2009 NFL Betting Props

2009 NFL Betting Props: Team and Player

Buffalo Bills: Under 7.5 Wins
The Bills have the worst offensive line the NFL. They also can’t get to the quarterback. Trent Edwards isn’t the most battle-tested quarterback, and Terrell Owens, 36 in December, is no longer the receiver he once was. I can’t see the Bills finishing .500 or better.

Betting 4 Units (-105) on Bodog
— Correct; +$400

Chicago Bears: Over 8.5 Wins
Chicago beat this number without Jay Cutler last year. Cutler makes the Bears a better team and I think they win the NFC North with 11 victories. I normally don’t like betting Overs because injuries can happen, but this almost seems like a sure bet.

Betting 2 Units (-190) on Bodog
— Incorrect; -$380

Cincinnati Bengals: Over 6.5 Wins
The Bengals are one of the most underrated teams in the league. Their defense finished 12th last year, and they were able to conclude the season on a 4-3-1 with Ryan Fitzpatrick under center. Carson Palmer will led Cincinnati to nine or 10 victories.

Betting 2 Units (-150) on Bodog
— Correct; +$200

Denver Broncos: Under 7 Wins
If it ain’t broke, make it worse! That’s what Josh Mishandles believes in. We’ll see if he still has that mindset once he’s fired after the 2009 season.

Betting 2 Units (-215) on Bodog
— Incorrect; -$430

Kansas City Chiefs: Under 6 Wins
What can the Chiefs do well? Can they pass well? Nope. Can they run the ball? No. Can they stop the run? Nah. Can they get to the quarterback? LOL, yeah right. Can they protect their own quarterback? Give me a break. The Chiefs could struggle to win two games in 2009, let alone six.

Betting 4 Units (-110) on Bodog
— Correct; +$400

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Under 6.5 Wins
The Buccaneers are terrible. Their defense is a joke and they have no quarterback to speak of. Plus, they play in a tough division where they’ll probably go 0-6.

Betting 3 Units (-190) on Bodog
— Correct; +$300

Brian Orakpo – Under 4.5 Sacks
Defensive ends really have a difficult time transitioning to the NFL. Maybe Brian Orakpo’s an exception to the rule, but I’m willing to bet two units that he’s not.

Betting 1 Unit (-115) on Bodog
— Incorrect; -$115

Kurt Warner – Under 4,000 Yards
If you haven’t read my 2009 Fantasy Football Rankings, you know that I hate Kurt Warner this year. He’s 38 and coming off hip surgery. He also just signed a new contract. Warner has played all 16 games in a regular season only once since 2001. I don’t think he lasts all year.

Betting 3 Units (-105) on Bodog
— Correct; +$300

Steven Jackson – Over 1,000 Rushing Yards
I don’t get this one. Steven Jackson has missed four games each of the past two years, yet has still eclipsed the 1,000-yard rushing barrier in each campaign. With Jason Smith leading the way, Jackson will have a big year.

Betting 2 Units (-125) on Bodog
— Correct; +$200

Matt Forte – Over 1,150 Rushing Yards and 10.5 Touchdowns
These are some really low numbers for Matt Forte. Forte is the No. 2 running back in my 2009 Fantasy Football Rankings for a reason. He’s going to have a big year in Chicago’s improved offense.

Betting 2 Units (-125) and 2 Units (-115) on Bodog
— Incorrect; -$250
— Incorrect; -$230

Greg Olsen – Over 625 Receiving Yards
The Bears are going to use Greg Olsen a lot in their offense and Jay Cutler loves giving it to his tight ends. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Betting 2 Units (-115) on Bodog
— Incorrect; -$230

Michael Turner – Under 1,500 Rushing Yards
Michael Turner piled up his yardage against crap defenses last year. This season, he has to go up against the Patriots, Dolphins, Jets, Eagles, Giants, Redskins, San Francisco (top-10 run defense in 2008) and Chicago. Plus, there’s always a chance he breaks down after carrying the ball 390 times last season.

Betting 3 Units (-120) on Bodog
— Correct; +$300

Knowshon Moreno – Over 750 Rushing Yards
This is a joke, right? Unless Knowshon Moreno gets hurt, there is no way he shares carries with Correll Buckhalter and LaMont Jordan. In fact, I have Moreno as my No. 13 running back in my 2009 Fantasy Football Rankings.

Betting 3 Units (-115) on Bodog
— Correct; +$300

Larry Johnson – Under 950 Rushing Yards
I won money betting against Larry Johnson last year, and I plan on doing so again. Johnson is old and washed up. Plus, his offensive line stinks.

Betting 2 Units (-115) on Bodog
— Correct; +$200

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