Should NFL Teams Play Through Covid?

Has the NFL game, or a contest in any professional sport for that matter, been canceled due to the flu?

The answer, of course, is no. We’ve seen flu outbreaks on NFL teams, after all. Adam Schefter or some other media member will tweet out that the “flu is going around [Team X’s] locker room,” and barely anyone will give it a second thought. In fact, athletes tend to be praised for performing above expectations while playing through the flu. Michael Jordan’s famous flu game is a prime example of this.

If professional sporting events are not canceled due to the flu, then why are they being canceled because of the Coronavirus, otherwise known as Fauxvid-19?

I know I just angered every single blue checkmark on Twitter. These people, after all, have been cowering in their basements since March. On the rare occasions in which they leave their house, they wear a giant mask, even when driving in cars by themselves. They often cite the incorrect number that 200,000 people died of the Coronavirus when the actual number, per the CDC, was less than 10,000 at the end of August (and even that was inflated by Andrew Cuomo, Phil Murphy and Tom Wolf’s eunuch putting sick people into nursing homes.) They proclaim the end is nigh; that everyone who becomes infected with Fauxvid-19 will perish. They gave President Donald Trump less than a 1-percent chance to live when President Trump left the White House and entered the Walter Reed Medical Center. They couldn’t believe it when he returned to the White House days later, completely unscathed.

The truth of the matter is – and this is something the blue checks will never admit – that Fauxvid-19 is not very serious for anyone who is not old or sick. The average of death from Fauxvid-19 is 78. That is the same age as life expectancy. In other words, people infected with Fauxvid-19 are dying when they would normally die. Nothing has changed.

Here are the survival rates of Fauxvid-19, broken down per age group, per a CDC report published on Sept. 24:

Ages 0-19: 99.997%
Ages 20-49: 99.98%
Ages 50-69: 99.5%
Ages 70+: 94.6%

Obviously, no one wants anyone to die, but death, regrettably, is unavoidable in occasional circumstances. The survival rate of driving a car on a highway, for example, is less than 100 percent. Are we supposed to stop driving cars on highways because people die in traffic accidents?

I mentioned the flu earlier because it’s more dire for young people, per CDC data. And yet, there is no uproar when NFL players get the flu. No one gives it a second thought. No games are canceled.

It’s time to stop treating Fauxvid-19 like a disease that’s worse than the flu. It’s not for young and healthy people. Most athletes who test positive don’t even know they have it. Again, there’s a 99.98-percent survival rate for professional athletes. There’s a greater chance they’ll die in a car accident, in a tornado, or even via an alien abduction.

I’m not saying that NFL players infected by Fauxvid-19 should necessarily play, but canceling the games is absolutely asinine. It makes no sense when factoring in the science and the data. I know that blue checks on Twitter don’t like science or data, but perhaps they should begin factoring those things into their decision-making.

It’s the only way they’ll ever leave their basements, after all.

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