NFL Hot Press: Scouts See First-Round Potential for Georgia RT Amarius Mims

Rolled Newspaper bearing title: "NFL HOT PRESS"

En route to winning back-to-back National Championships, the Georgia Bulldogs program has had some NFL prospects in possession of freakish skill sets with tremendous size, speed and athleticism. Keeping up with the tradition set by Jordan Davis and Jalen Carter, the Bulldogs have another freak athlete on the other side of the line for the 2024 NFL Draft with right tackle Amarius Mims. Team sources who have been to Georgia training camp practices raved to about Mims.

“From a body perspective, he looks as good as Tyron Smith, who has probably the best body I’ve seen from an offensive linemen,” said an AFC director of player personnel. “Mims is 6-foot-8, about 320 to 330 pounds and almost no fat. He has 36-inch arms, 11-inch hands, and he can move. No-doubt first-round talent.”

Mims was a rotational player over the past two seasons rather than not an every-down starter, but that should change in 2023. Mims is the projected starter at right tackle for Georgia heading into the season opener.

“The one knock on him is that he not as physical as you want,” the same director said. “Kind of the big kid on the playground that doesn’t want to hurt anyone, so they’re pushing him to let loose and be more physical.”

With Mims’ big-time skill set, it would not be surprising if he has a huge junior year and dominates for the defending champions. Mims should be a star of the pre-draft workouts, so if he produces a good season of tape, he could catapult himself into being a highly coveted first-round prospect for the 2024 NFL Draft.