2010 NFL Betting Props

2010 NFL Betting Props: Teams

Arizona Cardinals: Under 7.5 Wins
I have the Cardinals going 6-10 in my 2010 NFL Season Previews. The big headliner is Kurt Warner’s retirement, but Arizona also endured the loss of Anquan Boldin, Karlos Dansby and Antrel Rolle. The offensive line is still a mess.

Betting 2 Units (+120) on 5Dimes.com
— Correct; +$240

Buffalo Bills: Under 5.5 Wins
The Bills have no quarterback. Their offensive line stinks. Their defensive line is garbage. They’re losing their best pass-rusher. I don’t see how this team wins more than three or four games.

Betting 3 Units (-145) on Bodog
— Correct; +$300

Dallas Cowboys: Over 10 Wins
The Cowboys are the most talented team in the NFL. I feel like the only way they don’t win 10 games is if Tony Romo gets hurt.

Betting 2 Units (-125) on Bodog
— Incorrect; -$250

Detroit Lions: Over 5 Wins
I’ve stated multiple times that I think the Lions can go 9-7 this year. As Emmitt would say, I’m going to put my mouth where my money are.

Betting 2 Units (-160) on Bodog
— Correct; +$200

Houston Texans: Over 8 Wins
I have the Texans going to the AFC Championship. They’re one of the most talented teams in the NFL, and I feel like their great late-season finish will carry over into 2010.

Betting 2 Units (-135) on Bodog
— Incorrect; -$270

Indianapolis Colts: Over 11 Wins
Indianapolis’ win totals since 2003: 12, 12, 14, 12, 13, 12, 14. The only way this loses is if Peyton Manning gets hurt.

Betting 4 Units (+120) on 5Dimes
— Incorrect; -$400

Jacksonville Jaguars: Under 7 Wins
The Jaguars are a joke. The fans don’t come to the games, the front office doesn’t know what it’s doing, and the head coach doesn’t even give a damn. Hell, owner Wayne Weaver called out Jack Del Rio for “wishing his work ethic were better” in December and then didn’t even fire him because he didn’t want to pay two coaches!

Betting 3 Units (-125) on Bodog
— Incorrect; -$375

Kansas City Chiefs: Under 6.5 Wins
A team with a bottom-five quarterback, offensive line and defensive line isn’t going to win seven or more games. I can’t see it happening.

Betting 4 Units (+110) on Bodog
— Incorrect; -$400

Seattle Seahawks: Under 7.5 Wins
This is my favorite play. I can’t envision a scenario in which Seattle wins eight games. Their offensive line is in shambles; their pass rush isn’t going to get 20 sacks this year; and if Matt Hasselbeck were a horse, he’d be in a glue factory by now. The Seahawks could easily have the No. 1 pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.

Betting 4 Units (-125) on Bodog
— Correct; +$400

St. Louis Rams: Under 5 Wins
The Rams will win more than five games in 2011, but Sam Bradford’s not ready to play this year – especially with a pedestrian offensive line and a lacking receiving corps.

Betting 3 Units (-135) on Bodog
— Incorrect; -$405

2010 NFL Betting Props: Players

Marion Barber – Over 650 Rushing Yards
Ummm… what? Marion Barber had 900 rushing yards in 2009 despite getting hurt. He’s starting in Dallas; not Felix Jones.

Betting 3 Units (-115) on Bodog
— Incorrect; -$345

Justin Forsett – Under 800 Rushing Yards
Pete Carroll uses a running back by committee approach to his offense. Leon Washington looks like he’s going to be the starter anyway. I can’t see Justin Forsett hitting 800 rushing yards.

Betting 2 Units (-125) on Bodog
— Correct; +$200

Matthew Stafford – Over 3,250 Passing Yards
Matthew Stafford is poised for a big year. He’s been great this preseason and has the weaponry to throw for 4,000 yards.

Betting 2 Units (-115) on Bodog
— Incorrect; -$230

Ndamukong Suh – Under 7.5 Sacks
How many times has Albert Haynesworth totaled more than 7.5 sacks? Try once. Defensive tackles just don’t accumulate lots of sacks, and you better believe that Ndamukong Suh will be double-teamed on most plays. I’ll be shocked if he hits eight sacks or more.

Betting 4 Units (-125) on Bodog
— Incorrect; -$500

Mike Williams (Bucs) – Over 675 Receiving Yards
LOOOOOOVE Mike Williams this year.

Betting 2 Units (-125) on Bodog
— Correct; +$200

Brian Hartline – Over 500 Receiving Yards
Brian Hartline had 500 receiving yards last year as a rookie. Now, he’s penciled in as the No. 2 receiver. He should have way more than 500 yards.

Betting 2 Units (-115) on Bodog
— Correct; +$200

2009 NFL Betting Props

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