery in the next day or so.

League sources told me tonight this will not affect Verrett’s draft stock. Dion Jordan and Dee Milliner had similar procedures a year ago and both ended up in the top-10 selection in the 2013 NFL Draft.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Wednesday, March 5, 4:25 p.m.
By Tony Pauline, http://draftinsider.net/

Northern Arizona
More than a dozen teams were in attendance at the NAU pro-day (three times the norm) to watch running back Zach Bauman. The slight ball carrier, who measured 5072/194lbs at the Shrine Game, timed 4.45s/4.50s unofficially outdoors on field turf. That time is better than expected. His other marks included a 34-inch vertical jump and 9-6 broad.

Most of the teams leaving the workout feel Bauman is a legitimate late-round selection.

New Mexico State
I’m told the field conditions at the Aggies workout were “terrible” as there was sand coming up through the field which made terrible conditions for running the forty.

Receiver Austin Franklin improved his jump marks from the combine touching 39-inches on the vertical and 10-4 in the broad jump. He looked solid during position drills and many feel he’ll be a third-day pick who will slide in at the next level as a fourth wide out who can also return punts or kicks.

Early returns on offensive lineman Davonte Wallace says the 15 teams on hand were very impressed with his athleticism.

Beau Allen had a tight hamstring, which is why he didn’t run the forty and preferred a 10-yard time. I’m told scouts on hand were very impressed with Allen’s position drills as he looked very athletic and easily moved about the field. It should come as no surprise to anyone whose watched him on film.

The Minnesota Vikings worked out both Allen and Ethan Hemmer.

Trent Baalke of the San Francisco 49ers was the only GM on hand and surprisingly there were no receiver coaches for Jared Abbrederis.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Wednesday, March 5, 1:35 p.m.
By Tony Pauline, http://draftinsider.net/

Besides Ra’Shede Hageman on the sidelines, as many as a dozen Badgers worked out for scouts today. As someone put it, “Dezmen Southward killed it.” Early marks for the big-bodied safety include a forty time of 4.37s and a vertical jump of 40-inches.

Ethan Hemer also impressed scouts by measuring 6050/291, completing 32 reps on the bench then timing 5.05s/forty, 4.66s/short shuttle and 7.46s/3 cone. His other marks included 29.5 inches on the vertical jump and 9-1 broad jump. Hemer is a sleeper of sorts. The big defensive lineman was forced to lose 30-pounds in the offseason so as to fit the Badgers new defensive system and struggled a bit after a terrific junior campaign in 2013. Most believe he’ll be a much better player at his natural playing weight, just over 300 pounds.

Receiver Jared Abbrederis and running back James White stood on their combine times and did not run the forty.

Chris Borland clocked 4.83s in the forty and tight end Jacob Pederson 4.89s.

Defensive tackle Beau Allen did not run the forty rather timed 1.75s at 10 yards, 4.55s/short shuttle and 7.33/s three cone. Other marks include 30 reps on the bench.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Wednesday, March 5, 1:00 p.m.
By Tony Pauline, http://draftinsider.net/

Mississippi State
The Mississippi State workout is complete. From what I’m told, Gabe Jackson only took part in position drills. Offensive tackle Charles Siddoway is drawing rave reviews for his work in position drills as I’m told he looked fluid and very natural. Matt Hall of Bellhaven also took part in today’s pro-day.

LaDarius Perkins, whom I spent time with at the combine and found to be a super individual, was another who sat on his combine numbers but looked good in position drills.

Quarterback Tyler Russell (shoulder) and safety Nickoe Whitley (knee) did not workout.

Defensive end Denico Autry timed 4.98s in the forty, touched 30-inches on the vertical jump and 9-1 on the broad. His other marks included a 4.54s short shuttle and 7.3s cone run.

Linebacker Deontae Skinner was impressive timing 4.68s/4.75s in the forty, touching 33-inches on the vertical jump and 9-8 in the broad.

I’m told one of the most impressive players at the workout was soon to be redshirt junior Benardrick McKinney, a potential first-round pick in 2015, who was on the sidelines watching pro-day. As one source on the scene told me, “McKinney looks good!”

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2014 Pro Day Notes: Wednesday, March 5, 11:55 a.m.
By Tony Pauline, http://draftinsider.net/

Several important pro-day events taking place around the nation today. Important as a number of highly rated prospects who were not invited to the combine will get their first opportunity to perform in front of scouts.

The Wisconsin pro-day is getting underway and the name to watch is defensive tackle Beau Allen, a legitimate late-round pick who was not invited to Indianapolis last month. I was informed Ra’Shede Hageman will be in attendance at the Wisconsin pro-day for the sole purpose of meeting with defensive coordinators and defensive line coaches.

In College Station, the Texas A&M Aggies have their pro-day event, minus Johnny Manziel. Receiver Michael Evans is scheduled to bench press at today’s workout and will be available for position work if its requested of him. One player scouts will focus on is running back Ben Malena, who’s already had several private meetings with teams.

Arkansas and Mississippi State also have workouts on the schedule as does Northern Arizona. NAU running back Zach Bauman has a lot riding on today’s workout.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Tuesday, March 4, 9:00 p.m.
By Tony Pauline, http://draftinsider.net/

Missed by some on the calendar was the pro-day event today at Liberty University where 26 teams, including three defensive back coaches showed up.

Cornerback Walt Aikens, who played at the Senior Bowl, was the highlight of the day. Aikens timed 4.37-and-4.44 seconds on the fast indoor track at Liberty. Expect scouts to add .05 to that time. His other marks included 4.19s in the short shuttle as well as 9-10 in the broad. Aikens, who will workout privately for the Chicago Bears tomorrow, already has four visits set up with NFL teams.

The Flames other cornerback, Kevin Fogg, also represented himself well. Fogg, who was a dynamic return specialist at Liberty, timed 4.45s in the forty, completed 17 reps on the bench and measured 10-4 in the broad jump. I’m told Fogg looked terrific during position drills, showing excellent footwork and quickness in the cone drills.

Looking for a sleeper on the defensive line? Remember Francis Bah of Liberty. Bah measured 6022/296lbs, completed 30 reps on the bench, posted a 30-inch vertical jump and 9-1 broad at pro-day. I’m told the Kansas City Chiefs timed Bah at 4.82s/4.84s in the forty with 10-yard splits that came in around 1.68s. His three cone time was in the 7.23s range. The German-born Bah was a player who really caught my eye off the 2012 film but suffered a rather serious leg injury this season which kept him on the sidelines for a month. Surprisingly scouts did not have Bah complete defensive line drills today but I’m told he’ll try to squeeze into the Virginia pro-day with the hopes of impressing scouts when Brent Urban works out.

With all the focus on Dee Ford, Greg Robinson and Tre Mason, one Auburn prospect who gets lost in the shuffle is defensive lineman Nosa Eguae. Today at pro-day, Eguae performed reasonably well completing 24 reps on the bench, posting a 36.5-inch vertical jump and timing right around 5-seconds in the forty after measuring 6030/283lbs.

Alabama State
Sixteen teams attended the Alabama State pro-day to watch Isaiah Crowell (bad news, Adam Muema, the Seattle Seahawks were one of them). Due to the conditions I posted on Twitter, Crowell did not re-run the forty but from what I’m told looked terrific in position drills.

Additional results for defensive tackle Bruce Gaston include 34 reps on the bench, 34.5-inch vertical jump, 9-1 broad and 4.55s in the short shuttle. Scouts continue to wonder why he so badly underachieved in 2013.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Tuesday, March 4, 4:30 p.m.
By Tony Pauline, http://draftinsider.net/

Cornerback Ricardo Allen, who ran horribly at the combine (4.61s) significantly improved his forty time today clocking 4.48s.

Defensive tackle Bruce Gaston ran reasonably well, getting under 5-seconds (4.98s) on a number of watches. That said I’m told scouts killed Gaston because of his weak senior season, one which never came close to meeting expectations. Entering the season with a sixth-round grade, Gaston was a non-invite to the combine and it’d be a surprise if he gets drafted.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Tuesday, March 4, 2:35 p.m.
By Tony Pauline, http://draftinsider.net/

As expected there was a huge crowd at the Buffalo pro-day to see linebacker Khalil Mack. I’m told all 32 teams are in attendance, though I’ve received no official word yet.

From a testing point of view, the star of the show was not a player from the Buffalo roster rather a sleeper defensive end/outside linebacker prospect from Marist College. Terrence Fede, who was given a 7th-round grade by scouts entering the season, measured 6040/278lbs then ran in the mid-to-high 4.7s in the forty. I’m told during training Fede was running in the high 4.6s. His other marks included 25 reps on the bench, 9-11 in the broad, 4.4s short shuttle and a 7.02 three cone. Afterwards, I’m told Fede looked impressive in both linebacker and defensive end drills. Keep him on your radar.

Receiver Alex Neutz ran the forty in the low 4.5s (4.53). I’m told Neutz was asked to run the forty three times (usually a case when there is a huge discrepancy between the first and second runs) and tweaked his hamstring on the third run which ended his day.

Since the start of the season I’ve felt Purdue tackle Kevin Pamphile is one of the more underrated blind side protectors in this draft (I’ve given him a 7th-round grade) and he proved why today. After measuring 6044/311lbs, Pamphile timed the forty in 4.92s and 4.94s in front of 17 teams with a 10 yard split which clocked under 1.70-seconds on few watches. His other marks included 25 reps on the bench, a vertical jump of 32-inches and broad of 9-feet. His short shuttle timed 4.61s. During drills one scout described Pamphile as “athletic and fluid moving around the field and effective in all the position work.”

The Boilermakers other offensive line prospect, Trevor Foy, measured 6074/305, timed 5.19s in the forty, posted a 30-incn vertical jump and 8-7 broad. Foy completed just 20 reps on the bench but I’m told its not a surprise as he’s struggled with shoulder injuries the past few seasons.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Tuesday, March 4, 1:35 p.m.
By Tony Pauline, http://draftinsider.net/

The Auburn workout is moving towards the shuttle runs and positions drills as of this typing but here are some early results thus far.

Running back Tre Mason and offensive tackle Greg Robinson are resting on their combine numbers. It’s a bit surprising for Mason since many consider the track at Auburn fast.

Defensive end/outside linebacker Dee Ford started the day by weighing in at 244 lbs, seven under his combine weight. His marks include a solid 29-reps on the bench, 10-feet, 4-inches in the broad and forty times which ranged in the mid-to-high 4.5 area (4.55s-4.59). Expect Ford to be run through a lot of linebacker drills.

The marks for defensive backs include Chris Davis 40.5-inches in the vertical jump, 10-foot, 4-inches in the broad and 4.53s in the forty.

Underrated fullback Jay Prosch has turned in a solid day clocking his forty’s in the mid 4.7s (4.74), completing 27 reps on bench and a 32-inch vertical jump.

One interesting note from Auburn pro-day is the participation of Demetruce McNeal, the former Tiger safety who left the program and played a West Alabama last year.

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2014 Pro Day Notes: Tuesday, March 4, 12:35 p.m.
By Tony Pauline, http://draftinsider.net/

The pro-day schedule picks up today with workouts at Auburn, Purdue, Northwestern as well as Buffalo. The Tigers are already underway at Auburn with Dee Ford performing. Eastern Illinois quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo will be working out during the Northwestern pro-day this afternoon as will his favorite target Erik Lora.

Also, today scouts travel to Alabama State. I’m told running back Isaiah Crowell is still deciding whether or not to re-run his forty.

To finish up from yesterday, I’m told Pittsburgh quarterback Tom Savage was very impressive throwing the ball, connecting on most of the 100+ passes he tossed. As I posted on twitter, Houston Texans coach Bill O’Brien requested Savage throw a few specific sprint out passes at the end of the workout. I’m told to date Savage has six private workouts on his schedule.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Tuesday, March 4, 11:00 a.m.
By Walter Cherepinsky, @walterfootball

Khalil Mack, a consensus top-10 prospect in the 2014 NFL Draft, impressed at the Combine by running a 4.65 in the 40-yard dash. He improved greatly on this number during Tuesday’s Pro Day, as most clocked him in the 4.54 range. One long-time scout even had him at 4.45, which would have beaten Jadeveon Clowney’s Combine 40 time by .08 seconds. Because all 32 teams have their own times, there is no “official” 40 time.

Elsewhere, receiver Alex Neutz ran 4.65 in the 40, while running back Bo Oliver registered a 4.63, according to Chris Trapasso.

Among those at Buffalo’s Pro Day were Raiders’ general manager Reggie McKenzie, Bills’ general manager Doug Whaley and Browns’ head coach Mike Pettine.

Stay tuned for more Pro Day coverage from Tony Pauline.

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2014 Pro Day Results: Monday, March 3, 4:30 p.m.
By Tony Pauline, http://draftinsider.net/

Two dozen teams were on hand to watch the Rebels workout today and amongst the decision makers was Nick Cesario of the New England Patriots.

Donte Moncrief stood on his combine forty but partook in the position drills and I’m told he caught the ball extremely well. His receiver teammate Ja-Mes Logan looked even better catching the ball. He fought to make the difficult receptions and was effortless catching the ball in stride. Logan stated the day running unofficial forty times of 4.52s/4.56s; not fast but better than expected.

Running back Jeff Scott timed in the mid 4.4s (4.43/4.46) in the forty and was another who looked terrific catching the ball. The name of Dexter McCluster was brought up in comparison.

Charles Sawyer worked out in the secondary and impressed folks on hand. His numbers included 4.46s/4.51 in the forty, 37.5-inches in the vertical jump and 13 on the bench. I’m told Sawyer interviewed with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans during the day.

Offensive tackle Pierce Burton measured 6054/303lbs, timed as fast as 5.18s (unofficially) and posted a solid 33-inch vertical jump.

Finally linebacker Mike Marry timed 4.8s in the forty at 256 pounds. Nothing to write home about, but faster than the 4.95 second forty scouts expected.

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2014 Pro Day Notes: Monday, March 3, 11:45 p.m.
By Tony Pauline, http://draftinsider.net/

Expect a big crowd for the Panthers workout today as the star attraction is defensive lineman Aaron Donald, who continues his ascent up draft boards. I’m told Donald will get measured and do position drills but intends to stand on all his testing marks from the combine.

Receiver Devin Street will not run the forty again but will compete in the agility drills and also work through position drills.

Quarterback Tom Savage will go through a full passing workout. Yesterday, I was told the script for today has Savage throwing 100-passes.

Like Aaron Donald, defensive tackle Ra’Shede Hageman is only slated to participate in position drills today and will rest on his combine numbers. Leaving the defensive line workout from Indianapolis last Monday, there was a feeling that Hageman had cemented himself as a late first-round pick. With Donald participating in a pro-day today it will be interesting to see who shows up to watch/interview Hageman.

No word on what receiver Donte Moncrief will be doing today but expect a big crowd for the team’s other receiver Ja-Mes Logan, a Shrine Game participant, as well as the up and down defensive back/skill player Charles Sawyer.

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